How To Avoid Counterfeit Tickets

How To Avoid Counterfeit Tickets

Looking for tickets but worried you’ll get stuck with fakes? Washington’s Attorney General has a few tips to make sure the tickets you buy are more than expensive wallet ornaments.

Why Do Ticketmaster Events Sell Out Instantly?

Ticketmaster is suing RMG Technologies for selling lecherous software that instantly sucks up tickets to everyone’s favorite concerts and sporting events. Groups like RMG are the reason tickets sell out just minutes after going on sale, only to mysteriously reappear at outrageously marked up prices on ticket resale sites like StubHub.

Ticketmaster And Kelly Clarkson Cost You $3.75

Ticketmaster And Kelly Clarkson Cost You $3.75

Reader Shaun writes:

My wife wanted to go to an upcoming Kelly Clarkson concert and we bought tickets. Clarkson has now cancelled the concert and Ticketmaster is givinga refund; however, they won’t refund the processing fee. This seems ridiculous to me, they should be refunding the whole amount. Is there any grounds for them to keep my processing fee? Thanks!