Wedding Venue Got A Liquor License, Changed BYOB Policy On Us

Wedding Venue Got A Liquor License, Changed BYOB Policy On Us

Redd and his fiancé started their wedding planning about a year ago. They wanted to have both the ceremony and the reception at the same venue, and found one that seemed ideal. Catering was available, but since the facility didn’t have a liquor license, they could bring in their own alcohol. They could save a lot of money that way, since Redd brews his own beer and other types of booze are cheaper to purchase yourself than to buy from a caterer. Months after they signed the contract and paid in full, they learned that the venue had obtained a liquor license. Facility staff insisted that they had the right to change the contract after it was signed, and the Redds would have to purchase their booze from the venue. [More]

Philadelphia BYOB Google Map

Philadelphia BYOB Google Map

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