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Rejoice! Cat Accidentally Sold Along With Mattress Is Home Again

Because not every lost pet story has a happy ending, fans of Camo the Mattress Cat will likely be incredibly relieved to hear that the beloved pet accidentally sold along with bedding on Craigslist has been reunited with his owners. [More]

Town Creates Nation’s First “Craigslist Transaction Safe Zone”

Town Creates Nation’s First “Craigslist Transaction Safe Zone”

While the vast majority of purchases made via Craigslist go down without a problem, those don’t make the news; it’s the rare case of people getting scammed or attacked that earns the headlines. In an effort to reduce the chance of those sorts of incidents, one Pennsylvania community has created what it claims is the nation’s first Craigslist Transaction Safe Zone. [More]


Scam Artist Tries To Play Landlord, Collect Rent For House He Doesn’t Own

A woman in California was about to put down a $1,500 deposit on the house she’d just been shown by a nice young man who was managing the rental property for his dad. Luckily, she told her real estate agent pal about her new digs before she was scammed out of her hard-earned cash. [More]

Court Allows Company To Ask Amazon To Identify Negative Reviewers


While courts have held that companies have to prove an online review is libelous before it can be forcibly deleted, there is still a question about whether anonymous review-writers have a right to remain unnamed. A federal judge in Washington state recently decided that one company can request that Amazon provide information about users who left questionable reviews about the plaintiff’s products. [More]

If You Want Willie Nelson’s Former Tour Bus, It’s Currently Being Sold On Craigslist

If You Want Willie Nelson’s Former Tour Bus, It’s Currently Being Sold On Craigslist

Are you a fan of the Red Headed Stranger? Do you have $65,000 and a driveway long enough to park a 1983 Eagle bus? Then, oh man, we know of a place where you can part with that money. [More]

There’s A Potentially Itchy Black Market For The Recalled Fitbit Force

There’s A Potentially Itchy Black Market For The Recalled Fitbit Force

After Consumerist played a large role in getting the Fitbit Force recalled, I set up a Google alert to let me know when news about the product hits the Interweb. Since the official recall almost six weeks ago, I sort of expected to see a decrease in mentions of the product. I didn’t expect to see sales listings from a small, disingenuous Fitbit Force black market. [More]


You Can Buy The Vice President’s Old Cadillac, Signature Biden Jokes Not Included

Whenever I think of Vice President Joe Biden, I imagine him either on a train or telling a somewhat awkward joke in a totally inappropriate setting. But it turns out he also drives cars on occasion, along with his usual train riding and jokemaking duties (and also being VP, etc), one of which is now reportedly for sale by its most recent owner. No jokes are included in the deal though, so you’ll have to provide your own. [More]

Craigslist “Emergency” Taco Bell Delivery Request During Snowstorm Ends With A Full Stomach

Craigslist “Emergency” Taco Bell Delivery Request During Snowstorm Ends With A Full Stomach

When there is booze involved, there are many situations you may find yourself in that you normally would not get into. Say, there’s a certain cuisine you only crave when drinking. But what happens if a snowstorm foils your tipsy plans? Turn to the Internet, like one Baltimore Craigslister did yesterday in his quest for Taco Bell. [More]


This Diamond Ring Might Be A Good Deal If You Don’t Mind Incurring The Wrath Of Sauron

Can someone please help a guy out and buy the $1,800 engagement ring he’s selling on Craigslist so he won’t have to cast it into the fiery pit from whence it came? Because we’ve seen how tough it is to get into Mordor (you can’t just walk into that place, you know) and we wouldn’t wish it on anyone. [More]

You Could Pay $395 For An “Upcycled Shelving Unit” Or Just Find A Ladder & Stick Boards On It

You Could Pay $395 For An “Upcycled Shelving Unit” Or Just Find A Ladder & Stick Boards On It

Start clearing out your garages, sheds, basements and anywhere you might be storing a ladder you don’t need: Apparently there are people willing to pay $395 for an “upcycled shelving unit” that consists of two boards on a ladder. Or at least, someone on Craigslist thinks there’s a market for such “furniture.” [More]

This Is How You Sell A Used Jeep On Craigslist

This Is How You Sell A Used Jeep On Craigslist

Here at Consumerist, we’re fans of Jeeps, especially those of us who are named Meg. Jeeps aren’t the only four-wheel-drive vehicles that you can take off the road, but they are a worldwide icon of outdoorsiness and badassery, both of which should be actual words. When it came time to sell his Jeep, an Oklahoma man opened up a Craigslist posting window and knew exactly what to do. [More]


You’re Having A Baby! Or At Least, The Woman Who Sold Her Pregnancy Test On Craigslist Is

Need to play a hilarious (read: Maybe not actually funny) joke on your significant other? Want to freak out that guy who dumped you via Twitter? Or maybe you’re trying to find a cash-friendly way to recycle your positive pregnancy test. There’s apparently a flourishing online market for those little sticks saying you’re about to become a parent, which is either chuckle-worthy or really troubling. [More]


How To Get Your Stolen Bike Back? Find The Guy Who’s Selling It & Take It For A “Test Ride”

First and foremost, we here at Consumerist would like to warn our readers that while taking matters into your own hands sounds like “Hurrah! Vigilante justice is so awesome!” it might not be the safest idea, so just exercise caution. That being said, one woman pulled the same trick a DC fellow did last year, after locating her stolen bike in a for-sale post on Craigslist. She simply took it on a test ride… and didn’t stop pedaling. [More]


Newsflash: Trying To Sell A Woman’s Baby On Craigslist Is An Awful Dating Technique

Know why there’s no “infants” section under the For Sale category on Craiglist? That’s easy, silly — it’s because you’re not allowed to sell people, not on Craigslist, not anywhere. That’s news to one guy who was reportedly so jealous of the attention his new lady love lavished on her two-month old, he listed her for a paltry $100 on the online marketplace. He got a bite, too! From the cops. [More]


Undercover Sting Catches Man Selling Catfish On Craigslist

People familiar with the newest definition of the term “catfish” might think that a story about catfish and Craigslist might involve some unlucky romantic being hoodwinked via the site’s personal ads, but this is a story where a Michigan man was arrested for attempting to sell actual catfish through the website. [More]


Tricks Of The Trade From A Craigslist Appliance Salesman

It’s a good thing there are go-getters out there willing to not only put some elbow grease into running a successful business, but then also offer up tips for anyone else who might want to become an entrepreneur in the same vein. To wit: A guy who’s managed to develop a profitable career buying and selling appliances on Craigslist. And he’s willing to share how he does that. [More]


Scammer Uses Counterfeit Cash To Buy Motorcycle, Calls Victim To Warn Against Using Bogus Bills

Most people who end up with a wad of counterfeit cash don’t find out until they take it to the bank or try to use it at a store that checks for funny money, but a woman in the St. Louis area says the man who bought her husband’s motorcycle using bogus bills later called to let them know they’d been had. [More]

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Restaurant Has 44 Requirements For Wannabe Line Cooks And Making Fun Of The List Isn’t One

As someone who has never worked professionally in a kitchen but who has watched plenty of restaurant reality TV, let me be the first to say that being a cook/chef seems like an incredibly tough and demanding job. Customers want to be fed tasty things and restaurants want them to be happy. But there’s demanding, and then there are lists of 44 requirements for a line cook job posted on Craigslist. [More]