Can Kids Recognize Cigarette Logos Even Without Cartoon Camels Involved?

Long gone are the days of Joe Camel and his cartoon pals gamboling across cigarette ads and peering out from packages, but does that mean kids don’t recognize certain brands of smokes when they see them? Nope, says one study — even without blatant gimmicks to draw in the younger set, children can still tell cigarette logos apart from each other. [More]


DOJ Report: There Are 2 Million Cartons Of Missing Cigarettes The ATF Can’t Account For

There are apparently millions of dollars worth of cigarettes out there that the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was supposed to have in its possession, says an audit released yesterday by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General. The report says there are 2 million cartons of cigarettes just out there somewhere, worth about $127 million. [More]

40 Attorneys General Agree: E-Cigarettes Need To Be Regulated Like Tobacco

Sort of famous actor Stephen Dorff is now a shill for a brand of e-cigarettes who aren't going to get any free advertising on this site.

The use of electronic cigarettes is growing rapidly, not just among tobacco users seeking a smoke-free alternative, but also among those who’ve never smoked but still want to experience the effects of nicotine. Concerned about this relatively unregulated (at least compared to tobacco) market, the attorneys general of 37 states — plus AGs for Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands — have written to the FDA asking for more regulatory controls on the sale and marketing of e-cigarettes. [More]

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Study: Some E-Cigarettes Contain Carcinogens Similar To Those Found In Regular Smokes

There you are, puffing away on your e-cigarette, feeling like you’re doing something good by not smoking a regular cigarette. But popular though those tobacco-less nicotine vaporizers may be, a new study finds that there could be a comparable level of carcinogens in e-cigs to their traditional cigarette brethren. [More]

Australian Smokers Think Plain Packaging Makes Tobacco Taste Worse

Australian Smokers Think Plain Packaging Makes Tobacco Taste Worse

Plain tobacco packaging is a global movement aimed at undoing decades of ads and branding messages. Tobacco products get sold in identical plain boxes with only plain letters on the front: no logos, no pictures. Well, that’s not true: there are gruesome pictures of smoking-related illnesses. Plain packaging is now the law in Australia, and smokers don’t like it. Because they say their tobacco tastes different now. [More]


FDA Okays Two New Cigarettes Because They Are Just As Harmful As What’s Already Available

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009 gave the Food and Drug Administration the authority to regulate tobacco products. Since then, no new tobacco products have been released on the U.S. market, but that’s about to change with the FDA giving the green light to a pair of new cigarette offerings that the agency says are no better or worse for you than what’s already legally available. [More]

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Starbucks Bans Smoking Within 25 Feet Of Stores

Starting tomorrow, Starbucks customers who wish to smoke will need to head out to the parking lot or down the street, as the national coffee chain is enacting a ban on smoking within 25 of its stores. [More]


Health Groups Claim Camel’s Magazine Campaign For Menthol Cigarettes Target Kids

Remember Joe Camel? That “cool” mascot proved troublesome for Camel cigarettes, as all tobacco companies all eventually were barred from targeting kids in their marketing campaign. And now Camel is in hot water (smoke?) again, as a number of health groups are claiming that its new ad campaign for Camel Crush menthol cigarettes is aimed at young people. [More]

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NYC Lawmakers Propose Raising Smoking Age To 21

The same morning that the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the tobacco industry’s fight against new warning labels, lawmakers and regulators in New York City have proposed making it illegal for anyone younger than 21 to buy cigarettes. [More]

Supreme Court Agrees: Cigarette Warning Labels Don’t Violate Big Tobacco’s Free Speech

Supreme Court Agrees: Cigarette Warning Labels Don’t Violate Big Tobacco’s Free Speech

For the last several years, the tobacco industry has been fighting a federal law that requires, among other restrictions, cigarette manufacturers to place graphic warning labels on packaging. Big Tobacco may need to finally get with the program, now that the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected the companies’ challenge to the law on the grounds that it violates their First Amendment rights. [More]


If You Can’t Find Cigarettes In NYC Soon It’ll Be Because Mayor Bloomberg Hid Them

Just like Chumbawamba, when New York City Mayor Bloomberg gets knocked down, he gets up again. Not one to let that pesky judge’s ruling that his ban on large sugary drinks was invalid bug him, Bloomie’s got his sights retrained on anti-smoking efforts. His plan? Just hide all the cigarettes. [More]


Should Stores That Sell Cigarettes Have To Post Apology From Big Tobacco?

Last month, the government’s seemingly interminable lawsuit against the tobacco industry appeared to be nearing something resembling an end, as the judge ruled that cigarette makers must publish apologies for their deception in ads and on packaging. What’s still undecided is whether stores must also post the apology. [More]

Would $81 For A Pack Of Cigarettes Put An End To Smoking?

Would $81 For A Pack Of Cigarettes Put An End To Smoking?

While lawmakers here in the U.S. have developed a habit in recent years of raising taxes on cigarettes as a way to curb smoking while increasing tax revenue from those who continue to inhale, officials in New Zealand are giving some thought to what they would need to charge in order to make people quit smoking once and for all. [More]

Appeals Court Rules Graphic Cigarette Labels Don't Violate Free Speech

Appeals Court Rules Graphic Cigarette Labels Don't Violate Free Speech

The latest battle over those graphic anti-smoking labels on cigarette packaging has been won by the FDA, after a federal appeals court ruled yesterday that requiring the warnings does not violate tobacco companies’ First Amendment right to free speech. [More]

Judge: Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels Violate Right To Free Speech

Remember those graphic, sometimes gory, cigarette warning labels the FDA came up with? Well, a U.S. District Judge has sided with the tobacco companies and ruled that the warnings violate cigarette-makers’ right to free speech. [More]

Feds Fight Big Tobacco Over Graphic Anti-Smoking Labels

Cigarette makers appear to be winning the legal battle against the federal government’s requirement that large graphic images of the consequences of smoking be displayed on all packages of cigarettes. The rule was supposed to take effect next year, but a U.S. District judge has put that plan on hold until the issue is resolved. [More]

Should Smokers Have To Pay The Full Tax If They Roll Their Own Cigarettes?

Should Smokers Have To Pay The Full Tax If They Roll Their Own Cigarettes?

Since state and local governments began slapping heavy taxes on cigarettes, a number of smokers have managed to pay less by buying loose tobacco and rolling their own. But as a growing number of stores have begun offering free-to-use roll-your-own machines that take the loose material and spit out a pile of smokes that look like they came straight out of the carton, some lawmakers are crying foul. [More]

Unable To Get Nicotine Fix, Southwest Passenger Resorts To Throwing Peanuts & Pretzels At Flight Attendants

Unable To Get Nicotine Fix, Southwest Passenger Resorts To Throwing Peanuts & Pretzels At Flight Attendants

A passenger on board a Southwest Airlines flight from L.A. to Salt Lake City was arrested earlier this week after he allegedly hurled bags of snacks at flight attendants to express his frustration over being unable to inhale fumes from an electronic cigarette. [More]