Man Arrested At Airport Security: Wait, You Can’t Bring Guns In Your Carry-On?

There are some things you can see often without really seeing it, ya know? Like the plethora of signs at any airport anywhere telling you not to bring weapons like guns, knives or throwing stars on the plane. Maybe one guy just saw those too often — or not enough — as he reportedly didn’t know you can’t bring a handgun through airport security in your carry-on. [More]

This thing rules you now.

United Airlines Will Now Send You Back To Check Your Oversized Carry-On At The Ticket Counter

We all see you trying to shove that ginormous rolling suitcase you call a “carry-on” into the overhead bin, and apparently United Airlines has noticed, too. The airline says that while it’s not changing its carry-on size policy, it’s issuing a gentle reminder that oversized bags will cost you extra, by way of a trip back to the ticket counter to check that sucker for $25. [More]

Senator Joins DOT Secretary In Blasting Spirit's New Carry-On Bag Fees

Senator Joins DOT Secretary In Blasting Spirit's New Carry-On Bag Fees

Spirit Airline’s ballsy new $20-45 fee for carry-on bags has already caught the attention of the Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, and now New York Senator Charles Schumer is rattling his sword. [More]

UK Lightens Security Measures… Still Fears Liquids

UK Lightens Security Measures… Still Fears Liquids

Well, at the very least, the UK seems to have come to their senses, ratcheting down their terror level: British travelers can now carry-on one piece of luggage, including laptops and iPods, with the only stipulation that it can’t be a liquid or a case full of dynamite.