Is Chipotle’s Anti-GMO Stance Resulting In Profits?

Is Chipotle’s Anti-GMO Stance Resulting In Profits?

Last year, gut-busting burrito chain Chipotle quietly became the first restaurant of its type to begin identifying which of its ingredients may contain genetically modified ingredients, while also publicly stating that its long-term goal is to eliminate GMO ingredients from its menu. This can be a costly move in a business with relatively thin margins, but it may be working in Chipotle’s favor. [More]

Chipotle Bets On Pizza, But It Won’t Be Putting Pepperoni In Your Burrito Bowl

Chipotle Bets On Pizza, But It Won’t Be Putting Pepperoni In Your Burrito Bowl

Everybody likes pizza. It says so in the Constitution (at least the one I wrote for a class project when I was 9). Chipotle is banking on this widespread adoration for things pizza-like, but not by adding a line of bean/meat/cheese-covered pies to its menu. Instead, the company has decided to back an upstart, upscale pizza chain in Colorado. [More]


Police: Chipotle Employee Hospitalized After Customer’s Hot Sauce Attack

In what plane of existence would a simple “good night!” prompt a person to hurt another? Apparently this one we live on, where a 25-year-old Chipotle employee received a bash in the face with a bottle of hot sauce for wishing a departing customer a good evening. Sigh. [More]


Couple Is Surprisingly Unhappy That Chipotle Is Moving In Next Door

For many people, having a Chipotle restaurant move in next door would mean infinite joy and probably infinite weight gain. One couple in Hershey, Pennsylvania is very unhappy that the fast-casual eatery has a restaurant under construction next door to their home. [More]

Ch-ch-chaaaanges at Ch-ch-chipotle.

Chipotle Debuts Bacon-Free Pinto Beans Two Years After Porkgate

Two years after the event I just decided to call Porkgate prompted Chipotle to explain that no, its pinto beans were not vegetarian and in fact contained bacon, it seems the burrito chain is whistling a more vegan-friendly tune. Consumerist reader Tim snapped the above evidence that at least at his local Chipotle, change is on the menu. [More]

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Colorado, Florida Residents Really Love “Fast Casual” Restaurants

“Fast casual” is that vague food industry term for eateries that nicer than your typical fast food joint but aren’t really what you would consider sit-down restaurants. They’re the kind of place where you often get lunch at a counter, but the food and service are generally better [Think Chipotle or Panera]. It’s been a growth segment in an industry that’s been somewhat flat in recent years, and according to a new survey, six of the 10 most dense fast casual populations are in either Colorado or Florida. [More]

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Chipotle: Chipotle Is Only Chipotle If It’s Sold By Chipotle

Check out that smoked hot chili pepper in your hand. Is it a chipotle or a Chipotle pepper? If you want to sell it to someone else as a flavor or otherwise, it darn well better be a chipotle, or Chipotle Mexican Grill will bring the legal hurt. The burrito chain recently settled a lawsuit with Jack in the Box for marketing a “Chipotle Chicken Club Combo” — complete with a “Chipotload of flavor — even though the sandwich was a limited-time deal and isn’t available anymore. [More]


Chipotle Considers Using Beef Treated With Antibiotics

Chipotle prides itself on its meat policy of responsibly raised, antibiotic-free beef, chicken and pork. But that could be changing soon, as the burrito chain says it’s considering the idea of allowing cows that have been treated with antibiotics to remain in the supply chain. It’s only thinking about it so far — until now, only sick animals were allowed to be treated and then they had to be removed from the rest of the herd, and not end up in stores. [More]


Chipotle Says It Faked Its Twitter Hack Attack As Part Of Some Kind Of Treasure Hunt

The only reason we can think of for Chipotle to stage that odd series of tweets over the weekend — making it appear that perhaps the account had been hacked by a mild-mannered fella or lady trying to make guacamole — is a bid for attention from the cool kids on Twitter. Because as it turns out, that’s exactly what the company is admitting, that it made it seem its Twitter account was hacked when really it was all about getting people to talk about it. [More]

Fair questions.

Chipotle Just Grateful No One Sent Nude Pics During Odd Twitter Episode

“What is cilantro?” “Where is the avocado store?” “Do I have a tweet?” Those are very normal questions, but perhaps not the sort one might expect showing up on Chipotle’s official Twitter account. After a somewhat bizarre string of mini missives yesterday, the company says everything appears to be fine now.  [More]


There Are 655,360 Different Burrito Combinations Possible At Chipotle

It’s not often that you can test an ad claim and find that a company is actually underselling itself. The menu at Chipotle is small and simple but has many possible configurations. How many? Well, you could eat there once per day without repeating a meal for 1,794 years. Don’t ever claim to be bored with your lunches again. [More]


Chipotle Is The First U.S. Fast Food Chain To Identify Products With GMO Ingredients

Sure, you probably know the basic ingredients in your fast food lunch — chicken or beef, lettuce and tomato, whathaveyou — after all, you’re the one who ordered it. But if you, like many consumers, care whether or not those ingredients include genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the ingredient list usually is no help. Chipotle announced that it will now mark those ingredients on its website for discerning consumers. [More]

Chipotle Is Sorry To Interrupt Its Regular Steak Programming With Conventionally Raised Beef

Truth-telling shouldn't be so remarkable, but that's the world we live in.

It might seem like a small thing, to alert your customers when a product you offer changes. But as we’ve seen with the horsemeat scandal over in Europe, knowing exactly what kind of food you’re eating is vitally important to consumers. After all, you’re the one deciding to spend your hard-earned cash so you should be in the loop. Consumerist reader Salman noticed this kind of transparency in action recently at his local Chicago Chipotle. [More]

The Mc10:35 in all its eggy, burgery glory.

4 Reasons Why Fast Food Secret Menu Items Are Good For Business

We’ve been writing about secret menu items — those special fast food treats that a restaurant will make upon request but aren’t listed on the menu — for years, but we’ve never really broken down just why these items aren’t on the menu, and why that’s actually a good thing for these eateries. [More]


Chipotle Doesn’t Mind Putting Baby In A Corner If You’re The Type To Shun Human Contact

Don’t want anyone looking at you during the very private act of eating a burrito, but hate the idea of taking your food to go? Chipotle has a fix for that. Or at least, one Chipotle location has a very special seating arrangement for those of us who would prefer to be forever alone. [More]


Enjoy That Chipotle Burrito While It’s Cheap(er): Prices Might Be Going Up This Year

If you happen to be in the midst of enjoying a Chipotle burrito with antibiotic-free meat and a dollop or two of sour cream, enjoy it, because it’s not gonna come cheap in the future. Not that Chipotle’s fare is cheap now, compared to standard fast food fare, but that “premium” level of ingredients costs the company a pretty penny and unfortunately, those costs are rising.  [More]


Would Chipotle Be The Same With Drive-Thru Windows?

To many Chipotle customers, part of the reason for going to the restaurant chain is that you get to watch your burritos and bowls made to order right in front of you, but the company apparently needs to bring in new customers and thinks that adding drive-thru windows might help. [More]

If Chipotle Is Going To Round Numbers On Your Bill, It Should Only Round Down — From Now On

If Chipotle Is Going To Round Numbers On Your Bill, It Should Only Round Down — From Now On

Have you looked at your Chipotle receipt recently? Some customers noticed a bit of funky math going on after paying for their burritos, tacos and various items from the chain, where totals seemed to mysteriously shift so as to not get pennies involved in the equation. Rounding off a bill is fine — unless of course, the bill gets rounded up. [More]