UFC champ Anthony Pettis announcing the Octagon headphones with Monster CEO Noel Lee.

Monster Announces Headphones From UFC, Adidas & TV Shows

It was 9 a.m. on the Monday of CES week here in Vegas, which could only mean one thing: Monster founder and CEO Noel Lee was going to cruise out onstage on his Segway to the hoots and hollers of the press waiting for him to introduce his annual lineup of celebrities and product models. [More]

AT&T Finally Tries To Get Content Providers To Pick Up Tab For Customers’ Data

(So Cal Metro)

For years, AT&T execs have talked about the idea of shifting some of the cost of wireless data use to developers and content providers whose sites and services eat up large chunks of bandwidth. Today, the Death Star finally announced that it will be putting some of that data burden on these content providers with something called “Sponsored Data.” [More]

Dish can now remove the asterisk.

CES Kicks CNET To Curb, Gives “Best Of Show” Award To Dish’s Hopper DVR

The fallout over CBS’ idiotic decision to forbid CNET staffers from bestowing an award on Dish Network’s ad-skipping Hopper DVR continues to rain down on, with the folks behind the Consumer Electronics Show not only deciding to give Dish the award, but also ditching CNET as the producer of the annual awards. [More]

CNET Not Allowed To Consider Dish’s Hopper DVR For Award Because Of CBS Lawsuit

CNET Not Allowed To Consider Dish’s Hopper DVR For Award Because Of CBS Lawsuit

Last spring, Dish Network introduced its ad-skipping Hopper DVR and was quickly sued by the networks. Now, CNET can’t consider the device for its “Best of CES” award because of the suit filed by CBS. [More]

Future glass-cleaning overlord.

Does Your Home Need A Window-Cleaning Robot? Good News!

As predicted, there isn’t a whole lot of exciting news out of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As a person who looks forward to our future total dependence on robots, however, I was excited to see footage of the Ecovacs Winbot 7 in action. The Winbot is like a Roomba that sticks to windows, and supposedly zooms up and down them, cleaning all the way. [More]

(Ron Dauphin)

T-Mobile CEO Says Shared Data Plans Could Be Felled With All That Porn You’re Watching

Everybody likes a CEO that says outrageous things and talks smack about the competition while wearing the “Look, I’m a regular guy like you!” outfit of a T-shirt and blazer. The above reasons are all part of why John Legere of T-Mobile scored a win with his recent Q&A session during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And also he mentioned pornography, a guaranteed ear pricker-upper. [More]


This Year’s Consumer Electronics Show Might Be A Yawn Because We’re Content With What We Have

Hey, you! Need a new smartphone? Or how about an e-reader? No? You’re all stocked up on electronics gadgets? Hmm. And here we have all these nifty devices to try to convince you that you absolutely must have. What’s a 2013 Consumer Electronics Show exhibitor to do? It seems this year’s CES is kind of a snoozefest because we’ve had most of our itch for electronics scratched by products already on the market. And that market, it’s a-saturated. [More]

What The Heck Is 4K And Should You Spend $25,000 To Get It?

What The Heck Is 4K And Should You Spend $25,000 To Get It?

Several manufacturers are showing off so-called 4K technology — which promises TV pictures at four times the top resolution of current HD — at the Consumer Electronics Show, including Sony, which expects to have a 4K projector on the market in a few weeks, for $25,000. Assuming you have $25K burning a hole in your pocket, and a vacant wall in your home theater, should you rush out and buy one? [More]

Verizon iPhone Rumor Roundup

Verizon iPhone Rumor Roundup

Signs point to Verizon announcing tomorrow that it’s getting the iPhone. But that’s not all that’s in store. Here’s a quickie roundup of the latest Verizon iPhone rumors to get you up-to-date: [More]

This Is What Happens When A Life Alert Breeds With A Baby Monitor

This Is What Happens When A Life Alert Breeds With A Baby Monitor

For some people in the Baby Boomer generation, the answer to taking care of their elderly parents was to give them a Life Alert necklace to call for help when they’d fallen and couldn’t get up. The Boomers are also the generation that popularized the use of baby monitors to keep tabs on their out-of-sight tots. So, with that generation going gray gracefully, some are looking to combine these two ideas into one system for adults to keep tabs on their elderly parents. [More]

iRobot's Toilet-Scrubbing Robot Is The #1 Thing I Want To See At CES

iRobot's Toilet-Scrubbing Robot Is The #1 Thing I Want To See At CES

Forget 3D TVs, tablets, smartphones, streaming video devices and hoverboards. They might get all the big headlines at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, but they’ll all also be obsolete by next year’s CES. But a robot that not only mops the floor on its own, but can also scrub around the toilet? Now that’s something I want to see in person. [More]

Make Free Cell Phone Calls With…MagicJack?

Make Free Cell Phone Calls With…MagicJack?

Do you have poor cell phone reception in your home? You could pay your carrier $150, then $20 per month for a mini cell tower, or femtocell, that lets you make calls using the magic of the Internet. Or you could pay a tiny fraction of that amount for MagicJack’s version of a femtocell. [More]