If You Left Your Dangerous Crocodile At The Strip Mall, The Folks At TJ Maxx Know Where He Is

So you’ve already ignored the rule about not buying dangerous, exotic animals like a crocodile and keeping it as a pet. There’s another rule, and it’s all about not leaving said pet at a strip mall. Both of those rules were recently ignored by one bad consumer, leaving a crocodile wandering around by the TJ Maxx at a strip mall, ostensibly looking for an affordable vegan leather purse or something. [More]

20 People Die In Plane Crash Caused By Loose

20 People Die In Plane Crash Caused By Loose Crocodile

An August plane crash in the Democratic Republic of Congo was blamed on a balance in the small aircraft. But what caused that loss of balance? According to the flight’s only survivor, the passengers were running away from a stowaway on the flight: a live crocodile. [More]

Top Shop Debuts $125 Vagina Dentata Dress

Top Shop Debuts $125 Vagina Dentata Dress

We are not at the forefront of fashion reporting here at The Consumerist unless that fashion is particularly horrifying. Which is why Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar brought a new item for sale at Top Shop to our attention: a crocodile-print dress that places the beast’s gaping toothy maw over the wearer’s pelvis. Oh, yeah, and the eyes over her breasts. It’s where fashion meets Freudian analysis.