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Krispy Kreme Trying Out That Whole “Barista” Thing In Effort To Boost Coffee Sales

Krispy Kreme has apparently been thinking long and hard about how it can make more money from selling coffee, it seems it’s come up with an answer — call employees that serve up cups of steaming hot joe “baristas.” Heck, if it worked for Starbucks, maybe it’ll work for Krispy Kreme. [More]


Lawsuit Claims Peet’s Coffee & Tea Is Shortchanging Customers With Its French Press Servings

What you see on the menu board at Peet’s Coffee & Tea is not what you get, according to one customer who says the chain isn’t serving up as much coffee as it claims: a Chicago-area customer is suing Peet’s over its “press pots,” which come in either 12-ounce or 32-ounce French press containers. [More]

Starbucks Listens To Customers, Brings Back Some Less-Fancy Baked Goods

Starbucks Listens To Customers, Brings Back Some Less-Fancy Baked Goods

Have the pastry offerings at your local Starbucks gotten too fancy-pantsy for you in recent years? Do you miss having a slice of lemon cake with your coffee? Apparently you’re not alone, as the coffee colossus has heeded the call of complaining customers and decided to bring back foods that had been deemed not sexy enough by the chain. [More]

Free coffee if you're nice to people.

Starbucks: Connect With Free Coffee While We Wait For Elected Officials To Get It Together

While the government is busy not talking to each other to figure out issues like the U.S. federal government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling problem, Starbucks is offering what it calls a chance for customers and the company to come together with free coffee. At least until Friday. [More]

Starbucks To Buy Peet's Coffee?

Starbucks To Buy Peet's Coffee?

The original Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley is said to have been the inspiration for the founders of coffee colossus Starbucks. Now the ‘Bucks may be looking to return the favor by acquiring the smaller chain. [More]