DMV Error Leads To $17,000 In Toll Violations For Truck Owner

DMV Error Leads To $17,000 In Toll Violations For Truck Owner

Back in 2008, a California man bought a truck but after getting a mysterious toll violation from a county 400+ miles away, he realized that the Dept. of Motor Vehicles had goofed and the license plate listed on his registration did not match the plate on his vehicle. The DMV sent him new plates but has done nothing to help him fight the thousands of dollars in toll road violations being racked up by some other driver. [More]

City Claims 80-Year-Old Couple Used 440,000 Gallons Of Water In A Month

City Claims 80-Year-Old Couple Used 440,000 Gallons Of Water In A Month

An 80-year-old California man concedes that it’s entirely possible that he has used 440,000 gallons of water in one month, and that he and his wife really do owe the city $11,000. It’s possible if the city has been pumping dehydrated water into his house. [More]

Security cameras show the the thief walking into the restaurant just as the customer realizes he is short $2,200.

Update: El Pollo Loco To Help Out Customer Whose $2,200 Was Stolen In Parking Lot

Last week, we told you about the unlucky El Pollo Loco customer who accidentally dropped $2,200 in the parking lot, only to have it stolen by another customer who then sat and ate his meal while his victim undertook a frantic search for the cash. Now we hear there is some good news, as the eatery plans to gift the money back to him. [More]

We assume this photo will not be on the young man's resume when he applies for work at Burger King.

Taco Bell In Process Of Firing Taco-Licker, Crosses Heart And Swears Shells Were Thrown Out

The saga of the Taco Bell taco-licker (as opposed to Mr. Banana Grabber) continues, with the fast food chain announcing today that the employee now infamous for dragging his tongue along a stack of taco shells has been suspended and is going to be looking for work elsewhere soon. [More]

AMC’s Location Surcharges Take Shine Off Some Gold And Silver Discount Passes

AMC’s Location Surcharges Take Shine Off Some Gold And Silver Discount Passes

If you’re one of the many people who buy bundles of discounted Gold and Silver tickets to see movies at AMC theaters, you might think that you’re done paying for your passes when you hand over your cash at the store. In many cases, you’d be right, but regular AMC theatergoers in Southern California would be wise to bring some extra money to the cinema, as the nation’s second-largest theater chain is about to slap discount pass users with “location surcharges.” [More]

Taco Bell Now Investigating Taco-Licking Photo

Taco Bell Now Investigating Taco-Licking Photo

Hours after many Consumerist readers woke up to the photo of a Taco Bell employee rubbing his tongue across a stack of taco shells, the fast food chain has released a statement regarding the caught-on-camera incident. [More]

Painting Your Own Crosswalk Is Probably Not A Good Idea

Painting Your Own Crosswalk Is Probably Not A Good Idea

If you feel the intersection by your house is dangerous for pedestrians, you may want to take your case to the authorities, or get the story out there to the local media. What you don’t want to do is take matters into your own hands and paint a crosswalk by yourself… because you’ll probably get in trouble. [More]

Security cameras show the the thief walking into the restaurant just as the customer realizes he is short $2,200.

El Pollo Loco Customer Drops $2,200 In Parking Lot; Second Man Pockets Cash, Eats While Watching Frantic Search

UPDATE: Though authorities have not been able to apprehend the thief, the owner of the El Pollo Loco franchise is gifting $2,200 to the customer so that he’s no longer strapped for cash. [More]


Fannie Mae Staffer Accused Of Taking Kickbacks Says He’s Not The Only One

Since 2009, bailed-out mortgage-backer Fannie Mae has sold nearly three quarters of a million repossessed properties. And considering that there are plenty of investors and speculators looking to snap up bottom-dollar homes with the hopes of eventually reselling at a profit, someone with inside information could be tempted to put a premium on that data, even if doing so is against the law. [More]

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Burger King Employee One-Ups Stick-Up Artists By Taking Their Getaway Car

We’ve had stories of fast food workers foiling robbery attempts by brute force, but this is the first time we can remember hearing of an employee ruining a stick-up by hiding the suspects’ getaway car. [More]


Court Says Stores Can Be Sued Over Questionable “Discounts”

We’ve written before — most recently about JCPenney — about retailers who mark up the original price of an item in order to make the “sale” price look better than it is. Some may say this is harmless marketing, as the retailer is going to charge that price regardless. Others say it’s a deliberately deceptive act intended to lure consumers into thinking they are getting a deal. [More]

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Court Says California Cities & Counties Can Ban Pot Shops

If you live in California and were envisioning a storefront marijuana shop on every corner, stop dreaming. The California Supreme Court ruled yesterday that cities and counties will have the power to just say no to medical marijuana dispensaries, which makes it unlikely that storefront pot shops will become the next Starbucks. [More]


Travel Insurer Knows Which Question To Ask Doctor In Order To Deny Claim

When you’re buying a non-refundable plane ticket, it can be very tempting to fork over the few extra dollars to pay for travel insurance so that you’ll be able to get your money back in the case of an emergency like a medical crisis. But as easy as it is to click on that box and sign up for the plan, the insurance companies don’t always make it easy when it comes time to file a claim. [More]


Woman Hit With Traffic Ticket For Car She’d Sold To CarMax Months Earlier

When you sell your car to a used-car operation like CarMax, you’d assume that anything that occurs with that vehicle after that point is not your problem. But a California woman says she was charged with running through a tollbooth in car she’d handed off to CarMax months earlier. [More]

The homeowner's bill jumped from $60 to $2659.

City Says Woman Used 214,000 Gallons Of Water, All While Being Out Of Town For A Month

A California woman who had never paid more than $60 for her monthly water service was recently hit with a staggering $2,659 water bill, but the utility provider insists nothing is wrong with her meter. [More]


Would You Risk A $200 Ticket To Save $2 In Bridge Tolls?

When authorities in the San Francisco area enacted congestion-based pricing on the Bay Bridge, charging higher rates before 10 a.m., they didn’t imagine that so many people would risk up to $200 in fines just to save two dollars at the toll plaza. [More]

The BBB has given the boot to what had been its largest single chapter.

Better Business Bureau Gives Boot To Southern California Chapter Over Pay-To-Play System

You may remember how the Better Business Bureau took a lot of heat in 2010 when it inexplicably gave an “A-” rating to a bogus business named “Hamas,” as in the terrorist group, because it paid a $425 membership fee. Now, nearly three years on, the chapter responsible for that cock-up and others is no longer part of the BBB. [More]


Get My Daughter A Full-Time Job And I’ll Give You 500 Bucks

Sorry, that’s not a direct offer from Consumerist: we don’t have daughters, or $500. A 36-year-old Southern California woman who has spent the last decade and a half as her mother’s caregiver after a car crash is looking for a job now that her mother is well enough to live alone. Her mother has put up a $500 reward to anyone who is able to get her a job. [More]