Rent-To-Own Car Tires Become Popular, Are A Terrible Idea

Rent-To-Own Car Tires Become Popular, Are A Terrible Idea

Having to get new tires is annoying. They’re not cheap and you usually have to buy four of ‘em at once. If you don’t have a few hundred dollars at hand or available on your credit card, what do you do? A growing number of Americans in that predicament are turning to rent-to-own tire stores, where they pay overinflated prices on consumer-unfriendly terms. [More]


Hyundai Rejects Retired Colonel’s Military Discount, Then Says “No We Didn’t”

What should have been a no-big-deal $500 discount on a $21,000 car has turned into more than a month of finger-pointing and form letters for one retired Army officer in New Jersey. [More]


The Origo Won’t Let Smartphone Addicts Start Car Unless Phone Is Inaccessible

Drivers distracted by their phones or other gadgets in the car are a serious safety problem and really annoying to get stuck behind when the light turns green. What if there were an overly restrictive answer to that problem? Meet the Origo: a system that won’t let you start your car unless your phone is in a specific dock. [More]

Toyota To Start Manufacturing Lexus Vehicles In Kentucky

Toyota To Start Manufacturing Lexus Vehicles In Kentucky

Toyota’s plant in Georgetown, KY, is slated to go a bit upscale with the news that the world’s largest car company will be using the plant to manufacture the Lexus ES, which had previously only been produced in Japan. [More]


Toyota & Ford Fighting On The Playground Over Who Has The No. 1 Car

It’s an all-out slap fight on the playground these days between Toyota and Ford, as both claim they’re No. 1 in the world as the makers of the top-selling car of 2012. Toyota contradicted Ford’s claim of the Focus being the coolest by sayings its Corolla is actually the best around. [More]

OnStar Can’t Open Your Deactivated Car If You’re Locked Out

OnStar Can’t Open Your Deactivated Car If You’re Locked Out

On Tuesday, we posted about a blogger who locked her daughter and keys in her vehicle, then contacted OnStar to see whether the service could remotely open the doors for her. We spoke to an OnStar representative, who explained to us that when a car owner chooses not to join or renew OnStar, the cellular device inside the car gets deactivated. [More]

eBay’s VIN System Error Costs Me $1,000, They Don’t Particularly Care


It seems like a good idea on the surface: when an eBay Motors seller types in a car’s Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, the site automatically determines the make and model from that number and populates the auction with that information. It’s only a problem if that information is bad…which it was, and just that sort of bad info in a listing led reader S. to spend $1,000 more than he would have for the particular model of used Prius that he bought. [More]

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Would You Be Okay Ditching Metal Keys In Favor Of A Smartphone App To Start Your Car?

“Where are my keys? I had them right here. But where are they now? UGH I NEED TO FIND MY KEYS.” That’s happened to you probably, but what about losing your smartphone? Maybe not as often, and it’s easier to find what with that whole ringing/beeping and otherwise making noise feature. In the future, losing your keys might be tougher as the American Automobile Association predicts smartphone apps will replace traditional car keys. [More]

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Don’t Take The Car Cup Holder For Granted — In 1982 You’d Have Tab All Over Your Lap

There are some things we see every day, to the point where they’ve become invisible. For example, the humble cup holder in your car. Sure, it doesn’t do anything beyond its one designated purpose, it doesn’t play your iPod or update your Facebook status for you. But it’s the reason you’re not soaked in Mountain Dew breakfast drink on your way to work, so you should take a moment to thank it for not having to explaining that stain to your boss. [More]

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Website Allows Dealers To Bid On Your Trade-In, But Only The Site’s Owner Seems To Be Bidding

It’s not a bad idea for a website: Consumers looking to trade in their vehicles upload the details and allow multiple dealerships to place bids. But what if only one dealership is involved? [More]


Buy A Suzuki Car Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace: Company Says It’s Outta Here

For anyone who’s had their eye on a Suzuki car, you might want to check into actually buying that vehicle pretty soon, as the company has announced it’s pulling out of the U.S. after it sells of its remaining inventory. It’s the latest automaker to make an exit recently, following in the departing footsteps of Saab and Isuzu. [More]


Man With Uninsured $430K Lamborghini Finds $568 Ticket Outrageously High

Only the capriciousness of youth or a devoted avoidance of the realities of life could explain why someone would decide against insuring a $430,000 vehicle. The 22-year-old driver of a Lamborghini Aventador apparently believed no harm could ever befall his precious vehicle, which is the only reason we can think why he would skip insuring it. Paying a high price for such a car is apparently no biggie, but a $568 ticket? That is ridiculous. [More]


How To Treat Your Car Before It Gets Tricked With Messy Stuff This Halloween

Kids these days! Or actually, kids from any days! For them, Halloween is a time of candy and mischief-making. And by mischief we mean, tossing eggs, Silly String or pumpkins at your car and then hooting with glee as they dash back into the night. If you want to make it easier on yourself the day after Halloween, there are a few tips you can use to prepare your car before the onslaught. [More]

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The Death Of The Great American Automotive Bench Seat

Many of my earliest memories are sitting three or four abreast in the front seat of the family’s powder blue Chevy Nova. Years later, I remember packing friends onto the bench seats of my ’71 Malibu (a lovely hand-painted pickle green) for hours of terrorizing the streets of suburban Philadelphia. So it’s with a tear in my eye that I hear today about the disappearance of this American icon. [More]

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Consumer Reports Thinks Justin Bieber’s Car Sucks

Teen pop sensation/hair farm Justin Bieber received a chrome-plated Fisker Karma as an 18th birthday gift from his manager, and has been caught a few times in the kind of traffic violations you’d expect from an 18-year-old with a very fast luxury vehicle. Leonardo DiCaprio apparently owns one, too. The vehicle is a nice status symbol for rich dudes and dudettes, we guess, but our colleagues down the highway at Consumer Reports Cars weren’t as fond of it. They gave it a failing grade. The Karma’s first impression–breaking down almost as soon as it arrived at the test facility–probably didn’t help. [More]

Yes, You Can Actually Bake Cookies In A Hot Car

Yes, You Can Actually Bake Cookies In A Hot Car

During an oppressive heat wave, my cooking ranges from iced tea pops to cold pasta salads. But the fine folks at ThinkGeek and the Cedar Rapids Gazette are not me, and they combined heat and deliciousness in the pursuit of culinary science. They decided to find out whether you really can bake cookies by leaving them on the dashboard of a car. Verdict: Yes. And they are delicious. [More]

Best Buy Messes Up Remote Starter Install, Turns Car Into Non-Starter

Best Buy Messes Up Remote Starter Install, Turns Car Into Non-Starter

Michael paid Best Buy to install a remote starter in his car. The installer on duty went far beyond that, and destroyed the wiring so that eventually, the car wouldn’t start at all. Best Buy covered damage to the wires that became evident right away, but not problems that came up later. Michael has now spent more than $3,200 of his own money repairing damage that he says resulted from the botched installation. [More]

Survey: Fuel Economy The Leading Consideration In Picking A Car

Survey: Fuel Economy The Leading Consideration In Picking A Car

While I have an affection for cars with after-market, clumsily welded spoilers, it appears I am in the minority, as a new survey by our test-driving in-laws at Consumer Reports says that fuel economy — and not undercarriage lighting — is the leading consideration for folks looking to buy a vehicle. [More]