Home Depot refused to take back this obviously used saw... because it had been used.

Home Depot Sells Consumer Reports A Used Chainsaw, Refuses To Take It Back Because It’s Used

If you’ve ever questioned why our lab coat-loving cousins at Consumer Reports use secret shoppers to buy the things they test for the magazine, here’s a perfect example. [More]

Shoplifter Stuffs Chainsaw Down His Pants

Shoplifter Stuffs Chainsaw Down His Pants

If you were a criminal and needed to shoplift a chainsaw from a retail establishment discreetly, safely, and efficiently, how would you go about it? An Oklahoma man allegedly chose a novel method: stuffing it down his shorts. [More]

Femi-Nazi Bookworm Chainsaw Rip-Off Party!

Cheryl is a sexy wench, and we don’t think she’d mind us saying so. After all, cool is sexy, and Cheryl immediately identifies herself as a girl who prefers books in which girl are chainsawed to death than ones where “single women drink chardonnay and moan about men.” Hey, us too!