Scratchproofing: doing it wrong.

iPhone 5 Case Does The Opposite Of What A Smartphone Case Is Supposed To Do

Ilya just got a new iPhone 5, and a $35 case from Incase to go along with it. The problem is that the case sort of did the opposite of what protective phone cases are supposed to do: it damaged his phone, instead of protecting it from damage. [More]

Apple: Puerto Ricans Aren't Americans And Can't Have Free iPhone 4 Cases

Apple: Puerto Ricans Aren't Americans And Can't Have Free iPhone 4 Cases

Sorry Puerto Ricans, even though you bought your iPhone 4s with U.S. dollars, endure AT&T’s shoddy “national” coverage, and are United States citizens, Apple doesn’t think you’re entitled to a free case like real Americans. Apple originally told Puerto Ricans that they would qualify for free apology cases, but decided to cancel all orders being shipped to Puerto Rico after claiming that they were “unable to ship to an international address.” [More]

Free iPhone 4 Cases Available Now

Free iPhone 4 Cases Available Now

Looks like Apple’s Tim Cook meant it when he told shareholders that most programs submitted to the company’s App Store are approved within a week. Just seven days after CEO Steve Jobs promised to put together a program to allow iPhone 4 customers to get a free case, the iPhone 4 Case Program app is now available for download. (Yeah, Apple probably could have come up with a better name for the app, but what do you want for free?)

Best Buy Ships Crumpled Seinfeld DVDs

Best Buy Ships Crumpled Seinfeld DVDs

What’s the deal with Best Buy? Reader Brian ordered the first eight seasons of Seinfeld, but instead of shipping seasons one, two, or seven, Best Buy decided to send two copies of seasons three and eight. Best Buy was willing to correct its shipping error, but when Brian noticed that several DVD cases were crumpled, Best Buy asked him to keep all eight seasons wrapped for eight business days while UPS conducted an investigation.

Incase Replaces Strap Ravaged By Cute Dog

Incase Replaces Strap Ravaged By Cute Dog

I have an Incase bag for my MacBook pro. In May I adopted a dog from the San Francisco SPCA (see photo) and he decided that the strap was a chew toy.

Good Laptop Bags For Guys

Good Laptop Bags For Guys

Buying a decent bag for your laptop can turn into an epic quest if you’re at all picky—there are a hundred bulky or badly built bags our there, and some flat-out ugly ones that look like they were designed by camels. A member of Ask Metafilter posted the following request earlier today: “I need a bag for a man with a computer.” His qualifications included that it should be padded, stylish, affordable, and not too bulky.