It's all holdiay fun until someone takes a drone in the face.

First TGI Friday’s Mistletoe Drone Casualty Reported In Brooklyn

The mistletoe drones deployed in TGI Friday’s restaurants are supposed to be flying ambassadors of happiness and love, not weapons of destruction. Yet that’s exactly what happened to a photographer who visited a restaurant with a reporter last week to capture the restaurant’s two drones in action. A smaller, 10-inch drone was supposed to land in the reporter’s hand, but instead flew into the photographer’s face, cutting her nose and chin. [More]


Disney Wants Drone Patents So Puppets Can Fly Around In Air Shows

If the idea of hot air balloon creatures causes you to tremble — all those huge, leering smiles floating above like some kind of slow-moving demons just biding their creepy time — you might not want to think about puppets gamboling around in the sky controlled by drones. That’s exactly the future Disney is envisioning with three drone-related patents it’s working on. [More]