Not $10.

Reminder: If A Store Won’t Sell You A Laptop For $10, It’s Not Bait And Switch

It’s not the fastest or best computer you’ll see, but the laptop that reader J. spotted for sale at her college’s online bookstore was a deal she couldn’t pass up. An AMD E300 processor! 2 gigabytes of RAM! A 320 gigabyte hard drive! All this for only $10. She placed an order and waited…only to have her order rudely canceled with no notice. [More]

Barnes & Noble Turns Profit, Considers Splitting Itself Up

Barnes & Noble consists of three businesses: college bookstores, regular bookstores, and the Nook e-reader device and platform. In today’s earnings call, new CEO Michael Huseby reported that the company is again turning a profit, and that they’re “studying” separating the different parts of the business. [Reuters]

College Textbooks: Shop Around, Ask Your Professors, And Save

College Textbooks: Shop Around, Ask Your Professors, And Save

It’s that magical time of year, when the bright, shining faces of college freshmen fall as they take their first look at modern textbook prices. Reader S., a manager at a college bookstore, read our post yesterday about custom college bookstore “packets” used to prevent students from purchasing their textbooks used. He sent us some tips about how to spot and avoid special profit-seeking textbook bundles, and how to actually save some money by…purchasing from the college bookstore?