FTC Urges Michigan To Repeal Ban That Prevents Tesla From Selling Directly To Consumers

FTC Urges Michigan To Repeal Ban That Prevents Tesla From Selling Directly To Consumers

Last year, Michigan joined the list of states that require car manufacturers to use dealerships to sell their vehicles, effectively banning Tesla from selling its pricey electric vehicles to Michigan residents. Now, staffers at the Federal Trade Commission are chiming in, urging Michigan lawmakers to consider repealing this ban. [More]


Police Looking For Thief Who Drove Indy 500 Pace Car Through Dealership’s Window

Police are looking for someone felt the need to destroy a perfectly good replica Indy 500 pace car by driving it through a car dealership window last night. Apparently “replica” doesn’t mean the there’s no engine. [More]

Morton Salt Avalanche Buries Three Vehicles At Car Dealership Next Door


Quick, someone grab all the deer and salt shakers you can find and start licking/scooping: After a storage facility wall partially collapsed at Morton Salt in Chicago, the Acura dealership next door became the victim of a salt avalanche that completely buried at least three cars and damaged up to 11. [More]

Texas Plumber Sells Truck, Gets Branded A Terrorist

Texas Plumber Sells Truck, Gets Branded A Terrorist

Our global, interconnected economy is an amazing thing. Of course, it doesn’t seem so amazing right now to the person answering the phones at Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City, Texas. The business has had to remove the batteries from its cordless phones to stop the phones from “ringing off the hook” after a truck with its name emblazoned on the door ended up in the hands of an Islamic militant group in Syria. [More]

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Dealership’s “White Friday” Deal: Buy A New Vehicle Now, Get A Refund If It Snows 6 Inches On Christmas

We’ve seen retailers make a big gamble for events like the Super Bowl (and lose millions in merchandise, in one case), but this might be the first time we’ve caught wind of a car dealership willing togive out free cars just to woo Black Friday shoppers. [More]

Dealership Registers Car To Wrong Person, Random Lady Gets 18 Tickets In the Mail

Dealership Registers Car To Wrong Person, Random Lady Gets 18 Tickets In the Mail

An 87-year-old woman in California was confused when she started to receive parking tickets and toll notices in the mail. She had 18 separate tickets, with a total of almost $1500 in fines. Was she racking up tickets and forgetting to pay? No, and she could prove it: she no longer drives at all. The tickets listed her as the owner of a white Acura, and she doesn’t own one. [More]


Used Car Dealer Accused Of Rolling Back Odometers, Selling Cars And Lies

A couple in California who ran a used car dealership embody consumers’ worst fears about buying used cars. They now face almost 80 criminal charges of grand theft by false pretenses, perjury, filing false documents with the DMV, and twenty counts of unlawfully rolling back a car odometer. [More]

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Reminder: It’s Impolite To Shoot A Deer With An Arrow At Your Local Car Dealership

So you’re at the car dealership perusing vehicles and mulling the difference between Space Ghost Gray and Ghost Rider Gray when fwiiiiiiip! — an arrow zings past and takes down a nearby deer. What an awfully rude customer, you might think. And you’d be right, one car dealership was none too happy when a guy allegedly shot a deer with a bow and arrow on the premises. [More]


Impersonating A Sheriff And Pulling People Over While Test Driving A Car Ends Predictably For Oregon Man

There are surely plenty of signs to alert even the most unobservant person that someone is impersonating an officer of the law. A really bright red flag? When said person tries to pull a fellow motorist over while test driving a car. [More]


Dealership Employees Take Rare Ferrari Out On Highway, Crash It

When you bring your vehicle in for repair, you sort of expect that your vehicle will be waiting for you when you return. A mattress mogul left his Ferrari Enzo with a Connecticut luxury car dealership, and two dealership employees crashed it, fishtailing and then spinning across three lanes of highway traffic on I-95. [More]

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New Jersey Assembly Passes Bill That Would Allow Sale Of Tesla Vehicles

Can you feel it? The slight wind that passes over the hands of Tesla CEO Elon Musk as he rubs his hands together in anticipation of a greater glee down the road? The automaker is one step closer to getting the stamp of approval to sell its cars in New Jersey, after a bill saying as much easily passed the state Assembly. [More]


Yet Another Car Dealership Begs For Perfect Survey Scores

We aren’t in the car business. We won’t pretend that we know how automakers should run things. However, the evidence shows us that maybe the current system of evaluating dealerships isn’t working out so well. It gives them incentives to lie and falsify data, not to provide good customer service. [More]

FTC To NJ, Missouri: Please Don’t Block Tesla & Others From Selling Cars Directly To Consumers

FTC To NJ, Missouri: Please Don’t Block Tesla & Others From Selling Cars Directly To Consumers

After lawmakers in New Jersey and Missouri both recently proposed regulations that would prohibit car companies like Tesla Motors from selling vehicles directly to consumers instead of through independent dealers, the Federal Trade Commission is weighing in with comments for legislators in those states, urging them to consider abandoning existing laws and change things up a bit. . [More]

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Missouri The Latest State To Add Legislation That Would Bar Direct Sales Of Tesla Cars

Tesla has its work cut out for it in Missouri, where yesterday legislators followed states like New Jersey and added a nugget into a previous bill going around that would bar the company (or any other carmakers) from selling vehicles directly to consumers in that state. Tesla, of course, isn’t happy about this. [More]

Should Tesla Be Allowed To Sell Directly To Consumers? The FTC Thinks So

Should Tesla Be Allowed To Sell Directly To Consumers? The FTC Thinks So

For all those states currently placing either limits on or banning outright the direct sale of Tesla cars to the consumers, the Federal Trade Commission has a few pennies for your thoughts. Namely, that by claiming that such regulations protect consumers, they’re actually protecting the industry itself, to the detriment of consumers. [More]


Customer’s Spider Monkey Bites Car Dealership Employee

An employee of an Ohio Chevrolet dealership probably didn’t expect to say the words, “Can I pet your monkey?” during his work day. When a customer brought a pet spider monkey along on a trip to the body shop, the employee asked to pet the animal. It bit him, drawing blood. [More]

Have A Very Hyundai Christmas, In Late August

Have A Very Hyundai Christmas, In Late August

Maybe they sent out the wrong mailing at the wrong time. Maybe they’re planning way ahead. Or maybe Gabriel’s local Hyundai dealership is putting whatever random crap gets people to open messages from them in the subject lines of their e-mails. In Gabriel’s case, it worked. He opened it. [More]


I Tried Online Car Shopping With TrueCar, Got Same Old Hardball Crap From Dealership

The new site TrueCar is a great concept: you can figure out a price for your car and trade-in online, without any of the frustrating negotiations, or even changing out of your pajamas. Reader Alex used the site to get a price for a new Jeep, and his eight hours of trouble began when he and the dealership valued his trade-in differently. [More]