The Troy-Bilt FLEX Is The Cuisinart Of Lawn Care

The Troy-Bilt FLEX Is The Cuisinart Of Lawn Care

What if you could buy one piece of equipment that would take care of many of your home and lawn care needs? Kind of like a food processor with different blades, but for the outside of your house. And huge. It would be a snow blower, lawn mower, leaf blower, and pressure washer all in one. This is a real thing, but should it be? [More]

Consumer Reports Test Shows It Takes A Lot To Bend New iPhones

Consumer Reports

While there have been anecdotal claims of the new iPhone 6 Plus bending just from spending too much time in a user’s pocket and multiple videos of people showing that you can bend one of these phones with your bare hands, there hasn’t been much science done to determine exactly how much force is needed to get that undesired curve in your oversized phone (or is it an undersized tablet?). Thankfully, our colleagues at Consumer Reports have cool machines to figure this kind of thing out. [More]

Newsflash: Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches Are Not Nutritious, Taste Weird

There’s a wide variety of frozen breakfast sandwiches on the market, but are any of them any good? No, not particularly, our flavorful colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports determined. Very few of the sandwiches they reviewed earned a good nutrition rating, and sandwiches don’t retain their texture very well after freezing. As with the guacamole tests earlier this year, they provided a recipe and recommended that maybe you just make own breakfast burritos at home instead. [Consumer Reports]


The Best Way For Students To Avoid High Fees With Campus Banking Products Is To Barely Use Them

All around the country, new and returning college students are being handed IDs they can use as debit cards or they’re being told they can have their aid disbursals deposited straight onto a school-branded card. It all seems incredibly convenient, especially for those who have limited experience handling their own finances, but these school-backed banking products are rarely the best available options for students, who could end up being nickel-and-dimed into debt.

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The New Frontier In Fuel Savings: Cars Without Spare Tires

If you want to lose some weight, get rid of your spare tire. No not your abdominal fat: the emergency spare in the back of your car. Our car-buying colleagues down the highway at the Consumer Reports auto testing center note that many new vehicles lack spare tires. Why? To save weight and thus fuel, and because nobody knows how to change them anymore, anyway. [More]

Quick Fixes For When Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working Like It Used To

We’re almost through the entire summer: has your air conditioner worked hard for you through the whole season? If it is no longer performing like it used to, here are some quick fix-it-yourself ideas from our optimal-temperature colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports. It’s possible that you don’t need to junk your A/C: just check a few things that you can probably handle yourself. [Consumer Reports]

Consumer Reports Deems NutriBullet A Possible Safety Risk

Consumer Reports Deems NutriBullet A Possible Safety Risk

Infomercials for the NutriBullet Pro 900 claim that “even the toughest ingredients don’t stand a chance,” but when our colleagues at Consumer Reports put it to a durability test that crushes 7 large ice cubes 45 times, they two instances in which the NutriBullet’s blades cracked or broke off, leading CR to judge the device a “Don’t Buy: Safety Risk.” [More]

Drain-FX: Another Infomercial Product That Actually Works

Drain-FX: Another Infomercial Product That Actually Works

Have you seen the ads for Drain-FX, a product for unclogging pipes stuffed with things that really, really shouldn’t be in the plumbing of your house? You might wonder whether it’s all TV hype, or an infomercial product that does what it promises. Our colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports did, too, and they crammed their drains with a variety of substances to find the answer for all of us. [More]

Sbarro Is The Worst Fast Food Chain In America Because Its Food Doesn’t Taste “Fresh”

Answer: Sbarro.

Whether you’re a burger guy or a burrito gal, you’ve probably got your favorite fast food joints. But in the interest of finding a culinary consensus, our best buds at Consumer Reports decided to make it official with a new survey of readers who chowed down on 96,208 meals at 65 chains. And um, we’ve got some bad news for you, Sbarro (clears throat awkwardly). [More]

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Attention, Austin: Consumerist Is Hiring Technology Folks

You’re reading this site right now, if these words are beaming through your eyeballs into your brain — and you could be working for it, if you’ve got the technological savvy and happen to live in Austin, Texas. [More]

Graco Stroller Named A ‘Don’t Buy: Safety Risk’ By Consumer Reports

Graco Stroller Named A ‘Don’t Buy: Safety Risk’ By Consumer Reports

Because there’s really no point in having brakes on a stroller’s wheels if they still allow the stroller to roll, our colleagues at Consumer Reports have judged a double stroller from Graco a “Don’t Buy: Safety Risk” and shared their findings with both the company and federal safety regulators. [More]

4 Popular Cars That Aren’t Worth Your Money

4 Popular Cars That Aren’t Worth Your Money

While you’d like to think you can’t go wrong with a middle-of-the-road vehicle from a well-known car company, sometimes you’re still not getting the most for your car-buying dollar. [More]

Be one in a long line of awesome CR employees, like these guys in 1960.

Calling All Health & Electronics Editors: Consumer Reports Is Hiring

Are you all about electronics? Or maybe you’re in the trenches of health reporting, and seeking a change to your career. If so, today could be the day you find the job you want. Consumer Reports is hiring a Deputy Content Editor for Electronics, and an Investigative Editor and Editor in its Health department. [More]

73 degrees? good luck with that.

Portable Air Conditioners: Not So Portable, Don’t Cool The Air

The concept of a portable air conditioner implies that the device is portable, and that you can cool a room with it. They would be a wonderful tool if this were were true, but tests by our breezy and cool colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports show that they compare unfavorably to window-mounted air conditioners in pretty much every way, and you might be better off with no air conditioner at all. [More]

4 Home Depot Exclusives For Shoppers To Avoid

We don't recommend buying children at Home Depot, or really anywhere, as human trafficking is illegal and immoral. (photo: Patrick)

While many of us go to stores like Home Depot for brands of tools, paint, flooring and other products that you could buy at other retailers, the Depot has several labels you won’t find elsewhere. Unfortunately, not all of these exclusive brands are worth the trip to the Despot. [More]

Video: Here’s How Easy It Is To Turn Off (And How Hard It Is To Steer) A Recalled Chevy Cobalt

Video: Here’s How Easy It Is To Turn Off (And How Hard It Is To Steer) A Recalled Chevy Cobalt

Earlier today, General Motors was hit with a $35 million penalty for its decade-plus delay in recalling millions of vehicles with defective ignition switches that could be inadvertently turned off, leaving the car without power steering and braking and deactivating the air bags. GM has repeatedly stated that these cars are safe to drive because an accidentally turned-off vehicle could still be steered to safety. But is that true? [More]

Does Film-Coated Advil Really Work Faster?

Does Film-Coated Advil Really Work Faster?

Unless you’re allergic to certain non-active ingredients or have you have an unusual sensitivity, generally the brand-name and generic versions of over-the-counter medicines are pretty much the same. Manufacturers keep adding innovations to coax customers away from generic meds, like a film-coated version of Pfizer’s Advil that is supposed to relieve pain faster. Does it? [More]

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3 Extremely Boring Ways To Save Money On Gas

We all like to think that there are special tricks we can learn or technology that we can use to improve our fuel economy and save money on gas. That’s not so: there are tricks we can employ, but they’re intuitive and extremely boring. [More]