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University Ripped For Pushing Chocolate Milk As Concussion Treatment

A University of Maryland program that “promotes the development and commercialization of products and processes through industry/university research partnerships,” is being criticized for not just declaring that a particular brand of chocolate milk can improve cognitive skills of athletes who suffered a concussion, but for making that declaration without releasing any data to back it up. [More]

Is NFL’s Change Of Heart On Concussions Genuine Or Just Brand-Protection?

13 years of research by the NFL resulted in this 2007 pamphlet that said multiple concussions may not be bad for you.

In 1994, then-NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue responded to growing concerns about concussions and brain injury by saying it was a case of mass hysteria resulting from “pack journalism.” What’s followed is two decades of the country’s most popular professional sports league saying it was researching the topic while being accused by some in the medical community of trying to quash evidence of a correlation between playing football and degenerative brain disease. [More]

Seven Former Players Sue NFL Over Concussions

Seven Former Players Sue NFL Over Concussions

One of the dark sides of pro football is the toll the game takes on players, leaving some with permanent brain injuries brought on by concussions. Seven former NFL players are suing the league over its handling of concussion-related injuries, alleging teams trained players to hit in ways that led to head injuries, failed to properly treat concussions and tried to hide links between the game and brain injuries. [More]