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Shockingly, Customers Who Buy Google Products Expect Some Customer Service

We’ve posted before about how Google’s idea of offering product support is to maintain some customer forums and peek in every once in a while. That’s understandable for free tools like Gmail and standard Google Voice, but customers who have paid Google for services expect more. For example, many of the customers who have paid to port their phone numbers to Google Voice so far this month have received an e-mail confirming that their port went through…then discover that people who call them are getting a message that the number has been disconnected. [More]


SodaStream Customer Service Finds It Hilarious That Its Products Send Me Straight To The Toilet

Consumerist reader C. had a problem of a well, rather delicate nature. She writes that after receiving a SodaStream for Christmas, she was beyond excited to try it out, using a few of the company’s flavored syrups to make her own carbonated beverages at home. That excitement waned when she started experiencing an — how shall we say it? — ill health effect that sent her running for the bathroom every time she drank the stuff. [More]

Consumerist reader K.N. was soooo close to being served by T-Mobile, only to be denied.

This T-Mobile Chat Transcript Shows Why Online Customer Service May Not Be A Huge Improvement

More and more businesses are pushing customers toward online chat as a preferred form of customer service. Best Buy even ditched its e-mail contacts in favor of chat. But is chat really any better? [More]

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I Use Facebook To Check On My Monitor Repair, Samsung Just Goes Ahead And Sends Me Better One

Graeme has two Samsung monitors, and has had them repaired under warranty a few times. Two years into his three-year warranty, he sent a monitor that snapped off its stand in for repair. Not terribly worried, he checked in on it using Facebook. Samsung took this as an indication that he was unhappy, and should be sent a larger, newer, better monitor.


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Expert Says Time Warner Cable Customers Are Cutting The Cord Because Of Bad Customer Service

Much of the coverage surrounding the phenomenon of cord-cutting has focused on the cost savings of ditching cable. But some of the blame for all these fleeing customers has to be pinned on the cable industry’s notoriously bad customer service. [More]


4 Reasons Why Profanity-Filled E-Mails & Rants Will Not Result In Good Customer Service

Bad customer service — especially the kind that has the consumer bouncing from one department to the next without any hope for resolution — can be infuriating. It can be incredibly easy, if not downright tempting, to dust off every dirty word you ever learned by watching football with that one uncle as a kid. [More]

My Quest For A Defect-Free Microsoft Surface Goes Surprisingly Poorly

My Quest For A Defect-Free Microsoft Surface Goes Surprisingly Poorly

Being an early adopter can be difficult. Overall, Grady likes his new Microsoft Surface tablet, but noticed some hardware issues, like light distortion and a power button that doesn’t feel right. Those are relatively minor issues when the entire device is working well, but not what Grady expected when he laid out $600 for a new tablet. That’s when he began his quest to return his Surface to Microsoft and obtain one with no defects, cosmetic or otherwise. This quest turned out to be more difficult than he had predicted. [More]

Accept the consequences of your demands.

Should You Feel Guilty After Receiving Amazing Customer Service?

We’ve long been advocates of using Twitter for customer service when the regular channels of customer service don’t work. There’s something about the combination of pithy microblog updates and public posting that some companies have done very well, and that others have been unable to manage. Others are giving up on the platform entirely.If you can get help via Twitter, that turns you into a VIP, and that made Lindsay Robertson of The Awl uncomfortable after she used Twitter to complain to Home Depot about her backordered air conditioner. [More]


Moleskine Is So Great At Quality Control & Customer Service, I Feel Kinda Guilty

Christmas might be over, but we thought we’d spread a bit of holiday cheer by way of Consumerist reader Matthew’s recent warm-and-fuzzy-inducing experience with Moleskine. He admits that he might not even really deserve the experience he had, because he was perfectly happy with his three-pack of Moleskine journals. He just kind of wanted to see if the company was listening. It was. [More]


Zappos, Where A 9-Hour Customer Service Phone Chat Is A Good Thing

Many front-line customer service reps are judged on how quickly they can get a customer off the phone, a metric we’ve repeatedly pointed out leads to consumers’ issues going unresolved. But the folks at Zappos.com apparently aren’t as clock-minded, with one record-setting call crossing the nine-hour mark. [More]

No, this seems like a great idea.

The Body Shop Ships Glass Candle Holder Loose In Box, Makes Up For It With Fabulous Customer Service

The lovely scented candle that Todd ordered from The Body Shop arrived on time and all, but smashed. It came in a glass holder, and no one working at the warehouse seemed to know that when you ship an item made of glass, you should put some kind of packing materials around it so it doesn’t end up pulverized into little shards that cut Todd’s hand. For example. Trying to get through to their customer service, though, added figurative insult to his literal injury. [More]

No more e-mail customer service for Best Buy.

Best Buy No Longer Wants Customers Contacting It By E-Mail

Best Buy has never been the best at dealing with customer e-mails, but rather than invest in improving that facet of customer service, the retailer has decided to pull the option from its contact form on its customer service page. [More]


Toys R Us Keeps Canceling Orders, Ignoring Customers

Sure, some hiccups in the ordering and delivery process are to be expected at a toy store during the toy-buying-frenzy that is the holiday season. You’d think, though, that Toys ‘R’ Us would be aware that their business picks up quite a bit in the winter, and would prepare for this kind of thing. If our mailbox is any indication, not so. They’re canceling orders and leaving customers on hold for extended periods. At least they aren’t canceling all of these orders a few days before Christmas? [More]


JCPenney Was Fastest To Answer Customer Calls On Black Friday Weekend; Costco Slowest

With Black Friday weekend being the busiest shopping spurt of the year, it’s also the time when customers call up retailers to complain or ask questions. But a new survey of 25 top retailers shows that consumers waited anywhere from 22 seconds to 12 minutes just to speak to customer service. [More]

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DirecTV’s Technicians Are Great, Their Scheduling System Is Not So Great

Karen thinks that the technicians who come to service her DirecTV system are competent, professional, and just great. She has no complaints. Her problem is with the system that schedules them and gets them to her house. Well, the system is supposed to get them to her house. In practice, it just tells her that they’re supposed to come to her house, and she sort of crosses her fingers and hopes that they show up. [More]

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Warehouse Store Sample Server: I’m Not Here To Give You A Free Lunch

Shoppers at Costco, Sam’s Club and other warehouse clubs are likely quite familiar with the many sample servers situated around the store, handing out freebies to eager customers. One such sample server has penned an open letter to warehouse club shoppers saying that he loves his job, but there are some things you all do that really get under his skin. [More]

Almost 18 hours, what's the big deal?

Activision Can Solve Your Call Of Duty Problems Sometime Tomorrow

Having a problem with Call of Duty: Black Ops II? Reader CL is. He was having a problem with an in-game code, so he called up the company. The call center was supposed to be open, but had closed for the day. Well, okay: the Web chat representatives should be able to take care of this problem. They can: after an estimated 18-hour wait time. [More]


If Comcast Can’t Help You Over The Phone, Maybe Try Going To Your Local Comcast Office

Once upon a time, phone customer service was a luxury and online chat service was a thing for science fiction. But sometimes, it pays off to just drive (or walk, bike, skate, skulk from rooftop to rooftop) to your local Comcast office when the folks on the phone just can’t help you. [More]