Even With 10% “Our Bad” Discount, Target’s Sales Down After Credit Card Disaster

Even With 10% “Our Bad” Discount, Target’s Sales Down After Credit Card Disaster

Over the weekend, Target went into damage-control, attempting to lure customers back into its retail stores by offering a 10% discount to everyone — not just the 40 million customers whose credit card numbers were stolen between late November through mid-December. But even that apparently wasn’t enough to bring customers back during the last-ditch holiday shopping weekend. [More]

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Thieves Smash Chase Branch, Drive Off With Entire ATM

“Needless to say, you’re not going to be able to use this ATM this morning,” observed a TV reporter standing in front of the Orlando, Florida Chase branch where an automated teller machine was ripped from the building. No. No, you’re not. [More]


Chase To Pay $389 Million Over Illegal Charges For Credit-Monitoring Services

It’s not been a banner week for JPMorgan Chase, which has agreed to pay out nearly a billion dollars to close investigations related to the 2012 “London Whale” trading fiasco, and now is told it must pay out $309 million in refunds and $80 million in penalties over illegal credit card charges for ID and fraud-protection services customers never ordered. [More]


Chase: Refunding A Scam Victim Is The Same As Forgiving A Debt

When you successfully convince your credit card company that you were scammed out of thousands of dollars and that a chargeback should be issued, you’d think that would be the end of the story, but not for one Chase credit card customer who just found out — two years after receiving the money back — that Chase now says the refund is actually a forgiven debt, and that he must pay income taxes on it. [More]


Woman Returns $20,000 Bag O’ Cash To Chase Bank, Gets $500 As Reward

When a currently out-of-work schoolteacher in Texas came across a bag containing enough cash to buy a car, she did what some other wouldn’t even think of — she took it to the nearest bank and returned it. [More]

Big Banks Failing To Comply With All The Rules For National Mortgage Settlement

Big Banks Failing To Comply With All The Rules For National Mortgage Settlement

Remember that massive $25 billion settlement between the nation’s largest mortgage servicers — Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi, Ally — and attorneys general from around the nation? Well, it comes with a lot of rules for these institutions to follow. But the person in charge of monitoring the settlement says most of the banks are failing to comply fully. [More]

Worst Company In America Round 2: Bank Of America Vs. Chase

Worst Company In America Round 2: Bank Of America Vs. Chase

It’s time for Banker Battle 2013, as these two Wall Street Warriors take a break from trading toxic securities in order to trade some deadly blows to the head. [More]

Meet Your Worst Company In America Not-So-Sweet 16!

Meet Your Worst Company In America Not-So-Sweet 16!

Last week, 32 terrible titans of industry stepped on to the blood-stained mat of WCIA Death-and-Dismemberment Arena, but only 16 remain in this bestial battle royale to take home the treasured Golden Poo. [More]

Worst Company In America Round 1: Chase Vs. Wells Fargo

Worst Company In America Round 1: Chase Vs. Wells Fargo

The tournament’s first banking battle gets Day Three of WCIA competition off with a bang! [More]

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Why Does Chase Keep E-Mailing Me About My Closed Non-Zombie Account?

Elizabeth wishes that Chase would stop sending her emails. They’re not spam, exactly: she used to be a customer. But she’s getting e-mails as if she still had accounts there, and she closed hers more than a year ago. She was afraid that it has gone zombie: that is, that it’s been mysteriously re-opened without her permission to make unwanted payments and devour her credit score. [More]


How A Tip From Consumerist, A Credit Card, And Some Determination Got Me A Brand-New Nook

Kyle really liked his Nook…until it decided to freeze up and no longer work. He was unhappy: it was only two months out of warranty, and he didn’t like the only option that Barnes & Noble presented: trading the non-working device in for a relatively small discount on a brand-new replacement. He had purchased a lot of books he uses every day for work on the Nook platform, and decided to take a loss on those and get a Kindle instead. Unhappy with the whole experience, he vented to us about it. [More]

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If All You’ve Got Is $17 In Your Account New ATMs Will Oblige With $1 And $5 Bills

For anyone who’s ever had to take out $40 at an  ATMwhen all you really needed was $25 and maybe your account balance is low enough that the higher amount causes a sticky situation, get excited. There are reportedly hundreds of new ATMs dotting the country that now dispense $1 and $5 bills so you can grab exact change when you need it. [More]


Chase CEO Admits That His Executives “Acted Like Children” Following Huge Loss

Remember last year when JPMorgan Chase lost billions of dollars in a matter of weeks? One might think that well-heeled, experienced executives at one of the country’s largest banks would have buckled down and faced the problem with a steel-like resolve. Apparently not. [More]

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Chase Damages Woman’s Credit Report With $16,159 Error, Doesn’t Really Care

Imagine waking up one day and finding out that you can’t get a credit card because someone at the bank screwed up and told the credit reporting agencies that you owed more than $16,000 to Chase. You’d think that this could be easily resolved — but apparently not without getting the local news involved. [More]

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Bank Of America Dead Last In Customer Satisfaction Study

The folks at the American Customer Satisfaction Index have released their latest report on the banking industry and for the sixth year in a row, credit unions and small banks have outscored all the large financial institutions. And for the second consecutive year, Bank of America is bringing up the rear. [More]


Exec Who Looked Other Way As Countrywide Sold Off Bad Mortgages Is Now Running Chase’s Foreclosure Review Dept.

The federal government recently filed a lawsuit over a Countrywide scheme dubbed “The Hustle” that removed impediments to a mortgage approval so the company could sell as many mortgages as possible to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Now comes news that a Countrywide exec who ignored warnings about the Hustle is currently running Chase’s foreclosure review initiative. [More]

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Data Shows Bank Of America Is Also Bad At Dealing With Credit Card Complaints

Earlier this year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched a complaint portal for people with credit card-related issues. Banks and card companies are not obliged to provide a happy ending to the complainant, but they are obliged to reply in a timely manner. And even with the bar lowered that much, Bank of America still manages to disappoint. [More]