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Lodge Manufacturing Still Makes Your Grandmother’s Cast Iron Skillet

There’s a basic paradox in the cast iron cookware business: the very longevity, durability, and flexibility that are your products’ main selling points also mean that customers don’t have to replace them very often. By “not very often” we mean that there are plenty of century-old griddles, skillets, and waffle irons still in use. That’s a wonderful thing…unless you’re in the cast iron biz. [More]

Hey Amazon: Cast Iron Frying Pans And Glass Don't Mix

Hey Amazon: Cast Iron Frying Pans And Glass Don't Mix

I’m sure you get a number of these, but here’s another one because I know I don’t get tired of them. A word of advice to anyone planning on making a purchase from Amazon.com that I overlooked myself; do not order anything glass with anything heavy, as they most likely WILL package them together.

How To: Salvage Old Cast Iron Cookware

How To: Salvage Old Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is not only indestructible, it’s amazing! It may look all worn out, but even the most neglected cast iron can be restored to its former glory with a little TLC.