McDonald’s Sued Over Hot Coffee. Yes, Again

Times used to be, someone would bring up a lawsuit over hot McDonald’s coffee and we’d all sagely nod our heads and intone, “Ah yes, That One Famous Case 20 Years Ago.” But lately it seems what old is new again, as another Mickey D’s customer is suing the chain saying she was burned by hot coffee at an L.A. location. [More]

Brewpub Shows Starbucks “The F Word” After Legal Demand To Stop Selling “Frappicino” Beer

Brewpub Shows Starbucks “The F Word” After Legal Demand To Stop Selling “Frappicino” Beer

Still stinging from yet another legal defeat against a small New Hampshire coffee company over the “Charbucks” brand, the Starbucks legal team appears to be going after lower-hanging fruit, sending a cease-and-desist letter to a small Missouri brewpub that dared to sell something called Frappicino beer. [More]

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450 Starbucks Drive-Thru Patrons Pay For The Next Customer’s Order

At a Starbucks in Connecticut, almost 450 drive-thru customers set off a chain reaction of caffeine and generosity over Christmas. A mysterious customer started the chain early on Tuesday, and it kept going until this morning. The store opened with $45 in the pay-it-forward fund this morning. [More]

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Coffee Prices At This Cafe Vary Depending On How Rude You Are

What began as a bit of fun for the occasionally frustrated workers at a cafe in the French city of Nice is sticking around on the menu, with customers being charged more for coffee if they fail to ask nicely. [More]

Would You Order Something More Expensive If You Knew A Stranger Would Pay For It?

Would You Order Something More Expensive If You Knew A Stranger Would Pay For It?

Upon first reading, the tale of woe from a person who is upset at getting a free coffee from a stranger — because he would’ve ordered something way more elaborate and expensive if he knew he wouldn’t have to pay for it — makes my face feel like exploding into a thousand tiny pieces of rage. Each of those pieces is screaming, “YOU UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF HUMAN GARBAGE!” But let’s think about this. [More]

Tumbling Coffee Bean Prices Will Really Only Save You Money At Home

Tumbling Coffee Bean Prices Will Really Only Save You Money At Home

Have you heard the news? Everyone’s talking about it! Or really, just people interested in the coffee market. Anyway: Coffee bean prices are falling, tumbling and otherwise plunging to new lows. Sounds great, right? Well, sort of. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to waltz into Starbucks and glory in cheaper prices on the menu. [More]

McDonald’s Will Sell Bags Of Its Coffee Soon (And Then If It’s Too Hot, It’s Your Fault)

McDonald’s Will Sell Bags Of Its Coffee Soon (And Then If It’s Too Hot, It’s Your Fault)

While you still can’t buy McDonald’s french fries to cook up at home or a make-your-own Big Mac kit, fans of McDonald’s coffee will be able to bring home a bag of the stuff starting next year. And that way if you brew it too hot, well, that’s probably not going to bring on a lawsuit. [More]


Sunday Is National Coffee Day, Which Means Free Coffee If You Know Where To Look

You may scoff at the notion of “National Coffee Day,” but it’s one of the few holidays that (A) doesn’t require you to buy a card, throw a party, or decorate, and (B) results in free coffee for people willing to seek it out. [More]


Campbell’s Soup Will Now Be Coming Out Of Keurig Coffee Machines

For all those mornings when you’re staring into your cup of coffee and sighing over the fact that it’s not, in fact, piping hot soup, well, okay, you’re odd. But also you’re in luck: Campbell’s Soup says it’s going to start offering K-cup soup packs for the Keurig single-serve coffee machines. This brings up the question of noodles for breakfast — and I think I’m onboard with that. [More]


Fully Automated Coffee Kiosk Is Probably A Sign Of The Impending Robot Uprising

First they’re serving you coffee and then the next thing you know, they’ve evolved to the point where we can’t tell if they’re human or cylon and Admiral Adama is trying to save a ragtag bunch of colonial citizens. A fully-aumotated coffee kiosk promises its robot baristas are just as good (or better) than human workers, which of course means we’re this much closer to a Battlestar Galactica existence. [More]


Man Buys Coffee For 500 Tim Hortons Customers Because That’s What Happens In Canada

Update: Okay there definitely is some kind of love bug in Canadian water. After a man in Calgary heard about the fellow below who bought 500 coffees for the next customers, he went out and did the same darn thing. Apologies if I get a bit gushy here about there being hope for humanity after all, it’s just so nice. [More]

He isn't roaring, he's getting free coffee.

Vending Machine Rewards Yawns With Free Cup Of Coffee

For all the times you’ve stood yawning in the kitchen, wondering when Rosie from The Jetsons would come rolling up with a fresh cup of steaming, reviving coffee so you wouldn’t have to make one, we offer this bit of hope: There’s a company using facial recognition software for the forces of caffeinated good in this world, rewarding yawning people with fresh, free coffee.



We Can’t Decide If It’s Icky Or Delightful That Coffee Shop Lets Customers Pay With Kisses

Carrying around money is so 2012. If you’re at a French cafe in Sydney, Australia, you can ditch your wallet and just pay for your coffee with a kiss. Before you start screaming about trading goods and services for the pleasures of the flesh let’s be clear — you’re not smooching a barista, you’re just making out with your significant other in front of employees. [More]

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Starbucks Bans Smoking Within 25 Feet Of Stores

Starting tomorrow, Starbucks customers who wish to smoke will need to head out to the parking lot or down the street, as the national coffee chain is enacting a ban on smoking within 25 of its stores. [More]


Starbucks Sort Of Implements Suspended Coffee, Donates Food And Drink To Nonprofit

Back in March, we simultaneously spread and scorned the “suspended coffee” meme: a concept originating in the Italian city of Naples where customers can order an extra coffee or food item for a stranger in need that they can request at any time. We dismissed the entire concept as something that a global chain like Starbucks would never implement because it is too complicated to administer and prone to fraud. We were wrong. [More]


Starbucks To Cut Price Of Bagged Coffee By $1 Next Month Because The Caffeine Gods Said So

Rarely do we see a spot of good news in the grocery aisle — products shrink, prices go up, everyone makes a frowny face — but today is different. We’re not sure if there are caffeine gods, or if they’re responsible for Starbucks’ decision to cut the price of their bagged coffee by about a buck, but it’s happening in any case. [More]


Why Ordering ‘Suspended’ Coffees For The Needy Is Stupid And Inefficient

You might have seen the “suspended coffee” meme going around on Facebook or other social media recently, The idea goes as follows: when you order your morning caffeine jolt or pastry, you order additional items, but ask for them to be “suspended.” When a person who can’t afford their own beverage comes in, they can ask for a “suspended” coffee or food, and receive one for free. This makes you feel all warm and cuddly when you hit the “share” button, but in practice is more of a pain in the butt. [More]

Magic card.

Peet’s Swoops In, Makes Up For Delay Before Anyone Can Even Complain

Here’s an example of how even the simplest customer service gestures can make a huge difference in someone’s day, and in the perception of a brand. Heather visited Peet’s for coffee recently, and got her drink a little later than her companion. No big deal: that happens. It was what happened next that caught her off guard and prompted her to write to Consumerist. [More]