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Lodge Manufacturing Still Makes Your Grandmother’s Cast Iron Skillet

There’s a basic paradox in the cast iron cookware business: the very longevity, durability, and flexibility that are your products’ main selling points also mean that customers don’t have to replace them very often. By “not very often” we mean that there are plenty of century-old griddles, skillets, and waffle irons still in use. That’s a wonderful thing…unless you’re in the cast iron biz. [More]

Target Recalls 150,000 Giada De Laurentiis Lasagna Pans Because Lasagna Should Not Result In Lacerations

Target Recalls 150,000 Giada De Laurentiis Lasagna Pans Because Lasagna Should Not Result In Lacerations

From knives to food processors, there are plenty of things in the kitchen that could cut you, but lasagna pans have historically been low on the laceration scale. But Target has now recalled nearly 150,000 of ceramic pans branded with the name of visage of celeb chef Giada De Laurentiis out of concern that they could break and cut the user. [More]

One Knife Breaks, KitchenAid Replaces The Whole Set

One Knife Breaks, KitchenAid Replaces The Whole Set

Starla used to have a wonderful set of red-handled knives from KitchenAid. While washing dishes, one day she dropped a large knife into the sink, somehow cracking the blade down the middle. This wouldn’t do. She contacted KitchenAid to find out whether they would replace the broken knife, which was only a few years old. Since the red set had been discontinued, they just sent her a whole new set of knives. [More]

Deadly, Defective Stuff Recalled

Deadly, Defective Stuff Recalled

Here’s the latest roundup of consumer products recalled because they might hurt or kill you!

Morning Deals Round Up

• We continue to be baffled by Amazon’s ridiculously low prices on cookware recently, like this Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless 6-Quart Sauce Pot with Lid for just $14. They must have over-purchased for the holidays. [via Slickdeals] Update: Reader Kim L. confirmed that the price is showing as $40 for her. It still shows $14 for us (although they are out of stock). A mystery!