Harris Teeter Prepares Christmas Wonderland In Early October

Harris Teeter Prepares Christmas Wonderland In Early October

“90 degrees out. Harris Teeter fully decorated for Christmas. Attached is just a small sampling of what I saw today there,” read reader Robert’s hysterical dispatch from the grocery store. “Santa hats and Christmas stockings at every register! Too soon!!!” [More]

Lowe’s Idea Of Fall Essentials: Christmas Trees

Lowe’s Idea Of Fall Essentials: Christmas Trees

“All for Fall,” say the signs on the seasonal displays at Dave’s local Lowe’s. Well, he lives in Florida, so it’s not like he needs fireplaces or leaf blowers. But last weekend he was horrified to see…in mid-September…Christmas trees. [More]

Christmas Creeps Up On This Kohl’s Store

Christmas Creeps Up On This Kohl’s Store

Merry Kohl’smas! Reader Chris sent along this photo that his friend took last week in the department store of perpetual markdowns. America’s children have barely scuffed their new back-to-school shoes and most people haven’t even thought about what they want to be for Halloween, but you can buy a full complement of Christmas decorations at Kohl’s. [More]

Kmart Forgets It’s Still Summer, Begins Airing Holiday Ad

Kmart Forgets It’s Still Summer, Begins Airing Holiday Ad

Perhaps Kmart panicked after having a nightmare that it was November and had forgotten to put together a holiday ad campaign, or maybe some prankster at Sears changed a Kmart marketing exec’s desk calendar. Why else would the beleaguered retailer start airing a holiday shopping ad while it’s still summer? [More]

Have A Very Hyundai Christmas, In Late August

Have A Very Hyundai Christmas, In Late August

Maybe they sent out the wrong mailing at the wrong time. Maybe they’re planning way ahead. Or maybe Gabriel’s local Hyundai dealership is putting whatever random crap gets people to open messages from them in the subject lines of their e-mails. In Gabriel’s case, it worked. He opened it. [More]


Christmas Creep Now Staging Aural Invasion With Carols Piping Merrily Over Eatery Speakers

The red-and-green forces of Christmas Creep have evolved: Unseasonal decorations and trees? That’s elves’ play. The new battle in the war for your holiday dollars is being waged on an aural front, by way of Christmas Carols piped merrily over the speakers at various Manhattan Pret a Manger locations. [More]

Costco Snowman Laughs At Your Feeble Attempt To Buy Beach Supplies During Beach Season

He will not point you to the beach umbrella area.

Despite the moans and groans of children heading back to school, or that perpetually pessimistic Facebook friend you haven’t seen in 17 years but yet still you haven’t hidden her cranky statuses from your newsfeed (self-torture is weird), summer is not over, people. [More]

Oh, For Gobble’s Sake, Thanksgiving Decorations Are Out Already

Oh, For Gobble’s Sake, Thanksgiving Decorations Are Out Already

If you’re the kind of person who likes to start getting their Thanksgiving table ready several months in advance, you’re in luck. Just stop by reader Shaun’s local Stop and Shop grocery store and you can start sticking ceramic turkeys anywhere in your house that you please. [More]

Confused? So are we.

Groupon Bends Time To Its Will By Proclaiming “It’s Already December In Some Time Zones”

There’s Christmas Creep, and then there’s a whole new phenomenon Groupon is introducing that would probably set Albert Einstein a-sputtering in disbelief. The thing is, there is one reality (for most of us), and in this plane of existence, it could be a different time or a different date, but it is most certainly July everywhere right now…. wait, right? [More]

(Michael Holden)

Now February and April Also Have Black Fridays

Traditionally, “Black Friday” refers to the day after Thanksgiving and the semi-official kickoff of the winter holiday shopping season in the United States. In modern times, however, traditions are meaningless and retailers have decided to just throw Black Friday sales whenever they want. Like July 12. Or even February. [More]

(Mr. T in D.C.)

Okay, Great, So Black Friday Is July 12 Now

Last November, we humbly proposed moving the all-American orgy of consumerism known as Black Friday back a week so retail employees and dedicated shoppers might get to enjoy their Thanksgiving and spend some of the holiday with their families. Target has taken our idea a little too far, and seems to think that Black Friday is tomorrow, July 12. [More]

In 2010, a Consumerist reader found this back-to-school display at a Staples in June.

National Retail Federation Confirms Existence Of Back-To-School Creep

Last week, we mentioned that even though some schools have just recently finished for the school year, retailers are already beginning their back-to-school promotions. We wondered (and hoped) that this was just an anomaly and that we weren’t seeing evidence of Back-To-School Creep, but people who know a thing or two about the retail business say it’s a growing trend. [More]

Um, okay

Now At Walgreens: Stocking Stuffers For Your Easter Stocking

If a sign advertising “stocking stuffers” is up in March, does that make it incredibly late or incredibly early for Christmas? Is it Christmas Creep or plain old laziness? Maybe it’s something else altogether: it could be that Walgreens is trying to synthesize an all-new holiday tradition.  [More]

At least they aren't ugly stuffed animals?

Target Also Hauls Out Valentine’s Day Stuff In Mid-December

In the poll on our post from Monday about a Kmart that has already hauled out the stuffed animals and cards for Valentine’s Day, the wishes of our readership are clear: you don’t want to see Valentine’s Day stuff out until January at the earliest. Unfortunately, our readers don’t run the world, and certainly don’t run big-box discount stores. Reader L. sent along this photo from a Target store in Florida. [More]

Nothing says "I just realized today is Feb. 14" like a pink stuffed bear.

Forget Christmas. This Kmart Has Already Moved On To Valentine’s Day

By now, you’re all familiar with Christmas Creep, the insidious inching of the holiday shopping season earlier and earlier into the year. But there’s a lesser-known holiday creep that is already showing up on the shelves of at least one retailer. [More]

We're just sayin'...

Moving Black Friday Up A Week Could Save Thanksgiving

We don’t know when the warm water finally started to boil, but it’s safe to say that Black Friday now begins shortly after dinner is served on Thanksgiving. But rather than continue to fight this trend, we think that the only way to restore Thanksgiving is to have Black Friday sales begin a weekend earlier. [More]


The Most Delicious Christmas Creep Backlash You’ll Ever See

From the enchanted holiday village that is Reddit, here’s a delicious bit of Christmas Creep backlash. No, not delicious in the sense that justice can be delicious, but delicious in the sense that this humble plea to celebrate one holiday at a time is rendered in frosting and chocolate chip cookie bars. [More]

In Case You Were Wondering, Holiday Shopping Starts On October 28

In Case You Were Wondering, Holiday Shopping Starts On October 28

We’ve always wondered precisely when the “holiday shopping season” starts. For us at Consumerist, it’s when we receive the first press release that contains the phrase “stocking stuffer,” beginning the cold clench of dread in the pits of our stomachs. But that’s us. For the rest of the world, it begins before Halloween. So says Kohl’s, in this festive door sign. [More]