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Amazon Introducing The Dash Button, A Branded Gadget That Reorders Household Products With A Push

Reaching for another roll of paper towels in the pantry only to find you’ve run out just when little Timmy has flung yet another bowl of pureed peas against the wall is annoying, as is realizing your roommate hasn’t bought toilet paper during your moment of need. In an attempt to solve that problem, Amazon announced a new line of branded buttons that reorder certain common household products with one push, using your home’s WiFi connection and a connected Prime account. [More]

Amazon Testing One-Button Ordering Device For Connected Homes


These days, everything from your TV to your light bulbs to your front door deadbolt to your crock pot can be connected to the Internet, so why not one button that lets you instantly order replacements and supplies for these devices? [More]

Gmail Adds “Unsubscribe” Button To Make It Easier To Opt Out Of Marketing Emails

Gmail Adds “Unsubscribe” Button To Make It Easier To Opt Out Of Marketing Emails

Whether you don’t remember ever signing up in the first place or suspect that somehow a company sneaked you onto its marketing list, Gmail users hunting for that sometimes squirrelly “unsubscribe” link won’t find it so tricky. Google’s adding an additional way to opt out of marketing emails with an “unsubscribe” button at the top of messages. [More]