Will your drink come in a mason jar? Probably not.

Starbucks Takes Cold-Brewed Coffee Nationwide

Coffee fans and snobs, rejoice: For those people who prefer their coffee to start cold and stay cold, Starbucks is expanding the availability of its cold-brewed java to all stores nationwide, after testing the stuff in limited quantities in some locations this past spring. [More]

Starbucks Increases Prices $0.05 To $0.20 For Many Drinks… Again

Starbucks Increases Prices $0.05 To $0.20 For Many Drinks… Again

Does your wallet feel a bit lighter after paying for your morning cup of Starbucks coffee? It just might (unless, of course, you used the company’s order-ahead mobile app or any other form of payment besides cash), and that’s because the coffee chain has once again raised its prices for many drinks. [More]

McDonald’s Offering Flavored Hot Coffees For The First Time, But In Just One Market

McDonald’s Offering Flavored Hot Coffees For The First Time, But In Just One Market

Craving a little flavor with your morning cup of hot java? If your breakfast joint of choice is McDonald’s, then you likely know that just isn’t an option. Until now – but only in one select area. [More]

Starbucks Expands Mobile Ordering To 3,400 More Stores In 21 States

Starbucks Expands Mobile Ordering To 3,400 More Stores In 21 States

Three months after Starbucks began allowing residents in the Pacific Northwest to order and pay for their java without any (or hardly any) human contact, the coffee chain plans to take its mobile ordering service across the country by expanding to 21 states. [More]

Photo from Renee's visit to the deep-fried coffee booth.

Turns Out Deep-Fried Coffee Tastes Exactly How It Sounds

Last week the Internet was temporarily afire with the news that someone had decided to deep-fry Starbucks coffee and serve it up at the San Diego County Fair, and we wondered what fried balls of coffee grounds might taste like. As it turns out, it tastes exactly as awful as one might expect a mouthful of coffee grounds tastes like. [More]

(Courtesy of San Diego County Fair)

Deep-Fried Starbucks Coffee Joins List Of Ridiculous Food You Can Find At The Fair

If you thought the world couldn’t possibly cough up yet another deep-fried food oddity, you were wrong and you’ll probably be wrong again if you think people will ever stop chucking things into hot oil. The deep-fried trend is especially prevalent at fairs and festivals, with this year’s nominee for freakish fare showing up at the San Diego County Fair to much ado: Deep-fried Starbucks coffee. [More]


Of Course You Can Buy Marijuana-Infused Coffee Pods On The West Coast

Because everyone knows that the best part of waking up is staying in your soft pants all day and eating cereal while watching Warner Herzog documentaries, the chilled out folks on the West Coast are pairing your morning cup of joe with marijuana to start the day. [More]


Keurig Apologizes For Taking Away “My K-Cup” Reusable Coffee Filters, Promises To Bring Them Back

When Keurig came out with its new 2.0 machine last year, there was an almost immediate uproar — not only did the system make it impossible to use non-Keurig licensed coffee pods made by other brands, but it did away with its own non-disposable “My K-Cup” reusable coffee filter that cut down on waste and let people brew a pot of whatever kind of coffee they wanted. After admitting that sales of the 2.0 machines were far from great, the company now says it’s sorry it ever took My K-Cup off the market, and will be returning it to shelves. [More]


Starbucks Sales Are Up Because People Are Willing To Spend More On Pricy Menu Items

In the bid to part customers with their hard-earned cash, Starbucks is raking in the cash these days partly because people are willing to spend money on new, pricier menu items. As it turns out, hiking the price of a croissant is something we’re willing to deal with. [More]

The Description Of Starbucks’ New S’mores Frappuccino Makes My Teeth Hurt

The Description Of Starbucks’ New S’mores Frappuccino Makes My Teeth Hurt

Without even having tasted Starbucks’ newest flavor promotion, the S’Mores Frappuccino that’s heading to stores for the summer, my teeth have already made up their mind about this thing, and boy, are they worried. [More]

Starbucks Stops Writing “Race Together” On Cups, But Says Campaign Is “Far From Over”

Starbucks Stops Writing “Race Together” On Cups, But Says Campaign Is “Far From Over”

Last week, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz raised a lot of eyebrows with the launch of an ill-received campaign to start a public discussion about racial issues by having employees write or sticker cups with “race together.” On Sunday, the company pulled the plug on the cup-marking portion of the project, but Schultz says it’s not the end. [More]


Inventor Of The Keurig Doesn’t Own One, Regrets Inventing It

Keurig’s K-Cup coffee pods are popular brewing devices that you can find in homes, offices, and waiting rooms. There are even refrigerators with a machine built right in. Do you know where you won’t find one, though? The home of the man who invented the machine back in the ’90s, John Sylvan. [More]

(Mike Mozart)

Schlepping to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up a case of the donut chain’s coffee in K-Cup format will soon be a thing of the past. In a response to growing competition, Dunkin’ announced a sales policy reversal of sorts by making single-coffee pods – which are currently only available at Dunkin’ restaurants – available for purchase at a variety of grocery stores, drug stores and warehouse stores, as well as online, later this year. [Reuters]

KFC Bringing Edible Coffee Cups To UK

KFC Bringing Edible Coffee Cups To UK

Have you ever looked at your empty cup of coffee and just wished you could devour it? You’d probably survive eating your standard paper cup, but it wouldn’t be the most tasty of experiences. Thank god there’s KFC, which is introducing an edible coffee cup in the UK. [More]


Delta Air Lines Will Now Serve Starbucks Coffee On All Flights

Expanding on an earlier deal that had Starbucks name-brand coffee served on certain West Coast shuttle routes and flights from New York’s JFK to California, Delta Air Lines says it will now be serving Starbucks coffee on all its flights, which is about 5,000 flights daily. [More]

Really for sale, but not really a coffee maker for the shower.

If Only The Shower Coffee Maker + Soap Dispenser Was A Real Thing

With the dawn comes an age old dilemma — do you make coffee first thing in the morning or take a shower to greet the day? If only those two things could happen at the same time! Maybe they can, but it won’t come in the form of the Bathe & Brew Coffee Maker + Soap Dispenser. [More]

Shell Gas Stations Turn To Hot Dogs For Financial Comfort As The Price Of Fuel Drops

(Great Beyond)

I’m no stranger to falling into the loving embrace of encased meats, but who knew that gas stations are also seeking comfort from hot dogs these days? While it’s good news for drivers that gas costs less, for oil companies those cheaper prices at the pump means sales that slump (sorry sorry I had to). [More]

(Andrew McDaniel)

From Guacamole To Coffee To Beef To Bourbon, Your Favorite Things Will Cost More In 2015

While the prices on certain things will inevitably decrease in the coming year — like the cost of my 1989 Daihatsu Charade or the amount of money I need to spend on shampoo — lots of things are expected to get pricier. Unfortunately, a number of these more expensive items are probably on many of your “things I really enjoy” lists. [More]