Ohio Jury Finds Whirlpool Not Liable For Moldy Front-Loading Washers

For the last six years, appliance-maker Whirlpool has fought the prospect of class action lawsuits filed by the owners of early front-loading high-efficiency washing machines. When the Supreme Court declined to hear Whirlpool’s case for the second time earlier this year, actual suits could go forward. The case on behalf of Whirlpool washer owners in Ohio went to trial this month, and a jury found the company not liable. [More]

(Bill Sodeman)

Shoes Are Not Magic: Vibram Agrees To $3.75 Million Class Action Settlement

Even runners, people who spend lots of time pushing themselves physically through all sorts of weather, are susceptible to the idea that one special product can provide near-magical advantages. Vibram USA has settled a class-action lawsuit alleging that they marketed their weird-looking Five Fingers shoes as providing physical benefits for which they have no evidence. [More]

Did You File A Claim In Price-Fixing Class Action Against EA? Watch Your Mail

Did you file a claim in the recent class action settlement with EA that claimed they took advantage of an unfair marketplace for officially licensed football games? Watch your mailbox: tipsters report receiving their settlement checks in the mail.


Not Everyone Is Disappointed With De Beers Class Action Checks

Yesterday, we shared the news that people have started to receive their settlement checks from the class action lawsuit that accused diamond merchants De Beers of price-fixing. (Gasp!) The first reader we heard from, Sean, was upset that he only received $48 back on a $3,000 claim, or about 1.6%. Other readers are happier with their settlements…but, to point out the obvious here, people with larger settlements are a lot happier, and people who spent more on shiny rocks in the first place received larger checks. [More]


Oh Look, It’s My $48 De Beers Class Action Settlement Check

Do you remember May 2008? That’s when we reminded our readers to get their claims in to get their piece of the $135 million class-action settlement against diamond miners, merchants, and pseudo-monopoly holders De Beers. Since then, class members have been waiting for their settlement checks. And waiting. Then waiting some more. [More]


Woman Files $5 Million Class Action Over Broken iPhone Power Button

The power button on a woman’s iPhone 4 failed, and she’s not able to turn the phone on or off. That pretty much renders it useless, so she ditched AT&T and got a new phone. But she never forgot that shiny, shiny iPhone that broke down shortly after its initial one-year warranty was up. She filed a class action on behalf of herself and other powerless iPhone users. What raised eyebrows is that she sued under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, accusing Apple and AT&T of conspiring together to sell expensive two-year contracts on phones that break after one year. [More]

Suing Lancôme Because Makeup Lacks Magic Powers Takes Serious Chutzpah

Suing Lancôme Because Makeup Lacks Magic Powers Takes Serious Chutzpah

All one observant Jewish mom wanted was to look pretty for the day of her son’s bar mitzvah, during the sabbath when she isn’t allowed to apply or touch up her makeup between sundown Friday and sundown Saturday. She bought a bottle of Lancôme makeup online that boasted 24-hour coverage…but also expected the promises the product’s ad made to be literally true. We posted this story when it broke earlier this week, but got hold of some new information that makes the whole situation even more stupid. [More]

Radio Shack Issues Vouchers After Class Action Settlement, Won’t Let Me Use Them

Radio Shack Issues Vouchers After Class Action Settlement, Won’t Let Me Use Them

Diane received a merchandise voucher from Radio Shack as part of a class action settlement. It has the very nice feature of being usable on “any merchandise” in the store, but in this case “any merchandise” means “anything in the store except for that thing you wanted to buy.” [More]

Lawsuit: NYC’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art Misleads Visitors Into Paying High ‘Suggested’ Admission Price


When you ask for a ticket at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, you get charged $25. Because that’s the admission price, right? Not so fast! As the fine print says, it’s actually a “suggested donation.” You have to pay something, but that “something” could be a penny that you found on the sidewalk. Upset at this, two museum-goers have filed a class action lawsuit accusing the museum of misleading the public. [More]


Woman Sues California Pizza Kitchen For $5 Million, Shocked That Frozen Pizzas Could Be Unhealthy

Sure, you could assume that because it’s illegal for restaurants in your state to use trans fats in the foods they serve, a frozen meal branded with the name of a restaurant chain wouldn’t have trans fats in it. You would be wrong, but you’re certainly free to make that assumption. That’s what a California woman who bought some California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas thought, though. Now she’s suing Nestle, the company that makes CPK frozen meals, for $5 million in a class action suit, intending to save us all from the hidden poisons that are actually disclosed on the back of the box. [More]


Milk, Aspirin, Broadband, And LivingSocial: Some Class Actions You Might Be Eligible For

Organic milk, LivingSocial vouchers, Norton Antivirus, Verizon Wireless games, and Clearwire Internet service: what do they all have in common? All of these companies have open class-action lawsuits against them for which eligible customers can file claims and get cash. [More]

Bought A Groupon, An iPhone 4, Or Coconut Water? These Class Actions Are For You

Bought A Groupon, An iPhone 4, Or Coconut Water? These Class Actions Are For You

Have you bought coconut water, pinot noir, a Samsung TV, or an iPhone 4? If you purchased any of these products, plus a whole bunch more, you may be eligible to file a claim in one of these recently settled class action lawsuits. Proof of purchase isn’t always required, but lying is bad consumer karma. [More]

There's Actually A Settlement In Nutella 'Health Food' Class Action Lawsuit

There's Actually A Settlement In Nutella 'Health Food' Class Action Lawsuit

Remember last year, when various media outlets reported that the mother of a four-year-old child was suing the makers of Nutella for advertising it as a health food? Everyone thought that this was hilarious, because hey, lady, fat-laden choco-paste ain’t a health food. It’s time for us all to stop laughing now, because the class-action lawsuit has been settled for about $3 million, $2.5 million of which is going to consumers willing to admit that they can’t read a nutrition label. [More]


Walmart Offers $27 Million Settlement In Netflix Class-Action Suit

If you’ve received an email saying you’re entitled to make a claim in a class-action lawsuit against Netflix and Walmart, don’t toss it. Walmart has thrown in the towel and is offering to settle with customers who sued the retail giant and Netflix after the two companies made a deal to promote each other’s DVD businesses. [More]

Verizon Class Action Settlement: Get Refunds For Accidentally Pressing "Get It Now" Button

Verizon Class Action Settlement: Get Refunds For Accidentally Pressing "Get It Now" Button

If Verizon “erroneously” charged you for accidentally pressing the “Get it Now” or “Mobile Web” buttons on your phone, you can file for a refund, thanks to a recent class action settlement. [More]

Big Dairy Accused Of Pricefixing Milk By Paying For Cows To Be Killed

Big Dairy Accused Of Pricefixing Milk By Paying For Cows To Be Killed

A new class action lawsuit accuses several dairy industry juggernauts of paying mainly small farmers to send their entire herds to the slaughterhouse in order to reduce the supply of milk and jack up milk prices. [More]

Get $12 In Chase Credit Card Balance Transfer Class Action

Get $12 In Chase Credit Card Balance Transfer Class Action

You can file to get $12 because of a settlement in a class action lawsuit against Chase which alleged the bank enticed customers with promo interest rates on balance transfers, but then didn’t do a good enough job of telling them when the rates would expire. [More]

Get $3.99 In Oprah Free KFC Coupon Debacle Lawsuit

Get $3.99 In Oprah Free KFC Coupon Debacle Lawsuit

Two years ago, Oprah promoted on her show a KFC coupon for a free grilled chicken meal. Now the class action lawsuit the resulted after that ended in tears has settled. [More]