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Zambia Will Soon Be The Home Of The Whopper

Burger King has spent this decade changing up its business model and potentially the way the entire fast food business works. Part of their bold strategy has been rapid international expansion with the help of their franchisees. What’s the next big growth market for the chain? Africa. [More]

PYT’s $144 Groupon Deal Entitles Pass Bearers To A Burger And Fries Every Day For A Year

PYT’s $144 Groupon Deal Entitles Pass Bearers To A Burger And Fries Every Day For A Year

If you live in Philadelphia or New York City and consider yourself the true burger king/queen, you might want to jump on a current Groupon deal that could keep you in burgers and fries every day for an entire year for only $144. That is, if your body can handle such a thing. Yes, this is real. [More]

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9 Billion Burgers Served At U.S. Restaurants Last Year

Oof. Can you feel it? I’m talking about the feeling of nine billion burgers hitting American stomachs last year. Across the country, fast-food joints, casual dining restaurants and other eateries served up 3% more burgers in 2014 than in 2013. And while surely some of those never made it to their intestinal destinations, that’s still a lot of burger eating. [More]

Charlotte Hornets Offer Fans Burger With 8 Pounds Of Meat For $70

Charlotte Hornets Offer Fans Burger With 8 Pounds Of Meat For $70

While sports fans might not always get to feast on the delicious joy that comes with winning a hard-fought game, there are always crazy concession items to focus on and take part of that losing pain away. Enter the Charlotte Hornets’ entry into insane food concoctions: A burger featuring eight pounds of meat for the bargain price of $70. [More]

A veggie burger, but not one with plant blood. (ChrisGoldNY)

Would You Eat A Veggie Burger That Bleeds?

If your first reaction to the above headline is “Oh my god oh oh my god why is a burger made from vegetables bleeding,” you’re not alone. Rest easy, my meat eschewing friends, these vegetarian burgers are only juicing “blood” made from plants. [More]

Craving Pizza And Burgers? White Castle Has You Covered

Have you ever been hungry late at night, but unsure whether you wanted to get burgers or pizza? Your dilemma has been solved, and not by that Pizza Hut monstrosity with tiny cheeseburgers in its crusts. No, this time it’s White Castle that has you covered: their “Slider Italiano Fest” features a pizza slider: that is, a slice of pepperoni, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese on an original (beef) slider. There are also chicken-based sliders. [Brand Eating]

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Burger King Japan Creates Black Cheese For Its Black Burger And I Don’t Know How To Feel

If the saying is true and we eat first with our eyes, hope you’re hungry for some garbage bags: Burger King Japan has introduced a new black cheese to match its black burgers. And while I normally applaud any iteration of cheese in general, chowing down on a melted piece of Darth Vader’s helmet isn’t exactly an appetizing thought. [More]

This Burger Has More Burgers Instead Of Buns

This Burger Has More Burgers Instead Of Buns

Do you like the idea of KFC’s Double Down in theory, but prefer beef to chicken? In California, Fatburger has your back. Well, your bun. Instead of the lettuce-wrapped patties that are what you normally get as low-carb/gluten-free options, Fatburger has gone ahead and sandwiched a burger between two more burgers. [More]


Now that we know where all the bars are (hey, Wisconsin), where’s an American supposed to get a burger after a few beers? It’s back to the maps, with this handy illustration of which of the seven major burger chains is closest, depending on where you live. Mmm, crunching numbers. [via FlowingData.com]

Don't believe everything you read.

McDonald’s Reminds Customers That It No Longer Uses Pink Slime In Burgers

The Internet is a vast landscape of knowledge just waiting to be mined for your personal edification. But just like Winston Churchill didn’t say “Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!” just because someone slapped a caption on a photo of the guy and plastered it all over Facebook, not everything you read about fast food is necessarily true. [More]

This is not the burger in question. It's just another meat patty with cheese. (Morton Fox)

Let’s Just Call The Burger-Within-A-Burger What It Is: A 10,000-Calorie Stack Of Meat & Cheese

Since when did stacking things on top of other things constitute one food item? Is there a rule that if the ingredients are on top of each other instead of say, next to each other on the plate, it becomes a single entity instead of a collection? Now that I’m done grinding my gears, let’s talk about a burger-within-a-burg tower of calories. [More]

This is not the burger in question, though it is very tall. (Jackie Alpers)

Can Too Many Fancy Ingredients Ruin A Perfectly Good Burger?

As anyone who’s ever tried to bite into a stacked tower of toppings balanced atop a simple burger patty can attest, sometimes it seems like our fascination with novelty is just… too much. That is, until a $250 Kobe beef burger with black traffles, pancetta, caviar and foie gras comes along and it’s like, oh that sounds SO GOOD. To some diners, at least. But at one point do the toppings overpower the humble yet worthy hamburger? [More]

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The Longest In-N-Out Drive-Thru Lines, As Seen From Space

We hear that In-N-Out is a very popular burger-slinging establishment. We’ll take its fans at their word, because we don’t believe in leaving the East Coast. What we do know is that the combination of tasty burgers and car culture leads to such long drive-thru lines that you can see them from space. [More]

Don't even have to ask where the bacon is.

Jack In The Box Debuts “Bacon Insider” Burger With Bacon/Beef Frankenpatty, 6 Strips Of Bacon

Did someone mention bacon? Oh that’s right, I did, three times in the headline. I had to, because the Jack in the Box chain has apparently left its finger on the bacon button and refused to let up. Its new “Bacon Insider” burger not only has bacon+beef patty, but layers six slices of bacon on top and adds a bacon mayo. [More]

McDonald’s Will Start Using Sustainable Beef… Eventually

McDonald’s Will Start Using Sustainable Beef… Eventually

If you’ve been jonesing for a McDonald’s burger made from sustainable beef, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. First, the good news is that I finally finished my crossword puzzle. Oh and also that Mickey D’s is telling customers it will, in fact, serve sustainable beef. But the sort of bad news if you want that meat right now is that the Golden Arches won’t have that until 2016. [More]

Olive Garden Will Start Serving Burgers And Fries Because Why Not

Olive Garden Will Start Serving Burgers And Fries Because Why Not

Would you buy a plate of ravioli from McDonald’s? How about the complete reverse of that: a burger from Olive Garden? The freshest idea from the chain eatery is a “Burger Italiano” intended to compete with quick-serve rivals like Chili’s. Will it work? Um, probably not.


I would maybe probably eat that.

Of Course There’s A Blog Dedicated To Replicating Burger Specials From ‘Bob’s Burgers’

For those of you who don’t watch the animated show Bob’s Burgers, in every episode there’s a chalkboard with the day’s special at the restaurant. And because this is a cartoon and no one has to actually take the burgers out of 2D for them to be on the show, the writers can have a field day inventing things like “The Cauliflower’s Cumin From Inside The House Burger.” But of course, some ambitious spirit has taken it upon themselves to create these concoctions in real life because we as a people demand burger innovation at all times. [More]

Mushroom Council Swears Everyone Really, Really Likes Mushrooms

Mushroom Council Swears Everyone Really, Really Likes Mushrooms

When you work for a council devoted to one food, you better bet your britches that your job will include convincing people to eat what your industry is pushing. That’s the job of the Mushroom Council — trying to woo consumers away from traditional meaty meals and into the embrace of the fungi. But how can mushrooms shine in a world of the Big Mac (and the Big King, natch)? [More]