What Happens To Pizza Huts When They Are No Longer Pizza Huts?

What Happens To Pizza Huts When They Are No Longer Pizza Huts?

Anyone who has ever seen a Pizza Hut knows what a Pizza Hut looks like. Worldwide, people recognize that wacky trapezoidal roof, even though new Pizza Huts no longer have them. What happens, though, when a Pizza Hut closes down or moves, but the building remains? What about other global chains with instantly recognizable building formats? These buildings have not-terribly-secret second lives, if you know where to look. [More]

Arby's Is Expanding To Supermarket Shelves

Arby's Is Expanding To Supermarket Shelves

Although the Arby’s spokeswoman who talked to the website Nation’s Restaurant News wouldn’t give specifics, she confirmed that in the near future you might see “packaged Arby’s items” in your grocery store. Sadly, it looks like these will be food items and not giant foam hats. [More]

Which Hotels Have Decent Wi-Fi?

Which Hotels Have Decent Wi-Fi?

If you want to pay out the nose for Wi-Fi, stay in a W hotel, says HotelChatter. The site has released its 6th annual report on Wi-Fi in U.S. hotels, and the W Hotel chain is named as the worst with no free lobby access and $15/day room rates. Other hotels that suck when it comes to wireless: DoubleTree, Four Seasons, Marriott, and Mandarin Oriental. [More]

Taco Bell Founder Dies

Taco Bell Founder Dies

Did you ever visit a Taco Bell drive-thru late at night and wonder why it was named Taco Bell? It’s because the very first one was opened in 1962 in California by a Marine named Glen W. Bell. The 86-year-old died this weekend and will be buried in a private ceremony. [More]

Let This Flowchart Tell You Which Chain Restaurant To Visit Next

Let This Flowchart Tell You Which Chain Restaurant To Visit Next

Sometimes it’s hard to decide on a chain restaurant when you’re going out to eat. Luckily, the blog Eating The Road has produced a handy flowchart. What I like best about it is it asks the important questions, things like “Are you Drunk? Do you want to be? Are you high?” And most important, “Do you mind flair?” [More]

White Castle Refuses To Serve Electric Scooter Rider Via Drive-Through

White Castle Refuses To Serve Electric Scooter Rider Via Drive-Through

A White Castle in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a 24-hour establishment, but it locks its dining room doors at 11 pm. Unfortunately, its drive-through service is restricted to customers in cars, so the employees refused to serve a 37-year-old woman who pulled up on an electric mobility scooter. Now she says she’s madder than fish grease, which is pretty mad, and she wants to sue them for discriminating against customers who can’t drive.

Red Lobster Finally Makes Nutritional Info Available

Red Lobster Finally Makes Nutritional Info Available

Last May, we reviewed which fast food and chain restaurant websites were sharing nutritional information with customers and which ones weren’t. Red Lobster has always been stingy about nutritional info, so we’re happy to report that they’ve finally changed their ways and now offer an online and downloadable nutrition guide. The only thing we can’t figure out is how their “1 1/4 lb” steamed lobster is only 45 calories—that works out to about 1.5 ounces of actual lobster. (Thanks to zlionsfan!)

Krispy Kreme Is In Serious Trouble

Krispy Kreme Is In Serious Trouble

Sweet Traditions [franchise] abruptly shut down its three tollway oasis locations in May, citing high rent and low foot traffic.

Chain Eateries Failing To Satisfy

Chain Eateries Failing To Satisfy

According to a recent survey, chain restaurants are failing to satisfy their customers. The survey of over 3,000 people showed across the board performance drops from last year; customer satisfaction for McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King all fell by more than 5%. KFC fell by 8.5%.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: The Best Coffee Chain of All TIME

Okay, it’s official: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the best coffee chain ever. From Consumerist Ben, this flabbergasting story of corporate caring: