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Don’t Rack Up ATM Fees, Buy Hot Wheels Cars

What should you do when the bank is closed, you need some cash, and there’s no ATM handy that doesn’t charge piles of fees? Sure, you could join a bank with no local branches that refunds ATM fees, like USAA, Schwab, or Ally. Some local banks do this, too, but if the branch isn’t open, you can’t go open a new account. That’s when you open an account at the Bank of Hot Wheels. [More]

The Newest In Collision Avoidance: Cars That Talk To Each Other

The Newest In Collision Avoidance: Cars That Talk To Each Other

Our cars aren’t flying yet, but soon they could be talking to each other. And this is no idle gossip or chitchat about how awful potholes are on the old chassis, but new technology that would let vehicles warn each other when they could be heading for a collision. [More]

12 Things You Should Keep In Your Car For Emergencies

12 Things You Should Keep In Your Car For Emergencies

Snowy, icy winters make for especially treacherous driving, so you usually see lists like this published when the first storms of the year hit. That’s not quite fair, though. Emergencies come up in any climate and at any time of year. You may not need all of them year-round, but here are a dozen things that can help you out in an emergency on the road. [More]

Say It Isn’t So: Nine Dealerships Cop To Deceptive Advertising

Say It Isn’t So: Nine Dealerships Cop To Deceptive Advertising

You can’t always believe what you see. Especially when it comes to car advertisements. Those ads promising low financing and easy monthly payments are probably too good to be true. [More]

The six of us will each have to chip in and share, but we'd all look pretty sexy rolling up to Costco in these wheels.

We’re Thinking About Picking Up One Of These $4.5 Million Lamborghinis

Among all the TVs, appliances and other mundane products on display at CES is this $4.5 million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster that we think would look really good parked in the secret underground garage of the Consumerist Cave. [More]

Saab Rises From The Dead… Sort Of

Saab Rises From The Dead… Sort Of

Created as a post-war offshoot of a Swedish aircraft manufacturer, Saab crashed to the ground in recent years, with the bankrupt luxury vehicle brand being kicked around between various new owners before finally landing at the feet of investors from China and Japan. Now the once-great car brand is back in production, but don’t hold your breath waiting to see new Saab vehicles in your neighbors’ driveways in the near future. [More]


Please Don’t Fling Your Empty E-Cigarette Cartridges Out The Car Window

E-cigarettes, even the ones that are plugged into the correct charger and don’t explode, have a problem. Well, their users have a problem. Some former cigarette smokers who are used to flinging butts out the window when they finish a smoke are having trouble letting go of their nasty habit. The trouble is that metal e-cig cartridges are, well, metal, and puncture tires out on the roads. [More]

It's hard to read, but the driver was cited for "Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass)" (Source: Google+)

This May Be The First Ticket For Wearing Google Glass While Driving

California law prohibits drivers from operating a vehicle when some sort of video screen is showing “entertainment or business applications” that are in the front seat area or otherwise visible to the driver. And at least one police officer in San Diego thinks this law applies to Google Glass. [More]

Will A Pet Harness Actually Keep Your Dog (And You) Safe In A Car Crash?

In a new study looking at the durability and reliability of automobile pet harnesses, 36% of the 11 restraint systems tested failed initial strength tests, and of the seven harnesses that then went on to be subjected to an actual crash, only one showed that it would reliably keep both the dog and the vehicle’s passengers safe. [via Consumer Reports]


DOT Sued For Failing To Issue Rule On Rear Visibility In Cars

Everyone knows that the wheels of government don’t always turn quickly, but the folks at the Dept. of Transportation have been sitting on a Congressionally mandated new safety rule, one that could save an awful lot of lives and prevent even more injuries, for several years. In an effort to compel the DOT to finally act, several consumer groups and the parents of children who have died in auto accidents have sued the agency in a federal court. [More]

Your E-ZPass Might Be Tracking You Everywhere, Not Just Tollbooths

Your E-ZPass Might Be Tracking You Everywhere, Not Just Tollbooths

When you get a toll-paying transponder like the E-ZPass, you assume that it just sort of sits there until you drive through a toll booth. That’s not true. Maybe, according to a recent presentation at DEFCON, you should put your E-ZPass away unless you’re actually paying a toll right now. [More]

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Don’t Drive Anywhere Without Stashing These Things In Your Car Trunk

When I bought a car from a family friend, I was delighted to open up the trunk and find a pair of gloves, tire-changing tools, and a can of Fix-A-Flat nestled on top of the spare tire. There were tissues in the center console, a stocked changepurse, maps, and even a disposable camera. Not everyone is so lucky…but what should you stock your car with when starting from scratch? [More]

It’s Against The Law For Car Dealers To Not Give Consumers All Relevant Info About Deals

It’s Against The Law For Car Dealers To Not Give Consumers All Relevant Info About Deals

Take a look at the ad to the left promising $12,000 off MSRP for a 2013 Ford F-150. That’s a heck of an offer for a truck that starts at around $24,000. But what you don’t see — and what you don’t find out until you try to buy the vehicle — is that the discount only applies to the $47,000 F-150 Lariat version, so instead of getting a 50% discount on a reasonably priced new truck, you learn that it’s around a 25% savings on a high-end vehicle. [More]


When buying a new car, should you trade your old one in or see how much you can get on the open market? The conventional wisdom is that you get more money on your own, but meeting with buyers and doing paperwork is a hassle you may not want to bother with. Also consider the tax advantages in some states if you trade in at the same dealer where you buy your new car. [Consumer Reports]

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1956 Porsche 356A Catch-22: I Can’t Sell A Car That I Can’t Register

There is surely someone out there who can give this 57-year-old Porsche a good home. It belonged to the current owner’s father, but is now in disrepair and no longer runs. The problem with finding it a new home is that it’s caught in a weird legal middle ground where it can’t be sold to someone who can fix it up and get it to run because it isn’t registered, but can’t be registered because it isn’t running. [More]

Rent-To-Own Car Tires Become Popular, Are A Terrible Idea

Rent-To-Own Car Tires Become Popular, Are A Terrible Idea

Having to get new tires is annoying. They’re not cheap and you usually have to buy four of ‘em at once. If you don’t have a few hundred dollars at hand or available on your credit card, what do you do? A growing number of Americans in that predicament are turning to rent-to-own tire stores, where they pay overinflated prices on consumer-unfriendly terms. [More]


Hyundai Rejects Retired Colonel’s Military Discount, Then Says “No We Didn’t”

What should have been a no-big-deal $500 discount on a $21,000 car has turned into more than a month of finger-pointing and form letters for one retired Army officer in New Jersey. [More]


The Origo Won’t Let Smartphone Addicts Start Car Unless Phone Is Inaccessible

Drivers distracted by their phones or other gadgets in the car are a serious safety problem and really annoying to get stuck behind when the light turns green. What if there were an overly restrictive answer to that problem? Meet the Origo: a system that won’t let you start your car unless your phone is in a specific dock. [More]