You Can Extend Your Windows 7 Trial Period Up To 120 Days

You Can Extend Your Windows 7 Trial Period Up To 120 Days

The OS coverage this week will mostly be about Apple’s upgrade coming out this Friday, but here’s a good tip for Windows users who are planning on trying out Windows 7: you can reset the 30 day trial period 3 times, for a total of 120 days. Although it’s not an official “feature,” Microsoft has announced that they don’t care if customers take advantage of it.

Verizon Wireless Sues "Velveteen Rabbit" Telemarketers

Verizon Wireless Sues "Velveteen Rabbit" Telemarketers

Hooray for Verizon Wireless! Wait, what? The cellular carrier has just filed a lawsuit against Feature Films For Families for illegally telemarketing. Specifically, they’re accusing the company of using an auto-dialer to cold call hundreds of thousands of Verizon Wireless customers earlier this month, which is illegal according to NJ state laws (where the suit was filed) and the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Man Wins $25k But Never Receives The Money

Man Wins $25k But Never Receives The Money

Back in January, Herbert Hawks made a hole-in-one on a golf simulator at the Maryland State Fairgrounds, and he won $25,000. (You can watch the winning shot here.) WBAL TV reports that as of late July he has yet to see the prize money, and every person or company the TV station has contacted passes the blame on to someone else. At the bottom of the list is Golf Marketing Worldwide, a company that insures hole-in-one contests and has a history of not paying out on contests and/or doing business in states where the company doesn’t have a license.

50 Ways To Get Through Phone Systems

50 Ways To Get Through Phone Systems

VOIP-News has a list of 50 ways to get through to a real, live, not necessarily well-trained CSR on phone systems. We’re posting this not just because their first tip is “Read the Consumerist,” but because there are some really good ideas here, like hitting up EDGAR to search for contact info on public companies.

Mighty Morphin’ Tax Shelters Foil IRS

Mighty Morphin’ Tax Shelters Foil IRS

The NYT reports that tax cheating by the supperich may be so pervasive that the government doesn’t even have enough resources to fight it.