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Capri Sun Attempts To Clear Up Mold Doubts With See-Through Bottoms

Here at Consumerist, we’ve been unfortunate enough to see a lot of gross photos of a wide array of moldy terrors in packaged foods. So it must be that the fine folks at Capri Sun have heard our cries of disgust and are now attempting to alleviate the mold terror by switching to juice pouches with clear bottoms. [More]

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Another Day, Another Slimy Mold Thing Shows Up In A Capri Sun Juice Pouch

While we’ve seen our fair share of juice box mold, Capri Sun juice mold and other yucky things in food products here at Consumerist, that doesn’t mean that it gets any less disgusting each time we see a new one. To wit: A Sacramento woman’s snap of what she thought might be a worm blocking up the straw in a Capri Sun drink. Opposite of delicious, eh? [More]

Kraft's Amusing Capri Sun Mold FAQ

Kraft's Amusing Capri Sun Mold FAQ

Last week we told you how Melissa found a giant scary mold in her Capri Sun juice pouch. After she posted pictures on her Facebook, sections of the internet went totally apesh*t. This is probably because the mold looked like a giant horse eyeball and Kraft’s initially slow response only fueled the flames of hysteria. As part of getting up to speed, Kraft even put up a whole FAQ devoted specifically to this one issue. Between its lines, though, you can read their frustration with the blowup. Their answer to the last question “What kind of mold is it?” is both honest and funny: [More]

What's This Giant Mold Monster Melissa Found In A Capri Sun Pouch?

What's This Giant Mold Monster Melissa Found In A Capri Sun Pouch?

Melissa found a nastiness in her pouch of Capri Sun, a nastiness even nastier than Capri Sun. A giant mold monster that grew inside the pouch after it was punctured slightly, perhaps? UPDATE: Kraft’s Amusing Capri Sun Mold FAQ [More]

What Is The Definition of "Real Kraft Cheese"?

What Is The Definition of "Real Kraft Cheese"?

Kraft, like many food makers, often walks a fine line with its marketing, testing the limits of federal labeling regulations that are often vague or confusing.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup No Longer “Natural”

Then, on Friday, January 12, Cadbury Schweppes announced that it, too, would stop calling HFCS-filled 7UP “all natural.” This announcement culminated several months of negotiations between Cadbury and CSPI.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup is a complicated substance that takes a lot of processing to produce. —MEGHANN MARCO

Kraft Lawsuit: Capri Sun Isn’t “All Natural”

Kraft Lawsuit: Capri Sun Isn’t “All Natural”

Kraft needs to start making food that isn’t made out of plastic, because it’s pissing people off. And the people have lawyers. A Florida woman has brought a class action lawsuit against Kraft, maker of Capri Sun. Why? She says they’re guilty of deceptive marketing because the juice drink contains High Fructose Corn Syrup, and thus isn’t “All Natural.”