10 Superb Fancy Schmancy Scotches

10 Superb Fancy Schmancy Scotches

Americans and Europeans love “super premium” single malt scotch whiskies—sales were up 14% last year, even while sales for value and premium scotch fell. If you helped contribute to that number, you’ll appreciate this list of 10 terrific single malt and blended whiskies from a fellow scotch lover, with detailed descriptions of what you can expect from each bottle.

What Walmart Can Tell Us About Ourselves

What Walmart Can Tell Us About Ourselves

Walmart knows more about us than we do, according to ABC News.

Take Advantage Of The Subprime Meltdown

Take Advantage Of The Subprime Meltdown

Prospective home buyers shopping for houses worth around $500,000 are taking advantage of rising interest rates caused by the ongoing subprime mortgage meltdown. Buyers and sellers alike are becoming increasingly mindful of one magic number: $417,000. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will only guarantee mortgages worth less, forcing some sellers to lower their asking price to accommodate buyers looking to avoid so-called jumbo mortgages. From the Wall Street Journal:

When You Can't Trust Your Eyes, Trust A Test Disc

When You Can't Trust Your Eyes, Trust A Test Disc

Smart consumers don’t compare the picture quality of floor models when shopping for a new television; crafty salespeople try to subvert your senses with flashy media that highlights the strengths of expensive models. So how can you objectively judge which television has the best picture? Bring along your own test disc.

When’s The Best Time To Buy?

In shopping, as in life, timing is everything. Smart Money’s got a relatively extensive list on the perfect moment to purchase goods.

The Art of The Buy: Hide Your Time Wisely

The Art of The Buy: Hide Your Time Wisely

In an ideal world, the salesman is a doctor diagnosing your problems and needs and prescribing remedies. But let’s talk about the real world and the need to keep your timeline for buying a secret.