Chipotle Hiking Prices For First Time In Three Years Because It’s Just So Popular

Chipotle knows you like it, there’s no need to be coy. And because its popularity is growing, the company seems pretty confident customers will still come back for tacos and burritos once it raises prices for the first time in three years. And you all helped it feel that way, so good job…? [More]

Got Milk? Only In California: National Industry Group Drops Slogan

Got Milk? Only In California: National Industry Group Drops Slogan

You can take away an advertising slogan, but you can never take my milk mustache indicating that I do, indeed, have milk. The Milk Processor Education Program is dropping its 29-year-old tagline “Got Milk?” in favor of a new one to highlight how nutritional the stuff is. Only the California group is keeping the slogan instead of switching to “Milk Life.” [More]


Change To Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Program Makes Scoring Some Free Flights Harder

Members of Southwest Airlines’ Rapid Rewards Program might want to read the recent email announcement closely, because it means travelers will have to rack up more points than before in order to score free flights in the airline’s cheapest pricing tier. Basically, the rewards won’t be reaped quite as rapidly. [More]

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Walgreens Moving Eligible Employees To Health Insurance Exchange

Walgreen Co., the parent company of Walgreen’s, is joining the “Let’s change our health care” party, right after Trader Joe’s announced it’d be giving employees money to purchase their own health insurance on the exchange system. The company announced today that it will send eligible employees shopping for coverage instead of using a company-backed system. [More]


Netflix To Start Making Documentaries & Stand-Up Comedy Specials

Netflix is continuing its move from the ugly duckling it used to be back in the Qwikster days toward the kind of HBO swan it seems to want to be lately, by offering original series like House of Cards and the new Arrested Development that proved popular with users. Next up? Documentaries and stand-up comedy specials. [More]


eBay Changes Up Its Seller Fees In Bid To Chip Away At Amazon Marketplace

Where you choose to sell the stuff you have to sell is a big decision, and online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay know that. So what could mean the difference between taking your budding business to one place and not the other? The fees sellers have to pay can be a deciding factor, and eBay knows it. That’s why the company is launching new fee rules for its sellers. [More]

Verizon Wireless Wants You To Hook Up Everything You’ve Got With New Shared Data Plans

Verizon Wireless Wants You To Hook Up Everything You’ve Got With New Shared Data Plans

In what could be a shift that heralds a major change in the way we do wireless, Verizon Wireless has rolled out new shared data service plans that include unlimited calls and texts. It also allows for customers to share their data allowance among multiple devices, so you can be online and hooked in, consuming data all the darn time. [More]