Should Lawyers Be Held Accountable When Clients Sue Just To Punish Whistleblowers?


Deep-pocketed companies have a long history of filing frivolous lawsuits with the sole intent of putting defendants through the expensive legal wringer. This sort of courtroom bullying is known as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) and several states have Anti-SLAPP laws to deter this type of abuse. Plaintiffs that file these lawsuits can face penalties, but one question being considered by a California appeals court is whether plaintiffs’ lawyers should be held accountable for allowing their clients to behave badly. [More]

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HMO Must Pay $28M For Delaying MRI That Could Have Saved Cancer Patient’s Leg

Back in 2009, a then 17-year-old woman in California visited a Kaiser Permanente office because she was experiencing strange back pain. In the months that followed, she and her mother say they repeatedly requested an MRI but Kaiser doctors would only tell her to lose weight or get acupuncture treatments. All the while, a cancerous tumor was growing that would eventually result in the surgical removal of her right leg, and parts of her pelvis and spine. Believing Kaiser could have caught the cancer earlier if it hadn’t delayed the MRI, a jury has awarded the patient $28 million in damages. [More]


Someone Stole More Than 200 Hens That Lay Pastel-Colored Eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs is a long-held family fun tradition, but it’s one that can be quite messy. That’s likely one of the reasons why the pastel-colored eggs laid by a specific type of hen have gained popularity in recent years. Now, a California farmer is wondering if his unusual eggs have become popular enough to be the target of thieves after finding 200 of his best egg-laying hens missing.  [More]

Restaurant Uses Surveillance Footage To Disprove 1-Star Yelp Review

Restaurant Uses Surveillance Footage To Disprove 1-Star Yelp Review

Being unable to get a seat at a busy restaurant where you don’t have a reservation is probably not a justifiable reason to give the place a one-star writeup on Yelp. But if you are going to put that negative stamp on a restaurant, at least tell the truth. [More]

Taco Bell May Relocate Original Bell Building To Save It From Demolition

Taco Bell May Relocate Original Bell Building To Save It From Demolition

Back in January, we reported that the Downey, CA, building where Taco Bell got its start more than 50 years ago is facing possible demolition. Taco Bell, which has long since moved on from that building, responded with a social media campaign to judge whether the structure was worth saving. But now it looks like the company is seriously considering the possibility of preserving the building where it all started, but in a different location. [More]

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Owners Of Wrecked Boat Out $20K Because AAA Tow Driver Used Personal Vehicle

Common sense would tell you that if your vehicle is wrecked while in the care of a AAA tow truck driver, either that driver’s insurance or AAA would be responsible for making you whole again. But if the tow driver is using their own personal truck at the time of the collision, you could be stuck holding the bill. [More]

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Ex-Cop Battles Starbucks Tip Jar Thief, Saves The Day And $4

When is it worthwhile to intervene when you see a crime happening? That was the question raised recently in Orange County, California, when two men resorted to violence over a Starbucks tip jar containing only a few bucks. One was an ex-cop who was buying a drink at Starbucks, and the other a bike-riding thief. [More]

Why Does A Tube Of Cold Sore Cream Cost $2,500?

Why Does A Tube Of Cold Sore Cream Cost $2,500?

In Canada, you can buy a tube of brand-name prescription cold sore cream Zovirax for around $50. Its generic equivalent (acyclovir) is half that price. And even here in the states you can find generics acyclovir pills and ointments for a reasonable price, so why does what is effectively the same product sell for more than $2,500 in the U.S.? [More]


Home Depot Employees Build Custom Wagon For Cancer-Stricken Dog

The owner of an elderly cancer-stricken canine says she was just hoping for some wagon-building advice from Home Depot employees but she ended up with something much more — a custom-built cart for her ill furry friend. [More]

Lumber Liquidators Sued Over Formaldehyde Allegations

Lumber Liquidators Sued Over Formaldehyde Allegations

Only days after a 60 Minutes report on the allegedly high formaldehyde levels in wood products sold by Lumber Liquidators, consumers have filed a potential class action against the company in federal court. [More]

Taco Bell Testing Cap’n Crunch-Coated, Cream-Filed Donut Calorie Bombs For Breakfast

Taco Bell Testing Cap’n Crunch-Coated, Cream-Filed Donut Calorie Bombs For Breakfast

If you’ve been considering starting your morning with the cream-filled Cinnabon Delights at Taco Bell but decided they weren’t sugary enough, the fast food chain is now testing a similarly cream-filled, deep-fried treat that is coated in Cap’n Crunch and has a mysterious pink dough. [More]

Two senators called on the FDA to investigate allegations that Purina's Beneful brand dog food includes toxins.

Lawsuit Claims Thousands Of Dogs Became Ill Or Died After Eating Purina’s Beneful Kibble

A recently filed lawsuit claims that instead of containing nutrient-rich, high-quality ingredients, Nestle Purina PetCare Company’s most popular brand of dog food includes toxins that have led to serious illness or death for thousands of dogs. [More]

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California’s Plastic Bag Ban Delayed, Must Now Face November 2016 Referendum Vote

With just five months until California’s statewide plastic bag ban was set to take effect, opponents of the law have successfully petitioned for a ballot referendum, delaying the law until voters have their say next year. [More]

California Halts Grants For Students At Corinthian’s Heald College Campuses

California Halts Grants For Students At Corinthian’s Heald College Campuses

Nearly 4,500 students at California campuses of the for-profit Heald College chain — operated by the beleaguered Corinthian Colleges, Inc. —  have been notified they won’t be receiving state grants to help finance their education  because school administrators failed to provide financial statements to state regulators.

Comcast Doesn’t Want to Improve its ‘Internet Essentials’ Program for Low-Income Consumers

Comcast Doesn’t Want to Improve its ‘Internet Essentials’ Program for Low-Income Consumers

With Comcast’s $45 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable nearing the finish line, you’d think the company would be willing to do something as insignificant as make promises to improve its broadband program for low-income users. You’d be wrong. [More]

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GEICO Accused Of Discriminating Against Unmarried & Low-Income Drivers

California law requirers auto insurers in the state to offer minimum-coverage policies to drivers with clean driving records, regardless of factors like gender, employment, marital status, or education. But one consumer advocacy group claims that GEICO isn’t abiding by those rules and is allegedly misleading certain customers into thinking they’re getting the minimum coverage when they are in fact being offered several times more than the minimum. [More]

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Why Are Gas Prices Falling, But Trash Collection Fuel Surcharges Staying The Same?

It makes sense for a business or a government service to impose a fuel surcharge During a time when fuel prices are rising out of proportion to the rest of the economy. What about when fuel prices are falling, though, as they are right now? A trash pickup customer in Modesto, California dared to ask that question, and got…a pretty reasonable answer, actually. [More]

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California DMV Retracts Notice Requiring Uber & Lyft To Obtain Commercial Licenses

Just a week after it was widely reported that the California Department of Motor Vehicles issued an advisory requesting all drivers of ride-sharing services to obtain commercial license plates, the agency has revoked the guidance. [More]