Burger King Joins Nabisco Brand Party, Tries Chips Ahoy Milkshake

Burger King Joins Nabisco Brand Party, Tries Chips Ahoy Milkshake

Fast-food and coffee chains want to serve up drinks and desserts that are flavored like chocolate chip cookies, but these aren’t just any old chocolate chip cookies. No, chains including Dunkin’ Donuts, Dairy Queen, and now Burger King are selling Chips Ahoy-branded items in their restaurants, a confusing bit of cross-branding. [More]

Wayback Burgers, Denny’s Vie For The Affection Of Burger King After McDonald’s Turned A Cold Shoulder

Wayback Burgers, Denny’s Vie For The Affection Of Burger King After McDonald’s Turned A Cold Shoulder

After an offer to “settle the beef” in the name of raising awareness for Peace Day was unceremoniously shot down by McDonald’s with a rather passive-aggressive note, Burger King has received a proposal – or two – of its own to consider. [More]

Burger King Proposes Unholy Alliance With McDonald’s To Promote Peace Day

Burger King Proposes Unholy Alliance With McDonald’s To Promote Peace Day

Vinegar and oil, soda and pop rocks, Burger King and McDonald’s: those are just a few things that don’t quite mix well together. Well, except that last one, apparently, as The King is calling on the Golden Arches to set their differences aside and give consumers what they want: something called a McWhopper. But it appears this unholy alliance won’t see the light of day, as McDonald’s just isn’t felling the love for its archrival.  [More]

Trinity College Dublin had to convince Burger King that its trademark for "BK Merchandise" was about selling prints from the Book of Kells, not hamburgers and chicken fries.

Burger King Tried To Block Trademark Application For 1,200-Year-Old Gospel Manuscript

While Burger King might be technically older than McDonald’s Corp., it’s certainly not older than the Book of Kells, a 9th Century illuminated manuscript of the New Testament Gospels. But when Trinity College Dublin tried to trademark the Book of Kells name and related “BK merchandise,” Burger King’s legal eagles objected, claiming it would infringe on the fast-food giant’s marks. [More]

Burger King Says Testers Found Its New Fiery Chicken Fries To Be “Spicy As $#*!”

Burger King Says Testers Found Its New Fiery Chicken Fries To Be “Spicy As $#*!”

If there’s one thing big companies have learned, it’s that if you’ve got a good thing going, it’s best to just cling to that, and repeat it as many times as possible to achieve ultimate success. So not only is Burger King hoping to draft off its success with its chicken fries, it’s now jumping on the trend bandwagon and make them super spicy with new “Fiery Chicken Fries.” [More]

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Doritos Reloaded Queso-Coated Nightmare Is Being Tested At Burger King

What’s that? You live in an area where there are no 7-Eleven stores, but you secretly dream of experiencing the convenience store chain’s exclusive Doritos Loaded? The product, which apparently combined the worst features of mozzarella sticks and nachos, could only be found in a few 7-Eleven stores last year. People in other places might have the opportunity to try them now, since Burger King has been testing the cheese bites in a few locations.

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Burger King Introduces Top-Secret Sauce For Chicken Fries

You’ve surely heard the expression “secret sauce,” but Burger King is taking the idea a little further with their new dipping sauce for chicken fries. The sauce isn’t just secret: it’s so secret that it isn’t on the menu. Of course, it’s not so secret that the company isn’t promoting it on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, but some stores haven’t heard anything about it. [More]

Burger King Celebrates Summer With Mass-Produced Pulled Pork Hoagies

Burger King Celebrates Summer With Mass-Produced Pulled Pork Hoagies

I don’t know about you, but when I think “classic American barbecue dishes,” I think “Burger King.” Except…no, that isn’t really true of anyone, is it? Yet the company still thinks that the mass-production of their “extra long pork sandwich” is a good idea, and is inflicting it on the American public. [More]

Burger King’s Fantastically Creepy King Mascot Is Back

Burger King’s Fantastically Creepy King Mascot Is Back

Have you been counting the days until Burger King’s terribly creepy “King” mascot re-appeared in the brand’s ads? It seems unlikely that any potential customers missed the King, and he’s possibly been slumming behind the counter of a Taco Bell since his spots stopped airing in 2011. Here’s your warning: the King is coming back to your television. Sorry. [More]

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Burger King Testing Hot Dogs And Corn Dogs Because Why Not

Last year, we began to question reality when we learned that Burger King was offering hot dogs and hamburgers for breakfast. We came to accept this over time: after all, what makes a valid breakfast varies by culture and from one person to another. Yet Burger King is now testing non-breakfast hot dogs here in the United States for some reason. [More]

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Dairy Queen To Remove Soda From Kids’ Menu By Sept. 1

Taking the lead from other fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King, Dairy Queen has reportedly decided to nix sugary drinks from the kids’ menu. [More]


Burger King Fires Employee Caught On Camera Cursing At Customer Over A Refund

While dealing with customer complaints is never a fun experience for anyone in the service industry, lashing out isn’t going to help things, especially now that anyone with a smartphone can be a filmmaker. A Burger King franchisee in Louisiana says its fired a worker who was caught on tape cursing at a customer who’d asked for a refund. [More]

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Here’s How You Get A Fast Food Chain To Foot The Entire Bill For Your Wedding

Want a fast food chain to sponsor your wedding, provide gifts and generally shell out a bunch of cash so you don’t have to? It’s simple! Just be born with one half of a chain’s name, meet and fall in love with someone who has the other half and voila! You’re getting hitched for free, courtesy of Burger King. [More]

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Escaped Pig Snaps At Customers While Blocking Burger King Drive-Thru

This just in: Word of fast food restaurant’s use of bacon has apparently spread beyond the human realm to the farm, where the news apparently prompted one pig to escape his confines and head for Burger King to disrupt mankind’s quest for animal products. [More]

Chicken Fries Will Become A Permanent Burger King Menu Item

Chicken Fries Will Become A Permanent Burger King Menu Item

In a recent publicity stunt for cult favorite menu item chicken fries, Burger King dispatched an actual chicken to restaurants to decide whether that location would serve chicken fries that day. This weirdly cannibalistic ritual is now over, because Burger King has decreed that all locations will have chicken fries indefinitely. The downside is that Gloria should probably watch her back now. [More]

Burger King Announces Limited Edition Whopper-Scented Cologne

Burger King Announces Limited Edition Whopper-Scented Cologne

Did we miss some kind of memo that made it cool to smell like your food without the pleasure of actually eating anything? Because Burger King apparently feels the need to jump on the fast food scent train, announcing that it’ll bestow 1,000 bottles of Whopper-scented cologne upon the world on April 1. [More]

Burger King is letting a Gloria the chicken decide which locations can serve Chicken Fries for the day.

Burger King Is Apparently Leaving Product Decisions Up To A Chicken Now

When determining where to launch new menu items, you would think that fast food restaurants take a number of issues into consideration: popularity in that area, cost, projected sales. Apparently for Burger King and its soon-to-return Chicken Fries, the only opinion that matters is that of an actual chicken named Gloria. [More]

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Burger King Quietly Dropped Soda From Kids Meals

When Wendy’s decided it January to remove soft drinks from its kids meals, it meant that Burger King was the only one of the big three burger chains to still include soda with their youth-targeted menu. But in the last month, BK has quietly pulled the sugary beverages from its kids meals and menu boards. [More]