Now We Know What Happened To That Creepy Burger King Mascot

Now We Know What Happened To That Creepy Burger King Mascot

If, like me, you were plagued with nightmares of that super-creepy, mammoth-headed “King” character from those Burger King ads that ran on TV (and in print, and in video game form) for far too long, then you may be sad to know he hasn’t gone away. He just works behind the counter at Taco Bell now. [More]

Burger King Customer Complains About Sandwich, Employee Threatens Him With Box Cutter

Burger King Customer Complains About Sandwich, Employee Threatens Him With Box Cutter

While it’s been a while since any of us have worked in fast food, we’re pretty sure that “Threaten him with box cutter” is not among Burger King’s suggested methods for dealing with a dissatisfied (dissatisfried?) customer. [More]

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Study: Low-Paid Fast-Food Employees Cost Taxpayers $3.8 Billion A Year

As McDonald’s own suggested employee budgets indicate, it’s not easy to support yourself or a family on just a job behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant. And a new study claims that the 52% of non-management fast-food workers who take home some sort of federal subsidy are costing taxpayers around $4 billion a year. [More]

Some People Actually Believe Burger King Changed Its Name And Are Really Angry About It

This concerned citizen is worried about the name-change epidemic that is sure to follow.

We’re constantly being told that we are a jaded and cynical people who are unwilling to believe anything at face value and read signs of predatory marketing attempts in even the most innocent of gestures. But leave it to social media and one of the world’s largest fast food chains to show that some folks will be taken in by even the most blatant marketing gimmick. [More]

Maybe they should change that to "DRIVE THRU BREAK FREE"? (Photo: Maulleigh)

Kidnapped Woman Uses Burger King Drive-Thru Window To Escape From Captor

Over the years, we’ve written about several people — including a certain Dark Knight — who committed crimes at a drive-thru window, but here’s a story of someone using this window to escape from a man who had kidnapped her. [More]

Burger King Unveils New Lower-Calorie French Fries: “Satisfries” (Get It?)

Burger King Unveils New Lower-Calorie French Fries: “Satisfries” (Get It?)

The thing about french fries is that they’re pieces of potato, fried in oil, dipped in whichever substance you choose (ketchup, mayo, chocolate ice cream, oh my) and gobbled up by fry-loving Americans across this great land. But what if they packed less of a caloric punch? Burger King thinks it has what you want with its new “Satisfries.” [More]


Burger King Asst. Manager Takes Home Bag O’ Cash To “Teach Co-Worker A Lesson”

In Volusia County, Florida, one man’s alleged attempt at teaching a co-worker a valuable life lesson is another man’s alleged act of grand theft. [More]


McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s Employees In 50 Cities Planning To Walk Off Job Today

If you’re in the mood for a Whopper, Baconator, or Big Mac today, you might be in for a wait, as some employees at two of the nation’s largest fast food chains have pledged to stage a walk-out today in protest against the low wages paid to workers in the fast food industry. [More]

Burger King, saving you the few seconds of just putting fries on your burger anyway.

Burger King To Offer $1 “French Fry Burger” Because Why Not

Because customers were apparently too tired — or had never thought — to lift up the bun on their hamburgers and insert a few french fries for added fun and flavor, Burger King has announced it will begin selling a $1 “French Fry Burger” starting Sept. 1. [More]

Burger King Russia Positions Whopper As Substitute For Opium And/Or McDonald’s

Burger King Russia Positions Whopper As Substitute For Opium And/Or McDonald’s

People are often quipping that fast food has a drug-like quality that keeps customers coming back for more, but the folks at Burger King’s Russian operation are making the connection quite literal, while at the same time apparently poking fun at McDonald’s. [More]

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Burger King Customer Claims He Found A Whopper Of A Slug In His Sandwich

There’s nothing like an unexpected topping in your fast food order to turn a meal bad, especially when that extra ingredient is squirmy and alive. A customer in the United Kingdom says he was shocked to see a slug crawling around in his chicken sandwich, and called for the location to fess up and clean up. [More]

This Burger Map Of The U.S. Is Both Fascinating And Flawed

The U.S., in burger form.

People love burgers. People love Twitter (maybe love is too strong a word; perhaps “tolerate”). People also like interesting maps. So why not combine the three into a map of the U.S. showing which burger joints are the subject of the most Tweets in towns around the nation? [More]


Dear Burger King Workers: Don’t Stash Your Hash Pipe In Kid’s Meal Boxes

Some Burger King customers in Michigan got a bonus gift in their kid’s meal — and three people are now facing drug charges — after a BK employee forgot that he’d stowed drugs and a pipe inside a kid’s meal box. [More]

Nothing says BBQ like blue drink.

Cocktail Pairings At Tokyo Burger Kings Prove Yet Again That Other Countries Have More Fun

Sometimes it’s like, ugh, so what if we have tacos in Doritos shells? Who even cares that the McRib only shows up once a year (that is rhetorical, please refrain from McRib-related hate mail)? Other countries get to have all the fun. Like a 2-ring circus pizza with a cherry on top in Singapore or the Nacho Whopper of the Netherlands, cocktail pairings with your Burger King will only be happening across the sea, this time in Tokyo. [More]

If A Cop Stops You For DUI At The Burger King Drive-Thru, Don’t Try To Drive Through Him

If A Cop Stops You For DUI At The Burger King Drive-Thru, Don’t Try To Drive Through Him

A Michigan man has been sentenced to 2-5 years in prison for an incident at a Burger King drive-thru, during which the man attempted to drive his car through the police officer that was checking him out for a suspected DUI. [More]


Burger King Customer Claims She Found Razor Blade In Cheeseburger

A California woman appears to have gotten lucky, noticing that her Burger King cheeseburger contained an unpleasant surprise before she took too many bites. [More]

Yes, This Is A Hands-Free Whopper Holder

Yes, This Is A Hands-Free Whopper Holder

Forget the HAL 9000, Skynet, or Cylons… the next step in human evolution is already here, and it’s a hands-free way to eat fast food. [More]

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Burger King Employee One-Ups Stick-Up Artists By Taking Their Getaway Car

We’ve had stories of fast food workers foiling robbery attempts by brute force, but this is the first time we can remember hearing of an employee ruining a stick-up by hiding the suspects’ getaway car. [More]