Soda In A Pod? Coke Buys Stake In Green Mountain Coffee To Make Its Dreams Come True

The thing about bandwagons is that anyone can hop on’em. You just need to have the right resources and the wherewithal to hitch yourself up there. Coca-Cola just bought what it needs to join the single-serving pod revolution, snapping up a 10% stake in Green Mountain Coffee so it can start working on its own system for making cold drinks at home. [More]

Laptops Stolen From Coca-Cola HQ Compromise Personal Info For 74,000 People

The Wall Street Journal reports that someone stole laptops from Coca-Cola’s Atlanta headquarters that contained unencrypted personal information for upwards of 74,000 people. Among the info compromised by the theft: names, Social Security numbers, and other personal data like driver’s license numbers. The beverage behemoth says the laptops have been recovered and has no evidence that this information was misused. [WSJ.com]

FDA Gives OK To New Coca-Cola-Backed Sweetener That Claims To Taste More Like Sugar

FDA Gives OK To New Coca-Cola-Backed Sweetener That Claims To Taste More Like Sugar

Because we all want sweet things but don’t want to accept that eating too many sweet things can make us fat, the world’s largest producer of stevia says it has gotten the go-ahead from the Food and Drug Administration to start using a new version of the sweetener that it developed with the folks at Coca-Cola. [More]

The Thought Of Dorito-Covered Hot Wings Convinces Buffalo Wild Wings To Switch From Coke To Pepsi

(photos: Morton Fox and Danny Ngan)

Restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings is ditching Coca-Cola as its soft drink supplier and switching to Pepsi. But what’s most fascinating about this change is how the folks at PepsiCo convinced BWW to jump ship. [More]

Coca-Cola Tests Vending Machine That Changes Price Based On The Weather

Coca-Cola Tests Vending Machine That Changes Price Based On The Weather

When it’s hot as heckfire outside, an ice-cold beverage really hits the spot for most people; not so much when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. That’s why Coca-Cola has been testing a vending machine in Spain that charges a different price depending on the weather. [More]


Jury: No Damages For Allegedly Rat-Infested Lemonade

How does a dead, decomposing rat end up in a can of frozen lemonade? It doesn’t, argued Coca-Cola, parent company of Minute Maid, defending itself in a civil lawsuit in New Hampshire this week. A woman claimed that the frozen lemonade she bought for a party contained a rat with a side helping of maggots, and the experience has left her unable to buy frozen food. [More]


Lawsuit: Dead Rat In Frozen Lemonade Gave Customer PTSD

Two years ago, a woman in New Hampshire preparing for a party poured out a can of frozen Minute Maid concentrated lemonade and found a festive flavoring aid already inside the can. It was a dead, decomposing rat and a bunch of its maggot buddies. A rat? How does a rat end up in a container of frozen lemonade? The woman’s case went to trial this week, and now it’s up to a jury. [More]

Mothers and daughters love laughing while discussing aspartame.

Coca-Cola Rolls Out Ad Campaign Defending Use Of Aspartame In Diet Coke

In light of sliding soda sales across the board and potential concerns shoppers may have about artificial sweeteners, Coca-Cola is sending Diet Coke out into the world on the wings of a new ad campaign aimed at reassuring customers about the safety of its sweetening ingredient, aspartame. [More]

New Monopoly Teaches Kids The Importance Of Xbox, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and EA!

This is a real thing that a real company is actually selling, and which some people will purchase.

The folks at Hasbro have never had a problem letting everything from towns to universities to movies to big-name commercial brands slap their names on licensed versions of Monopoly, but a new version of the classic board game is unabashedly all about learning the value of today’s biggest fast food, retail, tech, and entertainment companies — everything a growing child needs to get ahead! [More]

UK Bans Coca-Cola Ad Showing You How To Burn Off Calories From Soda

UK Bans Coca-Cola Ad Showing You How To Burn Off Calories From Soda

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola began running TV ads here and in the UK showing you all the fun activities you could do to burn off the extra calories you consumed while chugging down a Coke. But regulators overseas have since banned one version of the ad saying it misled viewers into thinking they could work off a can of soda with a lot less exertion than is actually required. [More]

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Vitaminwater Labeling Lawsuit Can Continue, But Plaintiffs Probably Won’t Be Able To Seek Damages

It’s been more than four years since the Center for Science in the Public Interest and others filed its lawsuit against Coca-Cola for allegedly overstating the health benefits of vitaminwater and the case has still not been resolved. It has, however, inched closer to trial after a federal magistrate recommended that the case go forward as a class-action suit with regard to the products’ labeling, but that the plaintiffs could not sue for damages as a group. [More]

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Pepsi Scolded For Continued Use Of Controversial Caramel Coloring Considered A Carcinogen In California

A couple years back, the state of California declared that a caramel coloring agent, 4-methylimidazole (or 4-MEI), was a carcinogen and said that any beverages containing certain levels of 4-MEI would have to carry a warning label. With the most populous state in the nation effectively telling them to find another coloring agent, both Coca-Cola and Pepsi promised to change their respective formulas. But while Coke has made the switch nationally, Pepsi has only stopped using 4-MEI in California, says a new report. [More]

Seagram’s Adds Splenda To Ginger Ale To Shave Off Calories, Assumes No One Will Notice

Seagram’s Adds Splenda To Ginger Ale To Shave Off Calories, Assumes No One Will Notice

Many people are allergic to or just plain don’t like artificial sweeteners. Generally, they can avoid consuming them by not buying diet candy or soda. Seagram’s ginger ale pulled a cruel trick on these people recently, though, by silently swapping some sucralose (Splenda) into their drinks. “Let’s see if they notice,” we imagine the folks at Seagram HQ saying. Well, they noticed. [More]

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Is Brand Perception Tricking Our Brains Into Not Thinking About What We’re Tasting?

Most of us have seen hidden-camera tricks where some unwitting subject raves about what they are eating because they have been told it’s a certain brand or from a well-regarded restaurant, only to find out it’s a generic frozen dinner from the supermarket. What if these people aren’t necessarily pretending to like the food? A new study shows that brands may make us so predisposed to an opinion that we don’t use the part of our brain that helps to make such judgements. [More]

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Appeals Court Hears Arguments On NYC’s Fizzling Big-Soda Ban

It’s been three months since a judge tossed out New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces, calling the regulation “arbitrary and capricious.” Today, a state appeals court panel heard arguments for and against the ban, but it doesn’t look good for Mayor Mike. [More]

Google google google google google.

From The Shameless To The Egregious, We Grade The Product Placements In 12 Ad-Packed Movies

You’ve probably seen the 30-second TV ads promoting that new 2-hour commercial for Google starring those two actors from that other movie that people really liked eight years ago. We’d like to think product placement has sunk to a new low, but every time we’re convinced that advertisers have hit bottom, someone throws them a more powerful digging implement. [More]


Coca-Cola’s New Personalized Bottles Bumming Out People With Uncommon Names

By the time I was perhaps 7, I knew that approaching the rack of personalized license plates at the gift shop with even the tiniest shred of hope was a mistake. There would be no Mary Beth on there, only Mary, Tiffany, Jessica, Heather and other common names. That feeling of hopelessness is spreading now in various corners of the globe with Coca-Cola’s new campaign touting personalized soda bottles. [More]

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Is The Real, Super Secret Coca-Cola Recipe For Sale On eBay?

The Legend Of The Super Secret Coca-Cola Recipe is thus: It’s like, super secret — as denoted by the legend’s name — and is kept hidden away in a safe at the World Of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta so no mustachioed villains from PepsiCo or elsewhere can twirl said facial hair diabolically and then steal it. Only a few employees at a time are rumored to know the formula. But one self-described treasure hunter says not only did he find it, he’s putting it up for sale on eBay. [More]