This Kmart was supposed to close but has remained open as a "Kmart at a Discount" outlet. (Photo:

“Kmart At A Discount” Store Doesn’t Quite Live Up To Its Name

If outlet stores for mid- to high-end retailers give shoppers a way to find decent bargains, you’d think that a Kmart outlet store would have some real bottom-dollar deals on items that couldn’t be cleared from inventory at regular Kmart stores. But shoppers who visit a “Kmart at a Discount” location should enter with the caveat that saving money is a hit-or-miss proposition. [More]


Kohl’s Employee Explains Math-Impaired Signage

Vindication for reader Garrett: a real, live Kohl’s employee agrees that the “60% off plus 25% off equals 85% off” sign that he spotted in his local store makes no sense. That’s because this person studies engineering, which means that he or she has some familiarity with how math works. They explained to us what Garrett should have done, as well as the likely origins of this wacky sign. [More]

55% Off Groceries At Amazon

55% Off Groceries At Amazon

Amazon is having a grocery clearance sale, 55% off regular price with coupon code CLRNCFTY. [Amazon]