(Adam A. Koch)

Pizza Hut Overhauls Image With New Logo, Plethora Of Crusts, Sauces And Topping Options

By now it seems that pizza companies add different, often odd combinations to their pizza lineup each week (we’re looking at you sausage-stuffed crust). A newly revamped menu – and overall identity – at Pizza Hut aims to allow consumers to expand their creative concoctions. [More]

(Lisa Pisa)

Chrysler Finally Agrees To Recall 2.7 Million Jeeps, Insists Vehicles Are Safe

Earlier this month Chrysler responded with a big fat “No” to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s request that it formally recall 2.7 million older model Jeeps, over regulator concerns that the vehicles could catch on fire when hit from behind. Today the car company announced that it’s relenting, and will in fact, institute the recall the NHTSA wanted. [More]