Bridgestone Buys Pep Boys Auto Service Retail Operations For $835M

Have we seen the last of Moe, Manny, and Jack – you know, the faces of the Pep Boys auto parts brand? It’s possible as the retail chain has agreed to be acquired by tire giant Bridgestone for $835 million.  [More]

Study: Car Infotainment Systems Remain A Distraction, Despite Voice Command Functions

Study: Car Infotainment Systems Remain A Distraction, Despite Voice Command Functions

While it’s handy to use voice commands to make phone calls or change the radio station in your car — instead of taking your hands off the wheel to do so — according to a new study, infotainment systems still provide a distraction for drivers. [More]

Toyota Recalling 6.5M Cars Worldwide Because Windows Should Not Start Fires

Toyota Recalling 6.5M Cars Worldwide Because Windows Should Not Start Fires

Ah, fall: the time of year when you need neither the air conditioning nor the heat on in your car, but just need to roll the window down a few inches to feel that lovely autumn breeze. Unless you are one of the 6.5 million people in the world who own certain model Toyota and Scion cars, in which case rolling down that window might just smell like your driver’s side door catching fire. [More]


County Ticketing Cars For Lapsed Inspections While They Are At Garage To Be Inspected

Talk about low-hanging fruit… If you’re on the hunt for cars that have lapsed inspection stickers, where are you most likely to find them? Probably outside of garages that perform inspections. Garage operators in one Virginia county say they are being unfairly hassled by a zealous parking enforcement officer — to the point where one mechanic was arrested for allegedly assaulting the ticket-giver. [More]


Scarcity Of Public Charging Stations In California Is Turning Electric Vehicle Owners Against Each Other

Electric cars are pretty popular in California right now, but there’s one major problem facing all those owners — there aren’t enough charging stations for all those new vehicles hitting the streets. This has led to some bad behavior at the plug, so to speak. [More]

Nissan Versa And Micra Pedal Interference Problem Upgraded To Recall, Includes 300,000 Cars

Nissan Versa And Micra Pedal Interference Problem Upgraded To Recall, Includes 300,000 Cars

Nissan plans to recall 300,000 vehicles in the United States from its Versa and Micra models due to problem with a console panel. That sounds harmless enough until you learn that the problem is that the driver’s shoe may catch on the panel, trapping that foot on the gas pedal and potentially causing an accident. [More]

Sam’s Club Wants To Help You Buy A Car

Sam’s Club Wants To Help You Buy A Car

Earlier this year, Costco reported that it had sold nearly 400,000 vehicles of all makes and models at its stores across the country with the purpose of making its members happy. Today, Sam’s Club launched a similar endeavor that will put keys in the hands of the warehouse store’s faithful following. [More]


Police Return Woman’s Stolen Car With Drugs, Weapons Still Inside It

When your car is stolen, you can’t always expect to get it back. And if you are lucky enough to be reunited, you might then expect that a few things could be missing — nice electronics, your collection of road trip CDs featuring cool jams from the ’90s, etc. But in the case of a Calgary woman whose stolen car was returned to her recently by police, she was definitely surprised to find her missing vehicle had a few things it didn’t have when it went missing, including drugs, weapons and other illicit items. [More]


Fiat Chrysler Offers $100 Gift Cards To Get Your Recalled Car Fixed Already

The federal government has fined Fiat Chrysler $105 million for its failure to address vehicle defects and active recalls, and perhaps they’ve concluded that customers will respond to a cash incentive, not a cash punishment. Taking a break from desperately hugging General Motors, today the automaker announced an offer: car owners get $100 if they bring their vehicle in for repair, and an extra $1,000 or $2,000 trade-in incentive to buy a new car instead. [More]

Consumer Reports

Tesla Model S P85D Breaks Consumer Reports’ Ratings System

This story was first published by our sister publication Consumer Reports. [More]

CarMax Plays “Used Car Recall Roulette” By Selling Potentially Dangerous Vehicles

CarMax Plays “Used Car Recall Roulette” By Selling Potentially Dangerous Vehicles

During the height of recallopalooza 2014, a coalition of consumer advocacy groups raised concerns about CarMax, alleging that the nation’s largest used vehicle seller was misleading customers with claims of “Quality Certified” cars and “125+ point” inspections while not revealing that some cars had been recalled for safety issues that had not yet been repaired.  More than a year later, a new report shows that CarMax is continuing this practice, which one legislator has dubbed “used car recall roulette.” [More]

(If your Corvette looks like this one, don't worry about a hack. Photo: frankieleon)

Hackers Cut A Corvette’s Brakes Wirelessly To Prove It Could Happen To Your Car, Too

General Motors gets to join Fiat Chrysler and Tesla in an unenviable lineup this week: Using cheap gadgets and text messages, researchers have proven they can hack that most traditional of cars, the Chevy Corvette. And worse still is that this line of attack will work on basically any car with a computer in it, which is to say… all of them. [More]

Tesla: Refer A Friend, Get $1,000 Off A $70,000 Model S

Tesla: Refer A Friend, Get $1,000 Off A $70,000 Model S

In the market for an electric car, but the high price tag scaring you away? Would $1,000 off be enough to spur you to purchase that $70,000-plus vehicle? That’s apparently what Tesla’s betting on. [More]

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The Average Car On The Road Is 11.5 Years Old

My car was manufactured about eleven and a half years ago, which I thought was relatively old. That’s why I was surprised to learn that it’s perfectly average. According to data compiled by the consulting firm IHS Automotive, cars that are registered and on the roads have an average age of 11.5 years, and there’s a record number of cars registered right now. [More]

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Google Slaps Air Pollution Monitoring Systems On Street View Cars In San Francisco

The next time you see a Google Street View car cruising down your block, it might be doing more than just snapping photos — it could be tracking air pollution.


Fiat Chrysler Offers Software Patch For Some Internet-Connected Vehicles After Hackers Hijack Jeep

After a journalist’s report of being inside a 2014 Jeep Cherokee while hackers miles away took over his car as part of an experiment, Fiat Chrysler has announced it’s offering a software patch for some of its internet-connected vehicles. That being said, the company didn’t directly acknowledge the hacking event itself. [More]

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Buick Wants You To Take A Vehicle On A 24-Hour Test Drive

Is taking a car for a brief spin around the neighborhood enough time to convince you to buy it? If not, Buick thinks it’s got just the solution for you, announcing a new program that allows drivers to leave their car at the dealership and take a Buick out for an entire day. [More]


Couple Gets Stolen SUV Returned To Them With Repairs, Courtesy Of Thief

It goes without saying that finding your car has been stolen is not a pleasant experience. But one Texas couple was not only reunited with their vehicle, but had it returned to them in better condition than the last time they saw it, after the thief apparently had some repairs done on it while it was away. [More]