GM Recalls 473K Trucks, SUVs Because Brake Pedals Shouldn’t Fail

GM Recalls 473K Trucks, SUVs Because Brake Pedals Shouldn’t Fail

Most of us take for granted that our car’s brake pedal will work properly when we go to use it. But for the owners of some General Motors trucks and SUVs, that may not be the case. [More]

Domino’s Launches Custom-Built Chevy Pizzamobile With Built-In Ovens

Domino’s Launches Custom-Built Chevy Pizzamobile With Built-In Ovens

Pizza delivery is a tricky business. You have to get a pizza from the restaurant to the car, let it sit in the car for a while, then get it from the car to the customer, all without tilting the box so the cheese slides off. Delivery drivers normally use their own cars for this… but what if there were a purpose-built car designed to keep food warm and advertise Domino’s in traffic? [More]

(If your Corvette looks like this one, don't worry about a hack. Photo: frankieleon)

Hackers Cut A Corvette’s Brakes Wirelessly To Prove It Could Happen To Your Car, Too

General Motors gets to join Fiat Chrysler and Tesla in an unenviable lineup this week: Using cheap gadgets and text messages, researchers have proven they can hack that most traditional of cars, the Chevy Corvette. And worse still is that this line of attack will work on basically any car with a computer in it, which is to say… all of them. [More]

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Family Spends Evening Trapped Inside Car Dealership, Escapes Using Electric Saw

A family in Massachusetts recently had what was arguably one of their most exciting Friday nights out as a family, when they managed to get themselves locked inside the Chevy dealership where they were car-shopping. The employees had locked up for the night, apparently not noticing the family there. They called for help and none arrived, so they borrowed a saw and cut through the lock. [More]

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Car Owner Reunited With Her “First Love” 43 Years After Corvette Stingray Was Stolen

In a rare, heartwarming tale of the return of a valued possession once thought to be lost forever, the owner of a 1972 Corvette Stingray that was stolen 43 years ago was finally reunited with her “first love.” And she is not going to let it out of her sight ever again. [More]

That Was Then, This Is Now: How 72 Brands From ‘Mad Men’ Have Changed Since Don Draper Was In Charge


Because nothing gold can stay, AMC’s popular Mad Men has reached the final episode of its final, seventh season. Over the course of the show, we’ve seen pitches for a multitude of companies, brands, sports, groups and even cities. While some of those brands were created for the show, the large majority were very real — and some continue to exist today. In the spirit of nostalgia, we thought now might be the right time to check in on those products and companies pitched by Sterling Cooper (and its various rebirths), to see which have been lost to the mists of time, and which still remain. [More]


Report: Costco Has Plans To Sell A “Kirkland Signature” Chevy Truck

Soon it won’t just be Costco brand toilet paper, vitamins, peanuts and other everyday items for members of the wholesale club, but Kirkland Signature trucks. According to a new report, Costco and Chevrolet have plans to sell a co-branded Silverado “sometime” in spring or summer — an offer that’s for members only, of course. [More]

General Motors Issues Bonus Recall Of 57,182 Vehicles

General Motors Issues Bonus Recall Of 57,182 Vehicles

On Friday, General Motors recalled 524,000 vehicles due to defects that could cause crashes if they manifested themselves while you’re driving on the highway. The GM recall-announcing team pulled a weekend shift and announced an additional recall of more than 57,000 vehicles. Models included in this recall are the Pontiac G8, Chevrolet Caprice police cruisers, Cadillac CTS-Vs, and Chevrolet Sonics. [More]

GM Recalls Another Half-Million Cars For Ignition Switch Problems, But Different Ones This Time

GM Recalls Another Half-Million Cars For Ignition Switch Problems, But Different Ones This Time

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: General Motors has issued a recall of a half-million of its cars because if the driver’s knee hits the keys while they’re in the ignition, the key can pop out, causing the car to lose power and potentially crash. [More]

GM Announces Three Additional Recalls Affecting 1.5 Million Vehicles

GM Announces Three Additional Recalls Affecting 1.5 Million Vehicles

General Motors Co announced three new recalls affecting 1.5 million vehicles for airbag deployment and other issues. The announcement comes on the same day it was revealed that the company faces its first class action lawsuit tied to February’s massive recall of vehicles for ignition problems. The company will also take a $300 million charge against earnings to pay for repairs as part of an initiative to be more responsive to problems with its vehicles. [More]

Chevrolet Commercial Makes Dog Lovers Sad, Doesn’t Sell Cars: Is It Real?

Chevrolet Commercial Makes Dog Lovers Sad, Doesn’t Sell Cars: Is It Real?

A new minute-and-a-half long commercial for Chevrolet grabs the viewer’s heart and stomps on it a few times with the story of a young woman and her childhood pet going through life together as best friends and making their final trip to the veterinarian. It’s a beautifully-made ad, currently going viral. But is it real? [More]

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The Tales Of Two Stolen Cars That Both Showed Up After Decades Away From Home

While going about my daily rounds on the Internet, there are constantly new and surprising little tidbits popping up, usually unrelated. Which is why it’s kind of nutty to hear that two separate car theft cold cases have suddenly been solved this week, decades after the cars were stolen, with both vehicles reappearing far from home. [More]

This Corvette was not involved, so far as we know. (Tjololo Photo)

Sinkhole Under The National Corvette Museum Swallows 8 Cars That Probably Weren’t Cheap

If you’re a car enthusiast planning a trip to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. in the near future, you might want to consider postponing your visit. Unless of course, sinkholes underneath car museums are of particular interest to you. [More]

Mini Cars Are Mega Failures In New Crash Test Results

Mini Cars Are Mega Failures In New Crash Test Results

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (better known as the people that get paid to smash cars into walls) recently put 11 mini cars — including well-known models like the Fiat 500, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, and Toyota Prius C — through its newest form of crash-testing. The results were not good, with only one of the tested vehicles earning an overall “Acceptable” rating. [More]

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Dealership Publicly Shamed Into Replacing $55K Camaro Wrecked By Joyriding Employee

Yesterday many of us were bummed out by hearing that it’s perfectly legal for a repair shop employee to take a customer’s car for a joyride. And if the car gets wrecked in the process, well, there’s not much police can do. Which is why it’s heartening to hear that a man whose $55,000 Camaro was wrecked during a dealership worker’s joyride is getting his car replaced… after the dealership had a good dose of public shaming.  [More]

New Monopoly Teaches Kids The Importance Of Xbox, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and EA!

This is a real thing that a real company is actually selling, and which some people will purchase.

The folks at Hasbro have never had a problem letting everything from towns to universities to movies to big-name commercial brands slap their names on licensed versions of Monopoly, but a new version of the classic board game is unabashedly all about learning the value of today’s biggest fast food, retail, tech, and entertainment companies — everything a growing child needs to get ahead! [More]


GM Recalling 145,628 Mid-Sized Pickups As Hood Latch Issue Could Cause Pop-Up Surprise

This week seems to be all about vehicle defects that could cause quite a nasty surprise on the road. Yesterday we heard about sunroofs shattering on Hyundai Velosters, and today General Motors announced it’s recalling 145,628 mid-sized pickups because the hood should not pop up unexpectedly while you’re driving. [More]


Ford Continues To Sink Toward Bottom Of Consumer Reports’ Reliability Ratings

In 2010, Ford was among the top 10 auto brands in Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Reliability Survey, with more than 90% of its models rated average or better by CR readers. But in the two years since, the shine has gone off the Ford brand, and in the newly released survey, it now comes in next to last place. [More]