Coke, Pepsi Now Removing Brominated Vegetable Oil From All Drinks (Yes, Even Mountain Dew)

Coke, Pepsi Now Removing Brominated Vegetable Oil From All Drinks (Yes, Even Mountain Dew)

Yesterday, Coca-Cola made news when it confirmed that it was phasing out the use of brominated vegetable oil (BVO), a food additive that is banned in other parts of the world, in Powerade. Last night, both Coke and Pepsi announced they would be getting rid of the controversial ingredient in all remaining drinks — including Mountain Dew. [More]

Coca-Cola Getting Rid Of Brominated Vegetable Oil In Powerade

Coca-Cola Getting Rid Of Brominated Vegetable Oil In Powerade

UPDATE: Coca-Cola and Pepsi have both announced they will be getting rid of BVO from all remaining drinks. [More]

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5 Foods Banned In Other Countries That We Chow Down On In The U.S.

If the United States could be sitting on the playground with other countries, those nations might not be so willing to swap lunches. In other words, we’ve got stuff in our food that people eat or drink every day, while those same substances are banned from consumable products elsewhere. So what exactly are we chowing down on that our fellow humans aren’t? [More]


Gatorade Removing Controversial Ingredient But Denies It’s Because Of Teen’s Campaign

A few weeks after a 15-year-old started an online petition to tell Gatorade to get rid of brominated vegetable oil, an ingredient linked to flame retardants, its parent company PepsiCo says it’s pulling the controversial ingredient from the sports drink. But not because of that petition, says the company. Nope, because of everyone else who was complaining.  [More]

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Petition Claims Ingredient In Gatorade Is A Flame Retardant, Unsafe For Consumption

Gatorade is under fire from a new consumer petition claiming that the company’s beverage contains an unhealthy ingredient, brominated vegetable oil (or BVO), that was developed as a flame retardant. Opponents of the emulsifier, which is used to suspend citric oils in beverages, says it poses health risks like reduced fertility and early-onset puberty. Gatorade says the levels of BVO it uses are totally safe. [More]