Comcast (Eventually) Buys Customer New TV After Her Cable Box Goes BOOM!

A California woman says she was just watching TV one night when her Comcast cable box suddenly exploded, followed by her TV shutting itself off, never to turn on again. [More]


Woman Moves 10 Miles, Gets Hit With 25% Health Insurance Hike

Health insurance companies are allowed to charge different rates depending on where you live, but one would think that moving within the same region you’ve been in for more than a decade would not have a serious impact on your monthly rate. Try telling that to the woman in California who now faces an additional $1,272 in insurance premiums after moving 10 miles. [More]

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Report: Safeway Overcharging Even After Court Order

Supermarket chain Safeway and its Vons stores have been sued twice in the last decade by the state of California for overcharging customers. Yet, in spite of a court order that penalizes the stores each time it’s caught overcharging, a new report says that customers say it’s still going on. [More]


Cancer Patient Says Wells Fargo Evicted Her In Spite Of Court Order; Wells Fargo Says It’s Not To Blame

According to a petition that now has more than 114,000 signatures, a breast cancer patient in California claims that Wells Fargo and the sheriff evicted her from her home of 20 years at gunpoint. Meanwhile, the bank says it wasn’t involved in the [More]

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Homeowners Win Lawsuit Over Fraudulent Foreclosure But May Still Lose House

A California couple recently won a lawsuit claiming that their mortgage servicer fraudulently foreclosed on their home, but limits on the damages in the case mean that the homeowners can’t even cover their legal bills, let alone keep their house. [More]

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State Goes After Man For Tax Bill From 1995

Did you pay your taxes in 1995? More importantly, can you prove it? That’s the problem facing a California man who insists he paid his taxes 17 years ago and is now being forced to prove it. [More]

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Shop Owner Drives To Customer’s House After Bad Yelp Review

After receiving his first negative Yelp review, the owner of a California store made repeated attempts to contact the disgruntled customer in the hopes of turning him into a gruntled customer, and ultimately ended up at the Yelper’s doorstep. But before you go looking for the shop owner’s mug shot, this is actually a good thing. [More]

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How Does Alarm Company Send Former Customer To Collections 4 Times For A Bill She Never Owed?

It’s bad enough when a company does such a bad job of keeping its books that it sends a customer to collections once for a bill she never owed. But it takes a special kind of stupid to pass that debt around like a hot potato until that customer has to prove her case four separate times. [More]


CVS Under Investigation For Automatic Prescription Refill Allegations

After leaked e-mails seemed to indicate that at least some people at CVS have been pressuring pharmacists to refill customers’ prescriptions — without the patient’s consent — in order to meet sales quotas, federal and state regulators have begun investigating the drugstore chain. [More]


It’s Oakland Vs. Washington In Legal Battle Over Huge Medical Marijuana Dispensary

In what is believed to be the first instance of a municipality suing the federal government on behalf of a medical marijuana dispensary, the city of Oakland has gone to court to ask the feds to please stop trying to close down the largest such dispensary in the country. [More]


California Relaxes Smog Controls In Effort To Bring Down Gas Prices

The price of gas in California has increased more than $.50/gallon in the last week and now stands at an average close to $4.70, with some remote locales charging over a dollar more per gallon. Hoping to bring that price down — or at least rein it in, Governor Jerry Brown directed the California Air Resources Board to temporarily relax smog controls by allowing refineries to produce winter-blend gas weeks earlier than regulations currently permit. [More]

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Gas Station Responds To Higher Gas Prices By Turning Off Pumps

A gas station owner in California says prices at the pump have gotten so high that people are no longer fueling up their vehicles at his location. So rather than try charging customers nearly $5 a gallon, he decided to lock up his pumps for the day. [More]


L.A. City Council Votes To Repeal Ban On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Only a few months after enacting a ban on the hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, the L.A. City Council voted 11-2 last night in favor of repealing the ban. [More]


Comcast Moves 1,000 Call Center Jobs Out Of California, Totally Doesn’t Blame State Government

Comcast customers in northern California who call in for help won’t be talking to their neighbors anymore. Kabletown announced yesterday that they plan to shut down call centers in Livermore, Morgan Hill and Sacramento in November. The 1,000 employees affected will have the opportunity to receive severance packages, or to follow their jobs as they’re transferred to call centers in Oregon, Washington and Colorado. The interesting part, though, is what Comcast had to say about why they’re moving the jobs, then later retracted. [More]

This Is Why People Hate Health Insurance Companies

This Is Why People Hate Health Insurance Companies

For many people, health insurance premiums take a sizable bite out of their paychecks. Which would be somewhat tolerable if insurance companies did anything to ease the process of actually receiving medical care. Heck, most of us would tolerate the pricey payments if insurers just did the bare minimum of what they are supposed to do and didn’t put up roadblocks to getting the proper care. And yet that simple concept appears to be too complicated for some insurance providers to grasp. [More]

Californians Rush To Buy Before Amazon Starts Collecting Sales Tax

Californians Rush To Buy Before Amazon Starts Collecting Sales Tax

Starting September 15, Amazon.com will start collecting sales tax on purchases made by residents of California. So with the clock counting down, a number of shoppers in the state are buying what they can in the next week and a half. [More]

Someone Out There Really Hates This PetSmart Store

Someone Out There Really Hates This PetSmart Store

Just like most major retailers, PetSmart has been the subject of more than a few complaints. But though some of you may have wanted to do so, no Consumerist readers have taken out their PetSmart-related anger with the assistance of their car — and a baseball bat. [More]

If You're Going To Leave Your House Vacant, Don't Be Surprised To Find Kids Partying There

If You're Going To Leave Your House Vacant, Don't Be Surprised To Find Kids Partying There

Like bloodhounds on the scent — or maybe more like pigs sniffing for truffles — industrious teens will find places to get drunk and do other things they have seen in movies. And with a large number of houses sitting vacant while awaiting sale or foreclosure, it’s a partier’s market out there. [More]