Woman Says Costco Didn’t Apologize For Locking Her Inside Store

Woman Says Costco Didn’t Apologize For Locking Her Inside Store

While being inside a Costco after hours might seem like an awesome setting for a movie montage — binge eating in the candy/cookie/nut section, trying on every piece of clothing on the tables, offering free samples to yourself, chugging mayonnaise — a California woman was not so thrilled to find herself locked inside her local warehouse store. [More]

This sea lion may not be getting the tastiest salmon by choosing wild fish over farmed. ( photo bypwrplantgirl)

Salmon From Costco, Trader Joe’s Beat Out Fancy, Expensive Fish In Taste Test

The Washington Post recently provided a top chef with a variety of wild and farmed salmon, ranging in price from $6/lb. to $20/lb., and had him prepare dishes for a table of food-snob judges. In the end, farmed salmon handily defeat the wild stuff and the Post concluded that you don’t always get what you pay for. [More]

Grandmother Of Poisoned Boy Asks Procter & Gamble To Stop Making Tide Pods Look Like Delicious Candy

Grandmother Of Poisoned Boy Asks Procter & Gamble To Stop Making Tide Pods Look Like Delicious Candy

Since their introduction in 2012, Tide detergent pods have been a lightning rod for controversy. Initially packaged in clear plastic, candy jar-like container, the glossy, orange, blue and white pods tempted an alarming number of children into taste-testing them. Procter & Gamble, the makers of Tide, have subsequently made the packaging opaque and more secure, but one woman who says her grandson almost died after biting into a Tide pod says more can be done to make the product less yummy-looking to children. [More]

The new, opaque Costco detergent pods container.

Costco Finally Stops Selling Yummy-Looking Detergent Pods In Clear Candy Jars

Several weeks ago, we told you about Costco’s questionable choice of putting its poisonous laundry detergent pods in a clear plastic container that looks an awful lot like the plastic jars it uses for things like animal crackers, nuts, and candies, especially in light of the numerous instances of young children licking, eating, or playing with these toxic toys. Now it looks like the wholesaler has come to its senses. [More]


Don’t Expect Smaller, Urban Costco Stores Anytime Soon

While Walmart has been trying out its (relatively) smaller Walmart Express stores for the last few years, and Target began launching its own miniaturized CityTarget stores in 2012, the CEO of Costco says his city-living customers are willing to make the haul out to the ‘burbs for savings. [More]

Don’t Forget To Bring Your Clipless Coupons To Costco

Don’t Forget To Bring Your Clipless Coupons To Costco

Frank is confused. Sort of. He finds the “clipless” coupons that Costco brags about on the cover of their latest coupon book appealing, but wonders how this whole “clipless” thing works. While you don’t have to cut the coupons out, you do have to bring the entire book with you to Costco if you want to use the coupon. Or pick up a new copy at the door. So why require coupons at all? [More]

Costco Snowman Laughs At Your Feeble Attempt To Buy Beach Supplies During Beach Season

He will not point you to the beach umbrella area.

Despite the moans and groans of children heading back to school, or that perpetually pessimistic Facebook friend you haven’t seen in 17 years but yet still you haven’t hidden her cranky statuses from your newsfeed (self-torture is weird), summer is not over, people. [More]

Costco’s Animal Crackers Container Is More Secure Than The Store’s Poisonous Detergent Pods

Costco's Kirkland Signature foods, like the animal crackers on the left, are packaged in screw-top containers, unlike the Kirkland detergent pods with a lid that merely pulls off.

From the moment that Tide and others unleashed brightly colored, shiny, borderline adorable detergent pods on consumers, little kids have been licking, eating, and playing with them, which is a bad thing. And while some manufacturers have already begun shifting away from easy-open clear packaging, Costco puts its Kirkland Signature pods in a container that looks remarkably like the packaging it uses for food products and is easier to open. [More]

This price tag has both the ".97" ending and the "*" in the upper-right corner, indicating it is discounted and won't be reordered once it sells out. (HubPages.com)

Learn The Costco Price Tag Code To Save More Cash

Lots of Costco customers either assume they’re getting a good price just because of the store’s reputation or because they are overwhelmed by the vats of ketchup and the slabs of steak they can purchase. But there are ways to identify items that have been marked down even more than usual, or which might be closeout sales, if you just know where to look. [More]


New York Attorney General Investigating Walmart, Home Depot, Others Over Prepaid Payroll Cards

Though it’s been a point of concern with employee-rights advocates for years, the use of prepaid debit cards as a substitute for traditional payroll checks is finally getting attention from the powers that be, with the New York state attorney general’s office investigating the practice at some of the nation’s largest employers. [More]


Wisk And Costco Knock Tide From Top Detergent Greatness Spot

Tide might be the detergent of choice for criminals, but our stain-fighting cousins over at Consumer Reports tell us that in terms of actual quality, there’s a new champion in town. Products from Wisk and Kirkland (Costco’s house brand) took the top spots in their most recent detergent rankings. [More]

(Steven G. Bisig)

Should I Also Be Picking Up Insurance And Mortgages When I Shop At Costco Or BJ’s?

Warehouse stores sell more than just huge sacks of flour, vats of ketchup, and enough toilet paper to clean an army. You can also use a membership at places like Costco or BJ’s to buy everything from auto insurance to credit cards to home mortgages. But should you? [More]


Why Does Everyone Love Costco So Much?

There aren’t a lot of shining successes in American’s most recent recession, but one company that has done well and even managed to grow is Costco. Why is that? The traditional wisdom is that customers love the prices and selection: for Consumerist readers, it’s also the return policy and the warranty extension. What’s the deal with why we love Costco so much? [More]


Costco Offering Free Hepatitis Vaccines To Customers Who Purchased Recalled Berries

We told you earlier this week about a hepatitis A outbreak in several states that authorities had linked to a berry mix sold at Costco stores. Now comes news that the warehouse chain is offering free vaccines to those who have eaten the recalled berries. [More]

AMC’s Location Surcharges Take Shine Off Some Gold And Silver Discount Passes

AMC’s Location Surcharges Take Shine Off Some Gold And Silver Discount Passes

If you’re one of the many people who buy bundles of discounted Gold and Silver tickets to see movies at AMC theaters, you might think that you’re done paying for your passes when you hand over your cash at the store. In many cases, you’d be right, but regular AMC theatergoers in Southern California would be wise to bring some extra money to the cinema, as the nation’s second-largest theater chain is about to slap discount pass users with “location surcharges.” [More]

(Joel Goodman)

Health Officials Link Hepatitis Outbreak In 5 States To Costco Frozen Berry Mix

Although there’s no official recall announcement yet, if you’re currently chomping on a Costco frozen berry blend called The Townsend Farms Organic Anti-oxidant Blend,  you should know that health officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say a five-state outbreak of hepatitis could be linked to the product. [More]

Costco Sample-Server Fatally Shot After Pulling Knife In Store

Costco Sample-Server Fatally Shot After Pulling Knife In Store

A Virginia woman hired to hand out pizza samples at Costco was fatally shot yesterday by a sheriff’s deputy after she began acting strangely and brandishing a knife in the store. [More]


Costco CEO Comes Out In Support Of Minimum Wage Increase

With the President using the State of the Union address to call for an increase to the federal minimum wage rate to $9, and lawmakers introducing a bill yesterday that would actually increase that amount to $10.10 over the next two years, folks around the country are debating the merits and problems of the issue. But Costco CEO Craig Jelinek says he is firmly behind the move. [More]