A Telemarketer Explains How To Banish Telemarketers

A Telemarketer Explains How To Banish Telemarketers

If you’ve signed up for the Do Not Call List, you shouldn’t get phone solicitations except from companies you do business with and charitable organizations. If you’re getting calls from a group you aren’t interested in sending money to, or you just don’t like making donations over the phone, they’re just as annoying as commercial calls. [More]

Report: Telemarketers Pocket Nearly 2/3 Of Charity Donations

Report: Telemarketers Pocket Nearly 2/3 Of Charity Donations

While the person who calls you to ask for a charitable donation is probably representing a non-profit organization, that telemarketer may be employed by a for-profit fundraising company hired by the charity. But just how much of what you’re giving ends up going to the charity, and how much goes to line the telemarketer’s pockets? [More]

(Source: The Journal of Consumer Research)

Easy Public Displays Of Support For Charities Lead To Slacktivism

Scroll through your Facebook timeline and you’ll no doubt see any number of people passing on links, photos, stories, invites to groups… all for allegedly good causes. It’s become increasingly simple to say you support things like ending world hunger or providing shelter to victims of natural disaster, while at the same time doing absolutely nothing that actually helps to solve those problems. Such behavior has earned the name “slacktivism,” and a new study aims to show how many people can trick themselves into thinking they have done enough by simply putting on a ribbon or liking a Facebook page. [More]

How To Not Suck… At Charitable Giving

How To Not Suck… At Charitable Giving

They say it’s better to give than to receive, but if you can also get a little something back when you give, what’s not to like? While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with tossing some cash to those bell-ringing Santas, there’s a better way to give. [More]


Reminder: Don’t Be Taken In By A Charity Scam

Between the recent tragic flooding in Colorado and yesterday’s fatal shooting in Washington, D.C., it’s been one of those weeks that make many people wonder want to do something, anything, to help those who are grieving, suffering, or in need. Sadly, as we’ve seen too many times to count, tragedies always bring out the worst in a small number of people looking to cash in on the charity of well-meaning folks. [More]


Charity Book Shops: No One Wants Your Used Copy Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

When does a book donation turn from a welcome bit of assistance into an unwanted nuisance? Perhaps after everyone has already read it, turning it into a wild success but one that doesn’t necessarily merit a permanent position on the book shelf. After all, who really needs to own a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey when all your friends have it for the borrowing anyway? [More]

NY Shuts Down Sham Fundraising Company That Took In Millions Of Donations For Breast Cancer “Research”

Campaign Center, Inc. was the principal fundraiser for Coalition Against Breast Cancer, which spent virtually no money on research, education or prevention.

Between 2005 and 2011, the Coalition Against Breast Cancer raised around $10 million in donations intended for research to combat the disease, but authorities say that no such research ever occurred, and all that money went to pay for a grand total of 40 mammograms in seven years. [More]

This is a grab of NoahPozner.org, the REAL site set up by the victim's family.

Family Of Child Killed In Sandy Hook Shootings Shuts Down Scam Website

We told you on Monday morning about the scammers who were setting up fake Facebook accounts, websites and Twitter feeds in the names of the 20 children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. Now the family of one 6-year-old victim is trying to put a stop to it. [More]

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NY Attorney General Calls On Breast Cancer Charities To Be Transparent About Where The Money Is Going

It seems like every October, there are more pink items for sale to promote National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which has led to growing concern that the focus is on selling merchandise without being clear about how much money is actually going to cancer research. In an effort to keep these charities honest, the Attorney General for New York state has issued a set of best practices. [More]

FTC Warns Against Scammers Trying To Cash In On Aurora Theater Shooting

FTC Warns Against Scammers Trying To Cash In On Aurora Theater Shooting

It’s been a week since a dozen people were killed and 58 others were injured at a late-night showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Co., and folks from around the world have been looking to donate money to help those affected by the tragedy. But before you hand over any cash, be sure it’s a legitimate charity. [More]

How Giving To Charity Can Be Like Getting Your Name And Number Scrawled On A Bathroom Wall

How Giving To Charity Can Be Like Getting Your Name And Number Scrawled On A Bathroom Wall

Gifts to many charities can backfire, placing you on hit lists for other organizations that share information about their networks of benefactors. A donation can place you in the crosshairs of other companies in need of donations, bombarding you with cold calls and mailings and making you feel like the object of one of those “for a good time, call XXX” messages etched on bathroom stalls. [More]

Check Up On Charities Before Donating

Check Up On Charities Before Donating

Nonprofits rely on the spirit of giving, as well as imminent tax write-offs, to fill their coffers during the holiday season. Both worthy and less-than-reputable organizations step up their donation drives, and it can be tough to separate efficient charities from scams. [More]

It Seems Catholic Charity Events And Hooters Don't Mix

It Seems Catholic Charity Events And Hooters Don't Mix

Scantily-clad waitresses and Catholic fundraisers for the homeless seem like a perfect match on paper, right? No? Well, those who didn’t think Hooters should host a Catholic St. Louis charity event complained about the concept and convinced planners to cancel it. [More]

Despite Raising $18 Million, Madonna's Malawi Charity Implodes With School Unbuilt

Despite Raising $18 Million, Madonna's Malawi Charity Implodes With School Unbuilt

Madonna’s planned academy for girls in the African country of Malawi has been abandoned, despite the foundation behind it, “Raising Malawi,” raising a reported $18 million in donations since 2006 and spending $3.8 million on the school itself. Newsweek combed through the numbers and is asking why only $850,000 of that was paid out in Malawi and nearly $3 million was spent by the L.A. office of Kabbalah Centre International, one of the project’s partners. [More]

Red Cross Sits On $1 Billion Collected For Japan Disaster Victims

Red Cross Sits On $1 Billion Collected For Japan Disaster Victims

For those who have cut the Red Cross checks to aid victims of the earthquake in Japan, that warm assurance that they’ve done something to help out may be premature. [More]

Haiti-Helping Nonprofits Sitting On Funds

Haiti-Helping Nonprofits Sitting On Funds

If you cut a check to a Haiti aid group after last year’s earthquake disaster, surely you did so with lofty visions that your money would sit in a bank account, doing absolutely nothing for months on end. [More]

Would You Like To Donate To The Party City Injured Employee Fund?

Would You Like To Donate To The Party City Injured Employee Fund?

Do you find it annoying when a cashier tries to upsell you into making a donation to some group? Well, what if the money was going to a good cause–like another employee at the store? [More]

Nashville Is Flooded! Here's How You Can Help

Nashville Is Flooded! Here's How You Can Help

The waters of the Cumberland River burst all over Tennessee this Sunday, submerging Nashville and leaving much of the state underwater. At least 29 are dead and thousands have been evacuated. If you want to pitch in, Nashvillist has rustled up a slew of shelters and donation-takers who would be glad to have your aid or volunteer hours. Pitch in! It feels good. [More]