RIP Circuit City

The Last Vestiges Of Circuit City To Disappear On Dec. 31

It’s been four years since Circuit City, once the nation’s second-largest electronics retailer, filed for bankruptcy. In the spring of 2009, the brand’s new owner, Systemax (you know it better as TigerDirect), resurrected Circuit City as an online-only operation. But it looks like the chain’s name didn’t carry enough worth, and it will soon vanish into history. [More]

Florida AG Sues TigerDirect For 'Continually Blaming Customers' For Rebate Delays

Florida AG Sues TigerDirect For 'Continually Blaming Customers' For Rebate Delays

Waiting for a rebate from TigerDirect? Good luck with that. In a suit filed last Friday, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is charging the company with, among other things, promising customers that rebates would arrive in about 8-10 weeks of submission, when in fact “a vast number of customers experienced delays ranging from one to more than eight months, before receiving their promised rebates, if at all.” The suit also charges TigerDirect with engaging in “deceptive and unfair trade practices.” Now Allows Returns From HP, IBM and Toshiba Now Allows Returns From HP, IBM and Toshiba, newly reincarnated as a Systemax subsidiary, has changed the return policy language that forbid returns from HP, IBM and Toshiba, ZDnet reports. Hooray.