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FDA Promises To Work With Cheesemakers On Safety Of Using Wood Ripening Boards

Earlier this week, cheesemakers across the country seemed to be collectively freaking out over the Food and Drug Administration’s announcement that it wasn’t cool with cheese ripened on wooden boards, saying the bacteria in the boards could be a potential a food safety issue. Now the agency is clarifying its stance in an apparent attempt to quell that freakout. [More]

Has The FDA Declared War On Cheesemakers Who Use Wooden Aging Boards?


Before you take the above headline straight to your dairy-loving hearts and faint dead away, rest assured that cheese in general is here to stay (especially if I have anything to say about it). But for some cheesemakers, the United States Food and Drug Administration’s recent crackdown on certain kinds of cheese aged on wooden boards is a worrisome issue, one that they say could change how they practice their craft. [More]

Why Do Velveeta Cheese Slices Have Different Calorie Counts Depending On The Package Size?

Why Do Velveeta Cheese Slices Have Different Calorie Counts Depending On The Package Size?

Sometimes we have questions from you, our fresh-faced and bright-eyed Consumerist readers, that we just don’t have an answer for. And when that happens, we will move heaven and earth to get the answers. Or just you know, look into things. Thus it was with the Mystery Of Velveeta Cheese Slices And Differing Calorie Counts. [More]

Sure, A Terrorist Attack Map Cheese Plate Sounds Like A Fine Idea

Sure, A Terrorist Attack Map Cheese Plate Sounds Like A Fine Idea

The new 9/11 Museum at the former site of the World Trade Center might be New York City’s hottest tourist attraction right now, and both the museum and its gift shop of items in questionable taste have been in the news lately. Here’s the latest head-scratcher featured online: a map-shaped cheese plate marked with terrorist attack sites. [More]

Make sure to remove all cats before heading to bar/laundromat. (debsagain)

Bar That Does Laundry, Feeds You Grilled Cheese Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

As any city dweller knows, if you don’t have laundry in your apartment (ha, who do you think you are, Donald Trump?) or even in the building, the laundromat is the sole, annoying option. It’s a hassle to drag your clothes down the street and then sit there blocking out Wheel of Fortune while waiting for your duds to sud. But it could be so, so much better. [More]

Sigh. FINE, Switzerland. You win... this time. (AP)

Wisconsinites Plunged Into Despair After A Swiss Emmentaler Nabs World’s Best Cheese Title

That headline is not a joke. Do I wish with my cheesiest of Wisconsin born and bred hearts that it was? Yes, because I can only imagine the depths of despair cheeseheads have been plunged into after a team of Swiss cheesemakers swooped in and grabbed the title of World Champion during this year’s competition on sacred dairy ground. Otherwise known as Madison, WI. [More]


Should American-Made Cheeses Be Able To Use European Names Like Parmesan?

Because the sun rose in the east today and will set in the west, it’s time to talk about cheese: Specifically, Parmesan cheese made in the United States. The European Union is setting up to fight to keep American-made cheese from having the right to be called Parmesan. [More]

We Tried Grilled Cheese Fried In Mayo And It Is Delicious

We Tried Grilled Cheese Fried In Mayo And It Is Delicious

Odds are many of you out there in this vast country of ours are looking out the window and seeing a snowy/sleety/icy/otherwise yucky wintry landscape. What’s better than a warm, gooey grilled cheese on a day like today? Maybe a grilled cheese fried not in butter or olive oil, as you might be accustomed to, but in (drumroll, please)… mayonnaise. [More]

Make Everyone Smile With Instant Camera Cheese Slicer

Make Everyone Smile With Instant Camera Cheese Slicer

Sure, you could get a cheese slicer with a metal handle. You could slice your cheese with a knife. Or you could make the phrase “say cheese” literal with a novelty cheese slicer shaped like an instant camera. [More]

Burger King Singapore Strikes Gold, If By “Gold” You Mean “Cheese”

Burger King Singapore Strikes Gold, If By “Gold” You Mean “Cheese”

A new promotion at Burger King in Singapore compares cheese to gold. Here at Consumerist, we agree, because we really like cheese. The Striking Gold burger comes in chicken and beef varieties and features nacho, Swiss, and American cheeses, all on one burger. It’s like a United Nations of not-terribly-exciting cheeses. [More]

Cheese Made From Skin Microbes Might Be The Only Cheese I’d Ever Turn Down

Cheese Made From Skin Microbes Might Be The Only Cheese I’d Ever Turn Down

As many of our regular readers may have gleaned from past posts, we here at Consumerist HQ are pretty big fans of cheese. Grill it in a sandwich, melt it atop a pile of hamburgers, sleep with it under a pillow — basically any way you want to enjoy any kind of cheese is A-OK with us. But scientists using microbes from skin to make cheese might’ve passed a line we cannot step across. [More]

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KFC Puts Shredded Cheese On Donut, Creates Breakfast Magic

You know, maybe KFC in Asia just got a huge shipment of cheese. Last week, we shared that KFC in the Philippines is having a “cheezy bacon fest” that consists of slathering cheese and bacon on their major menu items. Over in Indonesia, they’ve put a mix of swiss and cheddar cheese on top of a donut and called it “delicious.” [More]


As if you needed any more reason to visit Wisconsin (Home of Harley Davidson! Beer! Free snow every winter! People say “please” and “thank you”!), Milwaukee’ Department of Public Works is embarking on a pilot program this winter to figure out if cheese brine can be added to rock salt and applied to the streets. The one problem with this plan? The brine apparently has a distinctive odor. My guess is limburger. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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Study: Want That Cheese To Taste Saltier? Eat It Off A Knife

Oh, science! You know me so well. Talk about cheese and kerspring! You’ve got my complete and undivided attention. A new study says we eat with our brains first, and as such, the way foods taste could depend on the cutlery we use to eat them. For example: Cheese tasted saltier to participants when nibbled off a knife instead of a fork, spoon or toothpick. Who uses spoons for cheese, anyway?* [More]

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Of all the things Wisconsinites are proud to claim as their own (the Green Bay Packers, Harley-Davidson, Laverne & Shirley, Mark Ruffalo) perhaps the one nearest and dearest to our hearts is our intense love of cheese. So of course, it’s only fitting that a Wisconsin cheesemaker’s aged gouda just took the top prize at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest, held in in Green Bay, natch. [Green Bay Press Gazette]

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Truckload Of Flaming Cheese Shuts Down Norwegian Highway

For five days, hot toxic gases filled the air near a highway in Norway after the contents of a truckload caught fire in a tunnel. The hot temperatures were too dangerous for highway personnel to approach: one told reporters that the material could be “almost like [gasoline] if it gets hot enough.” What was in the truck? Carmelized goat cheese. [More]

Out with the "new." Also maybe out with two ounces.

Grocery Shrink Ray Hits Feta Cheese, Shrinks Product And Packaging (Updated: Not So Fast!)

UPDATE: Not so fast, Drew! Kraft, parent company of Athenos, contacted us to let us know that they sell six-ounce AND four-ounce packages. When Drew went to buy a package of Athenos feta cheese, he noticed something strange. ” Athenos not only did away with the recently ‘new’ flip top on their feta cheese, replacing it with a decidedly cheaper container, they also removed two entire ounces from the package,” he writes. “I may have to start getting all of my cheese at Sam’s Club now…” [More]


Scientists Discover World’s Oldest Cheese-Making Operation, Turophiles Rejoice

If you’ve ever read any other posts by yours truly on this site, you may have noticed I’ve got quite a thing for cheese (glorious cheese). Which is why I’m happy to report that scientists have finally found the source of so much joy for turophiles* everywhere— the oldest cheese-making operation in the world, dating back 7,500 years. [More]