ATM-Refilling Crew Leaves Bag Of Cash Behind, Then It Disappears

Sure, all humans make mistakes, and sometimes we even make mistakes at work. However, you have to feel really sorry for the ATM company employees in New Jersey who left a bag containing $141,000 outside of a building where they were working…and accidentally left the bag behind. Local police say that the employee responsible for leaving the bag had to be transported to the hospital when he learned that it had been stolen. We hope that he’s okay, but there’s something very weird about this incident. Update: Police have found the people who allegedly took the money, one of whom happens to have recently bought a $46,000 SUV in cash. [More]


Bojangles’ Customer Who Returned $4,000 He Found In Bag Says His Good Deed Was Greeted With Disrespect

When you do a good deed, you probably don’t do it just because you’re anticipating a good reward. But at the very least, a pleasant “thank you” is surely something you could expect. But one Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits customer says not only was he not thanked for returning between $4,000 to $4,500 in cash he found in a bag that was supposed to contain his food, but was treated with downright disrespect by restaurant staff. [More]

Police Asking People To Please Give Back Cash That Fell Out Of Armored Truck

Police Asking People To Please Give Back Cash That Fell Out Of Armored Truck

It sounds like a dream come true: the doors of an armored truck fly open, and cash comes flying out, all over the road, just begging to be scooped up by passers-by. But even when dreams become reality, that doesn’t mean loose money is free money, which is why police in Baltimore are asking the public to return cash that spilled from an armored vehicle earlier this week. [More]

(Nick Papakyriazis)

With No Credit Cards Allowed, No Cash In ATMs, No Banks Open, Tourists In Trouble In Greece

Banks all across Greece are closed today, and will remain closed for the rest of the week. Not because it’s a holiday, but because the Greek government is trying to stop the banking system from collapsing as money flows out of the country while its long-running debt crisis reaches a critical point. As a result, tourists in Greece are finding themselves unable to pay for basics like food and shelter. [More]


Mystery Drone Operator Drops Cash On Lunchtime Crowd In Michigan City

For all those times you’ve wished it would suddenly start raining money, the odds are you haven’t been that lucky… yet. The lunchtime crowd enjoying the great outdoors in Grand Rapids, MI enjoyed a fleeting brush with unexpected fortune when a mysterious drone flew over head, dropping cash as it flew. [More]

(Mike Mozart)

SEC Reportedly Investigating Bank Of America Over Customer-Protection Rule Violations

Financial institutions are required under federal law to follow an array of rules that aim to protect consumers’ accounts. Bank of America may not have followed one of those rules over the course of several years, and now reportedly faces an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. [More]

If the money had been attached to an adorable dog, would you have turned it into the bank? (photo: Dan Century)

Bag Of Cash Falls Out Of Armored Truck, Scatters Across Highway

Some commuters this morning in Maryland encountered some unexpected excitement when they saw a huge amount of cash blowing across the highway. This was not the most dangerous radio station promotion ever, but a mishap when a bag of money fell out of an armored truck, scattering its contents across the highway. Naturally, motorists stopped to pick it up. [More]


Troubled Atlantic City Casino Even More Troubled After Bag Of Cash Falls Off Armored Truck

Imagine you’re a struggling business that will soon have to shutter your doors after failing to make enough money to survive. Wouldn’t you keep any money you do have left wrapped warmly in your embrace, tucked close to your heart, or somewhere else super safe? And not say, on the roof of an armored truck where it can, and will, slide off and be lost? [More]

Study Confirms That Most Of Us Carry Less Than $50 Cash

Study Confirms That Most Of Us Carry Less Than $50 Cash

Sometimes the effort needed to fumble inside my wallet for cash and change just seems too much of a burden. So I rarely use the tender and instead go straight for the debit card. And it appears I’m not alone in my preference for not carrying cash. [More]

Mobile Wallets Failing To Tear Consumers From Their Cold, Hard Cash – And Credit Cards

Mobile Wallets Failing To Tear Consumers From Their Cold, Hard Cash – And Credit Cards

Nothing beats good old paper money and credit cards. That seems to be the consensus among most Americans when it comes to preferred ways to pay for goods and services. The impending explosion of mobile wallet use has once again taken a back seat to traditional payment methods. [More]

Does Less Cash Mean Less Crime?

Does Less Cash Mean Less Crime?

This might seem like a completely backwards question, especially when you consider the recent mega-breach of credit and debit card numbers at Target. But it could be that the wider adoption of credit cards and electronic payments contributed to huge decreases in crime rates in the United States in the 1990s. [More]

Goodwill Worker Returns $43,000 In Cash Found Stuffed Into Pockets Of Donated Clothing

Goodwill Worker Returns $43,000 In Cash Found Stuffed Into Pockets Of Donated Clothing

You know the feeling when you reach into the pocket of some jeans or a jacket you haven’t worn in a while and come up with a $5 bill? Multiply that feeling by a whole lot and imagine what it’d be like to find a suit stuffed with cash for a grand total of $43,000. [More]

(Ron Dauphin)

Tired of paying for Xbox Live content with Microsoft Points? Your life is about to become so much easier, or at least more consistent. Just like you buy things in the real world with local currency, a new update to XBox 360 will have you plunking down whatever the going rate is in your local currency for all things Xbox Live. Any leftover points will also be converted to their equivalent cash value. [via Engadget]


Senators Continue Push To Ultimately Replace Dollar Bill With $1 Coin

In spite of decades of studies showing the long-term cost benefits of dollar coins over Federal Reserve Notes, and the fact that most of the world’s leading economies have already switched to coins for similar denominations, the U.S. has remained steadfast in its use of printed dollar bills. So once again, lawmakers in the Senate are making the push to gradually make the transition from print to mint. [More]


Golf Course Worker Doesn’t See Bag Filled With $36K In Cash As Her Tip, Returns It

Working all day serving drinks on a golf course might make one think, “Hey, I deserve a really nice tip.” But for one woman employed by a golf course in Miami Beach, Fla., there was no way she was going to claim a bag full of $36,000 in cash as her just desserts for doing her job. She found the bag o’green on the green and turned it in instead. [More]


We Spend Crumpled Money Faster Than Crisp Bills Because Eww, Other People Have Touched It

Look in your wallet. Which bills make you happier — the smooth, crisp new ones, or the dirty, crumpled, well-worn notes that have probably been passed around a bajillion times and handled by goodness knows how many people who don’t wash their hands? A new study says the crisper the money, the less likely we are to spend it because everyone wants to get rid of the old, dirty money as fast as possible. [More]

(Bill Binns)

Bus Driver Finds Elderly Woman’s $500K Cash In A Shopping Bag & Turns It In

We’ve often mused about what we’d do if we were to stumble on a whole lot of cash, seemingly without any owner to claim it. Maybe sneak a few bills? Quietly tuck it all away and pretend like it never happened? We couldn’t, we just couldn’t. And when a bus driver in Vienna found a shopping bag filled with 390,000 euros ($509,700) in cash, he did the right thing, too. [More]

Dollar Coins Save The Government Money Because You'll Just Throw Them In A Jar

Dollar Coins Save The Government Money Because You'll Just Throw Them In A Jar

Here at The Consumerist, we have a long-standing anti-penny stance, but we’re somewhat in favor of the gold-colored dollar coins. They’re shiny! The Sacagawea ones have a woman on them! They save the government money! Except a new Government Accountability Office report mentions something interesting that we haven’t discussed here before. Just replacing more fragile dollar bills with durable coins doesn’t save any money at all. Minting and distributing all of those coins costs a lot. Instead, all of the cost savings would come from Americans throwing dollar coins in jars instead of circulating them. [More]