Natura Pet Recalls Four Brands Of Cat And Dog Foods For Possible Salmonella Contamination

Natura Pet Recalls Four Brands Of Cat And Dog Foods For Possible Salmonella Contamination

It seems like only a week ago that we last shared with you the news of a pet food recall––because it was. This week, a kibble sample from Natura Pet turned up with salmonella bacteria, and the company has recalled a wide variety of cat and dog kibbles sold under the California Natural, Evo, Healthwise, and Innova brand names. [More]


10 Things We Learned From Time’s Analysis Of Why We Pay So Darn Much For Healthcare

If you have some time this weekend, sit down and read the fantastic cover story in this week’s Time magazine, “Bitter Pill.” In it, Steven Brill lays out over 36 print pages (11, when laid out for the web) a core question that no one really ever asks in the course of the debate over health care in this country: why are our bills so high? More importantly, why are our bills so high when only un- or underinsured middle-class people seem to pay the sticker price for their medical care? [More]


Accidental Pet Poisonings On The Rise: Keep Your Meds Out Of Rover’s Reach

My friend’s dog has a drug problem. If there are Nyquill gel caps anywhere in the apartment, she will seek them out and snarf down as many as she can. Which leads to said friend panicking and having to call pet poison control, pay $65 to discuss what happened and then mix up a dish of hydrogen peroxide and peanut butter per their instructions to make her throw up the meds. It’s not fun, and she’s not alone — a new study says accidental pet poisonings in the U.S. are on the rise. [More]


Apparently All Gingers Look The Same To Wells Fargo Because I Am Not A Cat

I get it — redheads are rare and so some people might not realize that hey, that ginger in a picture is actually somebody else. We all look the same to some people, so whatever. But for one Wells Fargo debit card holder, that hair color blindness has apparently led someone at Wells Fargo very far astray, as the bank allowed a ginger cat to be featured on his card instead of an actual human being.  [More]

(Here, kitty kitty kitty!)

Monopoly Fans Have Spoken: Out Goes The Iron And In Comes The New Cat Token

The people have spoken: Monopoly boards will soon welcome a new token — the cat. Hasbro closed its voting Tuesday at midnight on what the newest token would be, as well as which would get the boot. We’re sorry to inform any fans of wrinkle-free clothing that the iron has been slated for retirement. Hope you like cats. [More]


Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are five of the best photos that readers added to The Consumerist Flickr Pool this week, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or just plain neatness. [More]

Making Black Friday literal.

Animal Shelters Make ‘Black Friday’ Literal, Adopt Out Black Pets For Free

You may have noticed in the past few years that the staff and readers of this site are rather fond of animals. Specifically, cats, and the occasional dog. That’s why we wholeheartedly support a Black Friday promotion we can get behind that involves no doorbusters, no big-ticket item lines, and can even help you get rid of your leftover turkey this holiday weekend. We’re referring to the Black Friday weekend adoption promotions aimed at finding homes for black cats and dogs. [More]


L.A. Pet Shops Won’t Be Able To Sell Pets From Puppy Mills

Following similar bans by smaller municipalities in the U.S. and Canada, the Los Angeles City Council has tentatively adopted a ban on pet stores’ sales of many animals obtained from commercial breeders. [More]

Have you seen this kitty? (via Home Again)

TSA Lets Sickly Taiwan-Bound Cat Loose In JFK Airport

Xiaohwa is a pretty ordinary 4-year-old tabby who lives in Queens. Her owner had to temporarily move back to Taiwan to care for her ailing father, and misses her cat, so a friend traveling there agreed to bring Xiaohwa along. Their flight took off a week ago, but there was no cat on it. During a TSA check, she escaped from her carrier. Now she’s been on her own at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport for seven days. [More]

(Casey Fox)

Study Says All Your Snuffling & Sneezing Could Give Mr. Whiskers McKittyton The Flu

You might want to think twice the next time you sneeze in the general direction of your beloved pet* — according to researchers, people underestimate their ability to pass on illnesses like seasonal flu to their furry friends. Instead of blithely breathing into Rover or Fluffy’s face, researchers say you should be as mindful of passing on bugs to your pets as you are with your friends, family and co-workers. [More]

Cat's Plan To Rid The World Of Mickey Mouse Leads Him To Stow Away In Suitcase For 10 Hours

Cat's Plan To Rid The World Of Mickey Mouse Leads Him To Stow Away In Suitcase For 10 Hours

If the rest of my family was taking off for a vacation to Disney World and I wasn’t allowed to go, I’d be terribly put out. But I am not a cat, and so unlike one Bob-bob of Ohio, I can’t climb inside my owner’s suitcase and show up in Florida anyway. Bob-bob’s recent journey took 10 hours, at the end of which his owner was a bit surprised to see him pop out of the luggage. [More]

Man Allegedly Commits Insurance Fraud With Fake Dead Cat

Man Allegedly Commits Insurance Fraud With Fake Dead Cat

Back in March 2009, a customer of PEMCO insurance was in a minor car accident, and the company paid out $3,452 for damages to the other driver’s car. Simple enough. No injuries were reported, and no pets in the car. Which is why it caught some PEMCO employees’ attention when the other driver filed a claim two and a half years later, seeking $20,000 for the death of his cat, Tom. The animal was “like a son” to him, he claimed. But “Tom” only existed as photos of someone else’s cats, readily available on the Internet. The state of Washington has charged the man with felony insurance fraud. [More]

How My Stupid Cat Has Cost Me $5,500 Over Three Years

How My Stupid Cat Has Cost Me $5,500 Over Three Years

Pets provide us with much-needed companionship, cuddles, and photos to illustrate Consumerist posts with. But they’re not cheap to have around. Food, toys, litter, collars, leashes, routine vet care…those are all of the things you consider and budget for when you start cruising Petfinder to look for a new buddy. Only there are larger expenses that are large, sudden, and impossible to plan for. After one illness, having a pet could cost as much as a decent used car. That’s what happened to Carolyn Kylstra, whose cat Hooligan (great name) has cost her $5,550 over three years. That’s an average of $150/month…money that could go far in an otherwise frugal lifestyle. [More]

Before You Get A Pet, Determine How Much Money It Will Steal From You

When you’re looking for a pet, you’re probably thinking with your heart rather than running a cost-benefit analysis. But animal sidekicks come with a plethora of hidden challenges, including financial demands that you’ll need to make sure you can handle. [More]

Flight Grounded For 4 Hours After Cat Gets Loose In Cockpit

Flight Grounded For 4 Hours After Cat Gets Loose In Cockpit

Snakes on a plane, ghosts in the machine, pigs on the wing, dog-fighting… and now cats in the cockpit. Passengers on an Air Canada flight were greatly inconvenienced after curious feline found its way into the pilot’s seat. [More]

Arizona Clinic Won't Take Credit Cards Over The Phone, Euthanizes Cat Instead

Arizona Clinic Won't Take Credit Cards Over The Phone, Euthanizes Cat Instead

An Arizona man didn’t have the $400 for his injured cat’s vet care, and the Humane Society clinic he visited wouldn’t take his mother’s credit card information over the phone or wait for . So he did what he thought was the best thing for 9-month-old Scruffy: surrender ownership to the organization so she would receive treatment. He was told that he could adopt her back later on. A lack of resources meant that Scruffy, whose injuries were not life-threatening, was euthanized instead. [More]

Can Owning A Cat Void Your HP Warranty?

Can Owning A Cat Void Your HP Warranty?

Chris sent his HP Elitebook in for repair, only to learn that he had done something to void the warranty, and it wouldn’t be repaired. What was his heinous offense against technology? He owns a cat, and there’s fur inside the computer, causing HP to declare his computer a “biological hazard” and send it back un-repaired. He sent along photos that HP took of his disassembled computer and used to make the case that his computer wasn’t repairable. [More]


Jack The Cat Found After Two Months In JFK Airport

Before the flight to his new home in California, Jack the cat escaped from his travel carrier and disappeared into John F. Kennedy Airport. The airline organized searches and put out food, and animal lovers all over the world helped in any way they could, from performing their own searches of the airport and nearby neighborhoods to getting word out to employees of nearby businesses and other airlines. We’re happy to report that Jack has been found. In two months, he apparently never left the airport. [More]