Not $10.

Reminder: If A Store Won’t Sell You A Laptop For $10, It’s Not Bait And Switch

It’s not the fastest or best computer you’ll see, but the laptop that reader J. spotted for sale at her college’s online bookstore was a deal she couldn’t pass up. An AMD E300 processor! 2 gigabytes of RAM! A 320 gigabyte hard drive! All this for only $10. She placed an order and waited…only to have her order rudely canceled with no notice. [More]


Macy’s Consumer Protection Department: Still Protecting Consumers By Canceling Their Orders

Last year, we learned that Macy’s has a Consumer Protection Department tasked with protecting consumers by canceling their orders. We think. That’s what it looks like from here, anyway. John stumbled across our post on the subject, Macy’s Consumer Protection Department Protects Me By Canceling My Orders, and wrote in to share his own experience. Ultimately, his order went through, but only after he gave his credit card info over the phone. That means he lost $80 in eBates credit that he would have received for placing his order through the rebate site. [More]


Toys R Us Keeps Canceling Orders, Ignoring Customers

Sure, some hiccups in the ordering and delivery process are to be expected at a toy store during the toy-buying-frenzy that is the holiday season. You’d think, though, that Toys ‘R’ Us would be aware that their business picks up quite a bit in the winter, and would prepare for this kind of thing. If our mailbox is any indication, not so. They’re canceling orders and leaving customers on hold for extended periods. At least they aren’t canceling all of these orders a few days before Christmas? [More]

Best Buy Virtually Cuts Up My Credit Card, Won't Let Me Pay By Other Means

Best Buy Virtually Cuts Up My Credit Card, Won't Let Me Pay By Other Means

Allison’s experience of having her credit card purchase denied by Best Buy online may not be as embarrassing as a head-shaking waiter returning your card after a meal, but it’s every bit as frustrating. Best Buy sent her an email informing her that her credit card wouldn’t go through, but every time she calls to rectify the situation, she’s gets lost in voice mail hell. [More]

US1Photo Pulls The 'Buy Accessories Or We'll Cancel Your Order' Scam

US1Photo Pulls The 'Buy Accessories Or We'll Cancel Your Order' Scam

Nate has stumbled across yet another scammy online camera retailer, US1Photo, also known as US1Camera. Longtime Consumerist readers and photography enthusiasts who visit camera forums are familiar with the routine: offer a great deal on a camera, contact the customer later and try to hard-sell expensive accessories, and if the customer refuses simply cancel the order and blame it on inventory issues. Nate is actually thinking about placing the order a second time. Nate, do not order from Their bargain-basement prices lure you in, but companies like this are only out to cheat you.