Sunday Is National Coffee Day, Which Means Free Coffee If You Know Where To Look

You may scoff at the notion of “National Coffee Day,” but it’s one of the few holidays that (A) doesn’t require you to buy a card, throw a party, or decorate, and (B) results in free coffee for people willing to seek it out. [More]


Caribou Coffee Shutting Down 88 Locations, Turning 80 More Into Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Fans of Caribou Coffee might want to start loading up on caffeine now, as the Minnesota-based company confirmed today that it’s closing down 88 locations around the U.S. A further 80 will undergo a rebranding makeover and re-emerge as Peet’s Coffee & Tea sometime in the next year or so. [More]


Caribou Decides It Doesn’t Want JCPenney As Its BFF; Won’t Set Up Coffee Shops In Stores

In some ways, we feel kinda bad for JCPenney; the department store is quickly becoming the kid on the playground no one wants to play with despite all its best efforts. The latest setback in its quest to find new best friends comes as Caribou declares it doesn’t want to pursue a partnership with JCPenney to set up coffee shops inside its stores. [More]